7 Incredible Facebook Marketing Hacks – Try Now

Facebook –  the king of social media platforms. For individuals, it provides a great medium to express themselves and spread their message, while to the businesses, it provides a great stage to market their products/services and capture more audience. 


And because it provides such help to its users, people mostly prefer using this platform. Therefore it now stands as the most popular social media platform with 2.74 billion monthly active users. Individuals might look at this figure as just a stat. Businesses study this number as an opportunity to capture more audiences for their products/services.


So if you are thinking of using Facebook for your business. Or even if you are currently utilizing the platform to market your product/service, then this blog is especially for you. Here you can find 7 amazing marketing hacks that you can consider in your Facebook marketing plan.

Facebook Marketing Hacks to You Need To Add To Your Facebook Marketing Plan

Facebook provides a great boost to businesses and helps them to reach a vast audience. If used brilliantly, Facebook can do miracles for your business. Facebook is one of the most trusted social media platforms for marketers. Therefore competition here is intense, so here are some tips to have an advantage over your adversaries:

1. Interaction is the passkey- So Stay In Touch With Your Audience

Who doesn’t like it when brands engage with them. It helps to build a strong brand and follower relationship, which would help you escalate your brand reputation. Moreover, when you interact or engage with the audience, you know about the market requirements and what consumers expect from you.


There are numerous ways on Facebook that you can use to stay in touch with your followers and consumers. This includes – 

  • Facebook live sessions – Facebook allows you to organize live sessions where you can answer questions from your consumers. And have some engaging sessions to know about the market trend. Another amazing way to use live sessions is by organizing them in collaboration with any social media influencers. These influencers bring a huge audience with them. Hence, it will help you reach more audiences. Which might be a great way to create brand recognition in front of a huge audience.
  • Reply to the comments from your Facebook followers  – Often people post their queries and doubts on the brand’s Facebook posts. You can respond to them and clear their doubts. Reverting to the comments adds a great character to your brand.
  • Comment on consumers’ posts – You can even boost the reach of your Facebook handle and create a good relationship with your customers/followers by regularly commenting on their posts & content.

2. Keep Your Audience Entertained By Posting Regularly

Consider this as the strategy for every social media platform; most social media platforms’ algorithms only promote or boost the handles that post regularly and keep their users engaged. 


With Facebook, you have an extensive range of features to share your opinion and spread your message. For example, you can opt to share images of your product or upload videos advertising your products.


How-to videos are making a great trend nowadays, you can jump on this trend and upload videos explaining the usage of your products. 

3. Apply 70:20:10 Rule – A Smart Facebook Marketing Strategy

While you post regularly, keep in mind that you don’t overwhelm your followers, make sure you maintain a schedule and plan the content accordingly. And while you plan to upload content, you can use the 70:20:10 rule, which means  – post authentic content 70% of the time, post 20% content related to the audience’s interest, and post promotional content 10% of the time. 


It makes your profile vibrant and such a variety of content also draws the attention of other users. 

4. Secure More Benefits – Add Facebook Feed On Website

In this digital age of marketing, one cannot rely on one source for promotions and marketing. So, while you are at Facebook, you can utilize Facebook posts to your benefit by opting to embed Facebook feed on the website. It helps you in many ways, but two of the significant advantages are:

Firstly, such vibrancy and vibration of data increase the visuals of the website. Secondly, it also promotes your Facebook page – as visitors who aren’t aware of your Facebook presence get a sneak into your Facebook presence and have the option to connect with you on the platform.


These are just two major benefits from the many, and therefore we are witnessing a trend where businesses are actively optioning to embed Facebook feed on the website. Social media aggregators like – Tagembed, Elfsight, EmbedSocial are the best tools which allows you to embed Facebook feeds.  You can easily find them on the internet.


5. Optimize Your Facebook Page And Make It Stand Out From The Crowd

Many businesses often miss out this trick in their marketing maneuvers; optimizing the Facebook page is as important as creating it. With optimization, you can provide great descriptions to your page and provide great insight about your product/brand to your consumers. Also, provide a URL to your website so you can divert some traffic on your website as well.

6. Optimize Your Posts To Provide Individuality And Recognition

While you decide to optimize your Facebook page, also pay attention to your posts. Try to indulge some individuality to your posts by applying a common color pattern to all your posts, or you can add your brand’s logo to the content that you post. So even if someone else is sharing your posts, people could recognize your brand through these posts.

7. People Love Win So Organize Giveaways

Who doesn’t like to receive gifts, right? You can organize quizzes or call to action on your Facebook page and ask Facebook users to participate. It boosts the reach of your Facebook page as people would like to compete in the competition and you can provide some rewards to the users. In return, it offers a great reach, and it also improves your brand’s rep.

Summing It Up

No one can deny that Facebook provides a great opportunity for businesses to grow and gather some reach. Although Facebook offers great aid to businesses with Facebook Ads, some small and medium scale businesses cannot afford it. Hence, you can use the tips mentioned above to utilize the platform at a minimum cost.