Who is Bill Voge? Career, Net Worth, Bio, And Personal Life

Bill Voge, the Christian CEO of the Big Law Firm, was forced to resign when he exchanged “sinful” texts with such a married woman.

A series of high-profile activities are taking place in New York City. Bill Voge, the head of Latham & Watkins, resigned earlier this week after admitting that he had engaged in “sinful” text discussions with a married woman he had never met.

“It is with great sadness that I announce my resignation as chair & managing director of Latham & Watkins. Because of my very own inexperience, I’ve had to deal with many mistakes and disgrace.

I am very sorry for the pain and disgrace I had caused my loved ones, friends, or colleagues, and I sincerely apologize for my lapse of judgment. “An official statement from Voge was delivered on Tuesday.

The highest professional and personal ethics levels have been my goal throughout my career.

It was morally repugnant but not a crime. “Law360 was able to collect a string of Voge’s emails.

Although not illegal, the executive committee of Latham & Watkins determined that the management of Latham & Watkins was not acceptable, according to a statement from the firm, which had Voge just like its CEO since 2014.

By Law360’s count, Voge belonged to an evangelical Christian men’s group called a New Canaan Society, with more than 26,000 members.

Ex-Chairman Latham & Watkins was a top executive of the men’s organization with Tim Keller, who established Redeemer Christian Church in New York. Members of this organization are tasked to help men improve their relationships with their families, coworkers, and friendships.

A Christian summer camp for youngsters in Maine and New Hampshire had been on the directors of his organization. To put it another way, while Voge functioned as a fundraiser for the organization, they raised millions of dollars. Jami Voge, the founder of Awakening to God, was on Voge’s wife’s Christian group board.

“Christian reconciliation” was given to an unnamed lady by Voge again for New Haven Society in September, according to Law360.

Text messages between the two are claimed to be sexually graphic, even though they have never met in person.

She told Law360 that Voge attempted to get her to meet up with him in the hotel room in a subsequent interview. According to sources, Terry Ekl’s family was informed at some point of his contact with the Latham and Watkins partners.

All and Voge maintained that the woman’s recounting of events attempted to destroy Voge’s reputation since Voge had never been accused of inappropriate conduct.

It has been reported that the lady continued to connect with her ex-husband even after their divorce in November. A cease and desist letter for stalking and harassment and harassment was also included in this package.

As of press time, no response had been received from New Fairfield Society headquarters in New York. “It’s entirely out of character,” says a spokesperson of a Christian group that Voge worked for but was not allowed to talk publicly about the claims against Voge.

Spokesman: “This is completely out of character for him, and I guess someone grew upset with him and taken it out on him.” ”
A Trap Was Laid For Him.

There is a possibility that Jesus spoke about that in the New Testament when he spoke about hurling stones. Since he didn’t want the firm to engage in something as dumb as this, this is a testament to his character.

Former Goldman & Co. general partner and Wheaton alum Jim Lane formed the New Canaan Society. He is also the founder of Devonwood Capital Partners, a hedge fund.

After recognizing that his life had been out of control and lacked meaningful connections with other guys, he decided to start the club.

“I was in a terrible state of mind. Despite all of his professional accomplishments, my personal life was in ruins. Many other guys were in the same predicament, and I felt isolated and lonesome because of this.

As it turns out, this was a selfish endeavor on my part… There were a lot of guys like me who needed this, “Lane was the last to speak.

There are now 65 chapters in the United States; according to this group, “As a community of grace, we welcome all men, regardless of their imperfections. Despite our best attempts, we continue to plummet.

Intending to empower and energize each other, we are striving to assist men to become the men God intended them to be.” When he first contacted the lady via a Christian charity, Mr. Voge exchanged sexually explicit texts.

Bill Voge, a well-known attorney, has resigned from a prominent law firm after being found guilty of improperly communicating with a married lady.

His lawyer branded the woman a “cyberstalker” and said that Mr. Voge had “suffered emotional anguish,” according to Law360.com.

The website claims that Mr. Voge contacted the woman’s husband, who was married at the time, and threatened to sue her to “help the next victim.”

According to the man, ‘there are no threats of going to prison here’ “She’s going to prison!” It’s possible that Voge authored this.

Her email said that ‘Bill Voge knew I was in anguish, and he took advantage of that. He wonders, “Who else has he done this to?”

There is no evidence that Mr. Voge committed any wrongdoing while working at the enormous legal firm the day before he quit.

In a statement, he said, ‘I regret my error of judgment and am sorry for the sorrow and disgrace I have caused my famjudgment,nds, and colleagues.’

The personal and professional standards I’ve worked so hard to maintain during my whole career have been considerably lowered by my actions.’

One of the world’s largest corporations has a stunning office complex in central London’s Bishopsgate neighborhood.
As the corporation stated: ‘Mr. Voge offered his resignation after making many self-reported voluntary disclosures to the firm’s executive committee over his behavior.

There were sexually explicit conversations exchanged between Mr. Voge and an unidentified female who had no connection to the company.’ Nobody was harmed by Mr. Voge’s actions: neither the company nor its customers or employees.

‘Mr. Voge engaged in subsequent behavior relating to this circumstance that, although not illegal, the executive committee consibehavior not befitting the head of the business.’

While attending Berkeley, Mr. Voge worked at Latham and Watkins. When he was named global chairman in 2015, he had worked in London, New York, and San Diego, where he had specialized in energy and finance transactions.

He decided to leave in the wake of several sexual harassment allegations at law firms.

Baker Mckenzie’s London office has recruited an external legal team to review the firm’s reaction to an employee’s accusation of sexual assault by one of the firm’s partners.