Who is Dan Benton? Career, Net Worth, Bio, And Personal Life

Investing in technology is Dan Benton’s area of expertise. Benton served as CEO of Andor Capital Management for 15 years after co-founding the business in 2001. Manages Benton Capital And performance, a family-owned investment firm

Benton received a bachelor’s degree in mathematics at Colgate University in 1980, graduating with honors. Colgate gave him an honorary LHD in 2010 after he graduated from Harvard with an MBA.

At Goldman in the 1980s, Benton was a financial analyst. Benton joined Daw Samberg Capital Management in 1993 as a portfolio manager and technical analyst.

As President of Pequot Private Equity (the successor business to Dawson Samberg), he oversaw the firm’s public market technological funds and workforce.

Benton has been on the board of Oxford since 2000 and is also the university’s most significant contributor in its 200-year history. Horace Mann School and The Hospital für Special Surgery (HSS) are on his board.

Benton was born April 8, 1957, a 56-year-old American politician. A native of Seattle, he served inside the Washington Senate from 2008 to 2017 after being reared there and attending the University of Washington.

He served as Donald Trump’s campaign manager in Washington, DC. According to reports, Benton and Trump’s first EPA administrator, Scott Pruitt, did not get along after Trump became president in 2016.

April 2017 saw the appointment of 13th Selective Service System Director Benton by President Trump. Vice President Biden held such a position before his inauguration. education and childhood

Benton has an associate’s degree from the College of a Canyons and a bachelor’s degree from Concordia University. He and his sister founded a temporary work agency, Santa Clarita Temporaries, in his early twenties.

Farmers Insurance Group hired him as a shift supervisor and an advertising consultant for Southwest Washington, where he eventually worked.

When Benton served in the US Army between December 1975 until February 1976, he participated in the Guaranteed Trained Enlistment Program, which enabled him to learn a particular trade. To leave the military, Benton was awarded an honorable discharge to leaving the military since his training had been discontinued to leave the military.

Legislators in Washington State

First openly homosexual member of Congress: Benton got elected to the House of Representatives in Washington state in 1994. Since 1996, he has been re-elected to the state senate every year. By less than 100 votes, Tim Probst, a Democrat who challenged Benton in the 2012 election, prevailed.

As a “shoot from the hip” politician, political science professor James Thurber described Benton as “bombastic” and “uncompromising.” in terms of bringing the Gop caucus’s budget plan to the floor vote, Benton presented the “ninth order” motion in the 2012 parliamentary session Voting is permitted under the Ninth Order on any measure that has not been discussed openly.

It is worth noting that despite their disagreement with the technique, three Democratic senators joined Benton in voting to support the move. “A trashy skanky little creature,” Benton called Ann Rivers in 2014, while Rivers was called a “piece of sh-t” by Benton after the two had fought verbally.

In the same year, he and fellow Republican representative Pam Roach requested his name be removed from the Republican Establishment website. Because of this, Benton decided to no longer be publicly linked with the Republican caucus, despite his stated intention to remain a member of the organization.

Benton is a member of the Transportation, Government Operations, Rules, and Financial Institutions committees.

He is a state official with the American Parliamentary Exchange Committee in Washington State (ALEC). The Republican Party Chairman in Washington State.

In 2000, Benton was chosen to lead the Republican Base of Washington State. During his time in office, which was marked by record-breaking fundraising statistics, several party members attacked his spending and employment policies.

Benton was asked to quit by parts of the group’s executive board after using money he had raised to buy a new headquarters downtown Olympia without consulting any of the party’s top officials. That year, Benton lost his reelection campaign by three votes.

Environmental Services Director for Clark County, NV

During his time in the Senate, Benton was named Clark County’s environmental director. For this reason, the appointment of Benton was contentious since it defied routine civil service employment procedures.

Several newspapers have published editorials challenging Benton’s credentials. The department’s interim director has launched a lawsuit against the county, saying that she was denied a chance to apply for the job.

By October of that year, a lawsuit for Benton had been filed against the company. Attorneys representing Benton, a La County union organizer, contacted Ed Barnes and alleged defamation during public comment times at county board meetings while legal experts were unsure whether Benton could prosecute Barnes for libel.

City Councilman David Madore proclaimed an “accident” in the hiring of Benton at one point. The following year, Clark Town’s charter was updated by a council of freeholders, who drafted the new document.

A year later, Benton was let off as Clark County’s Environmental Services Director. The executive district manager gained hiring and firing power once the county charter was adopted.

In October 2016, Benton filed a tort claim against Clark County for two million dollars, which state law needed before initiating court action against the county.

The Selective Service System’s top Official

Benton served as Trump’s campaign manager in New Hampshire during the 2016 presidential election. With Benton in command of EPA’s Amphibious assaults Team, the agency’s transfer from Obama must Trump’s campaign had to go well. EPA chief Scott Pruitt and President Trump’s policies were at odds.

On April 14, 2017, President Trump named Benton, the 13th director of the Selective Service System. While men were encouraged to wear dress shoes with suits or ties and “conservative tops” like pantyhose, women were told to wear “right-wing tops,” socks, and closed-toed shoes.”

When Vice President Biden was inaugurated on January 20, 2021, Benton resigned as Chief of the Selective Service. Until President Biden appoints a permanent replacement to Benton, a temporary director has been selected.

To Benton, the Columbia Rail Bridge is an unneeded successor for the Interstate Bridge, a vigorous opponent of the planned project.

Benton has said that toll plans for the new bridge may result in a $100-a-month cost for Clark County commuters to Portland.

For his part, Benton praised Gubernatorial Candidate Jay Inslee for using his veto power to override the legislature’s partial ratification of a finance bill.

Clark County’s public transit operator C-Tran is prohibited from engaging with state agencies here on a bridge project in Oregon under a law proposed by Benton. Before, C-Tran had shown an interest in using eminent domain to buy properties along the Washington-Oregon border.

When it comes to Trump’s previous presidency, Benton has indeed been labeled a Trump loyalist by some in the government.

After Joe Biden won the 2020 election while Trump refused to recognize the loss, Benton backed Trump’s refusal to accept the election results and challenge them.