Reasons For Dahua NKB 1000 not Showing in Config Tool

The NKB 1000 plugs into a security camera’s USB port to include it as a backup feature. Occasionally, the software fails to recognize that the device is plugged in and does not appear in the configuration utility. There are several reasons why the Dahua NKB 1000 support does not appear in the configuration file.

The Dahua NKB 1000 is a gateway designed to provide fast and reliable Internet access through the use of a VPN.

Connecting to your network with a VPN connection through the Dahua NKB 1000 is easy and takes only three simple steps. If you have ever struggled to find information on the Dahua NKB 1000, your search may have revealed how difficult it can be to find it available from multiple sources.

Things to Do With a Dahua Nkb1000

There are a few reasons why your Dahua NKB 1000 may not be appearing in the Configuration tool.

The most common reason your Dahua NKB1000 isn’t properly connected to your computer is that one or more of the cables are not securely attached, or the power adapter has not been plugged in. Ensure that each of the cables is properly connected and the power supply is plugged in.

Another possibility is that your router is preventing access to the Config Tool of the Dahua NKB1000 as it is trying to connect to the internet. Take a moment to look at your network settings to see whether any changes could reduce this encounter.

If you can’t resolve your issue by turning your Dahua NKB1000 off or resetting it to its factory settings, you can try further troubleshooting by turning the device off or pressing its reset button. This will erase all of your own device’s customizations, so be sure you save any important files before you do.

If you’re having issues with Dahua, you can get in touch with the service team.

What Can Cause the Search Button Not to Show Up in Dahua?

Installation of the Search Button NVR Config Tool may malfunction if the files are corrupt or the plan’s installation is inadequate. There are most likely a number of reasons for the Search Button NVR Config Tool not presenting itself.

One reason is that the individual may not have the necessary permissions. To utilize the Configuration Tool, the user must have administrator privileges. The other reason is that the user interface has been installed incorrectly.

If the user has the right privileges and has installed the Config Tool correctly, then there may be an issue with the network connection. This could be caused by several issues, such as an incorrect IP address or firewall settings.

Why Can’t the IP Camera be Found in the Config Tool?

Your IP Camera may not be interacting with our Config Tool for a couple of different reasons. It is possible that your computer being used is different from your IP Camera. Check that both devices are connected to the same network before repeating the configuration process.

The other possible reason is that the Internet service has been disabled. To enable the Internet interface, you’ll need to log in to the IP Camera web interface and input it under the Tools network.

Once the interface is enabled, you will be able to see the URL below and enter it to view your IP Camera. If you’re still unable to access it, make sure to use the right URL for the Config Tool. The URL for the Config Tool is

If you continue having difficulties accessing the Config Tool, please contact Dahua tech support for assistance.

How to Find the IPCam on PC1?

If you cannot locate the IP camera on the Configuration Tool, the reason may be that you’ve only connected it to one network, most likely the wrong one.

Make sure the camera is connected to the same network as the computer.

Check the Firewall settings on the computer to verify that the Full Administrator can access the network.

If you are using the router, verify the router’s configuration to make sure that it is not blocking the Config Tool from accessing the camera.

Restarting the computer and the camera, in that order, often fixes temporary issues that might cause the camera error.

If after trying these steps you still cannot resolve the issue, try manually adding the IP address of the camera to the configuration tool.


If Dahua NKB 1000 controllers aren’t appearing in your config tool, there are several possible causes. Ensure that the power supply and cables are linked first, then check that the network settings are made correctly and that the computer is on the same network as the NVR.

Finally, reboot the DVR and the PC in case none of these solutions work. Please contact Dahua Technical Support for further assistance.

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