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Annie Bakes was born on February 26, 1965, in New York City. She is a well-known American business partner. She is the ex-wife of a professional basketball player by the name of Dennis Rodman. Aside from working as a grown-up model, she’s also the author of two books, which she authored to describe the difficult moments in her life.

His professional basketball career has spanned 20 years, during which he has enjoyed much success. They are no longer together since they divorced less than a year after their wedding ceremony.

Annie Prepares Baked Goods For Her Parents And Siblings

Annie Bakes was born on February 26, 1965, making her 55 years old. She was the first person to enter our earth. She was raised in a Christian household. Throughout her childhood, she and her family were continually relocating from one region to another, which she found frustrating.

The supporting information regarding her father, mother, and sisters has not yet been provided. She struggled to make friends throughout her early years of life, and as a result, she was able to live on her own for a while.

Her father, on the other hand, assisted her in overcoming this obstacle. Dennis Rodman’s companion is claimed to be a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, which is where Rodman received his undergraduate degree.

Annie Bakes And Dennis Rodman Are Two Of The Most Famous People

It was 1987, and Rodman was in a club when he saw Annie and thought she was attractive. He walked over to her and immediately started conversing with her. Bakes, on the other hand, thought him attractive, and the relationship began to blossom from there.

Alexis Rodman was the name given to her by the couple. Following the birth of a child, they decided to be married, however their marriage ended in failure in the year 1992.

They both recognised very quickly that they were never destined to be with one another. Their relationship continued to deteriorate, and they eventually separated. This resulted in their separation in the year 1993. Rodman remarried twice more after the divorce, and he was also divorced twice more.

Annie Bakes Is A Real Person With Real Facts

“White Girls Do Not Affect” was the title of Annie Bakes’ second book, which was published after that.

Her book was well-received, and according to reliable sources, she has a net worth of $600,000 dollars.

According to what we’ve learned, she’s now residing in Pennsylvania with her daughter Alexis Rodman, who has returned to live with mom once again.

The primary cause for her divorce, according to her, is alleged sexual abuse. Rodman, she said, was responsible for pressuring her into having numerous abortions.

Aside from that, it has been reported that Annie contracted an STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) from Dennis.

Despite the fact that her full name is Anicka Bakes, she is well recognised by her moniker.

Tattoos may be seen on her chest, arms, and hands, among other places.

Annie Bakes used to be able to have long blonde hair, but she decided to chop it today.

Following her battle with her husband’s infidelity in the 1990s, word emerged that they had agreed to look into the matter and restore their marriage. Rodman subsequently revealed that the rumour was unfounded when he married Carmen Electra in 1997.

Her ex-husband struggled with alcoholism and even sought treatment in the year 2008, according to court records.

Bakes’ debut publication garnered a rating of 4 out of 5 stars from the readers.

In her book, she claims that her pen name will be Anicka Rodman and that she will be the author.


Annie Bakes began modelling while she was in her adolescence. She began modelling for print ads when she was younger, and once she became 18, she began modelling for lingerie and swimsuit companies, among other things.

At about this time, Bakes also began working in nightclubs to augment her income.. Unfortunately, her modelling career came to an end in 1986 when she was involved in a vehicle accident that left her with injuries and scars.

Bakes began writing after she was divorced from her tumultuous marriage, and in 1997, she published a book titled Worse Than He Says He Is: My Walk On The Wild Side With Dennis Rodman. The same book was eventually re-released under the title White Girls Don’t Bounce, which is a play on words.

Relationship With Basketball Player Dennis Rodman

Having gained the attention of professional basketball player Dennis Rodman at a nightclub in 1987, Annie Bakes began a relationship with him. At their first encounter, she fell head over heels in love with him.

She gave birth to their first child, a girl called Alexis, two years after they married. Then, in 1991, Bakes tied the knot with the NBA star. Their marriage, on the other hand, turned out to be a catastrophe.

The adult model previously alleged that Rodman had cheated on her and had pushed her to have many abortions on a regular basis. Following the discovery that she had contracted an STD from him, the couple got into a heated argument, and Bakes filed for divorce, which was completed the following year.

There were speculations in the late 1990s that the couple had reunited for the sake of their daughter. When Rodman married Carmen Electra, though, those allegations were put to rest completely.

Observations On My Own Personal Life

Annie Bakes was given the name Anicka Bakes when she was born on February 26, 1965, in Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States.

During her early years, her family moved about a lot, which made it difficult for her to meet new people and make friends. Unfortunately, there are no facts available about Bakes’ parents, family history, or educational background.

According to some sources, she is now remarried to a police officer whose name has not yet been revealed. For the time being, the former model is still active on Facebook.