Top 6 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applications in Real-World

Robust AI applications in Real-life

As you know, AI is a mighty invention and surprised the world. From social media to finance, it has already become a significant part of many corporations. You might wonder about all the buzz about AI going around.

Therefore, you can find various artificial intelligence applications in real life. The trend in AI and ML are frequently changing, and, in this article, we have listed out a few of them.  

1. Personalized Online Shopping

Personalizing your customer’s e-shopping experience has become the latest motto of all tech giants. In this race, e-commerce stores aren’t behind either.

They use algorithms powered by AI to curate the list of purchasing suggestions for users. A great example is Amazon’s recommendations by AI in e-commerce.

Firstly, they collect user data by your recent searching. Then, they automatically create a list of the items in which the user might be interested in several categories.

In this way, the customer gets relevant products to shop through this personalization. Once the clients are satisfied with the first shopping experience, it becomes far smoother for them.

Their suggestions are based on many data points, including your device location and recent searches. For better personalization, they identify the user location and show products in your currency.

2. Smart Home Devices

Smart home devices are in trend, and exactly what it sounds like because of their convenience adds to everyone’s lives. You must’ve ordered one for yourself too.

These devices can control everything around you, from lights to temperature, from window shades to home safety. These devices are also using AI that enhances themselves according to your behavior.

However, these devices use robust AI to keep your experience relaxed from natural language processing to other complicated applications. These home devices can complete many tasks, such as playing a particular track or ordering something on Amazon.

Consequently, they are undoubtedly one of the most powerful AI examples applications; meanwhile, they still have a long way to go.

3. Finance

In the finance sector, credit card fraud is one of the leading issues these days. Artificial intelligence is helping to tackle this problem. Credit card companies are using AI to predict scams before they even take place.

 AI is helping in tackling this issue. Credit Card companies are using AI to predict scams before they even take place. The finance sector is using applications of artificial intelligence in various areas.

They first gather all the scam cases and use Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to identify fraud patterns. After that, AI checks the suspicious accounts’ current activities and assists in finding out whether it’s a scam.

Now, card companies can implement many preventative measures, such as alerting the registered user to minimize credit card scam cases.

Therefore, many traders also use AI applications for making investment decisions and predicting stock prices. Investors are using AI to analyze businesses’ balance sheets for making more informed decisions regarding their investments.

4. Travel

Travel companies are using AI for many tasks. Apart from improving their customer support, they are also using AI tools for managing prices. AI and ML apps help travel companies in calculating affordable yet profitable prices according to numerous factors.

For instance, if it’s the vacation season, and the demand for people going to Paris is high, these hotels’ prices would rise accordingly. Thus, Google Maps uses AI and machine learning to provide accurate trip estimations to users.

AI uses to evaluate the traffic level on the roads and give an accurate estimate for the trip. Further, it can also estimate the time it’ll take you to reach a specific place through different travel modes, including train, bus, and flights.

5. Enhanced Images

Do you want the blur effect on pictures? Praise AI for it. There are many apps and cameras that use AI for applying different effects on photos.

Additionally, using these features and apps, AI help to identify the object in images, and then you can add a variety of effects to enhance your image.

You can add filters and increase focus on a particular object by blurring the background of the picture. AI helps to do a plethora of amazing experiments on the images.

Besides, google Photos also uses AI to let you look up pictures of different people in your gallery. It identifies particular faces in photographs and enables you to search accordingly.

6. Customer Support

You’ve noticed a change on websites recently. We’re talking about the chatbots which greet you with a short message, not push or cookies notification.

Chatbots are an excellent example of how amazingly AI can automate various tasks in an organization. Therefore, chatbots assist new visitors on a website to find their desire products.

They enhance the user experience in e-shopping considerably, lead the customer, and answer your questions. Because it’s challenging to present 24/7 for the customers, but a chatbot helps every site visitor.

Bottom Line

As you read above, AI is a potent tool and a crucial part of many companies. Subsequently, we can use AI apps in everyday life. Let us know if you are keen on learning more about AI.