Who is Darshelle Stevens? Personal Life, Bio, Career, Net Worth, Education And Hobbies

Darshelle Stevens was born in the USA on March 29, 1991. Her birth sign of the zodiac is Aries and she has American citizenship. She is a cosplayer, a former YouTuber, and a social media star who’s most likely known for the popularity of her Instagram account.

It’s popular with more than 600,000 people and includes over 2,000 images uploaded on it. Darelle is extremely satisfied with her large breasts, and she loves showing them off in her photos. Darelle also posts photos of her costumes for cosplay, and sometimes gives her followers tips on exercising and diets.

Her most loved cosplay was Hermione Granger, the character in the popular film series “Harry Potter” in 2019.

Body Measurements

Darshelle’s age is 30. Her hair is long and blonde and dark eyes. Her height is 5 feet 6 inches (1.68m) and weighs about 130lbs (61kgs).

Education and Early life

Darshelle was born as a child in her home in the USA but hasn’t spoken about her parents because they prefer to keep their distance from the limelight, however, it’s believed that they’re unsupportive of her work online. Darshelle hasn’t revealed if she has siblings, however, it’s thought that she grew up with an older sister.

She began to be interested in modeling during her time at an elementary school in the area where she and her classmates were often able to purchase girly magazines and would look at the beautiful girls featured in the magazines, dreaming of becoming models, actresses, or singers.

When she finished her elementary school studies in 2005, she enrolled at the local high school, at which she was very athletic, playing volleyball and soccer as well as appearing in a few school productions.

She graduated in 2009 but hasn’t talked about her education in the future, which is the reason why she didn’t go to college.

Her YouTube channel

Darshelle had a moment when she considered becoming a YouTuber. However, she decided to drop the idea after uploading just three videos.

She started her channel on the 12th of July 2007, aged 16, and is popular with more than 120 users, with nearly 9,000 views on the three videos.

“Lorikeet Feeding “Lorikeet Feeding” video features teenagers feeding various parrots. It has been watched more than 7,300 times. Darshelle’s 2nd video “Samoan Fire-Knife Dancer” has been watched only about 180 times. Her fourth video “Whip Cracking” has been watched more than 1300 times.


Darelle likes keeping specifics about her personal life private but it is acknowledged that she’s a married woman. She got married to Mike Gaboury sometime in the mid-2010s. However, neither of them has spoken about how and when they first met, or when the exact moment they made their vows.

Mike is co-founder of the clothing line Filthy Casual as well as the scent candles brand WickandSkull He’s additionally an Indie game designer, as well as an official Minecraft partner.

Darshelle isn’t announcing her husband on her images or videos she posts, and he doesn’t seem to be concerned about posting pictures of her naked on her OnlyFans and Patreon accounts. They’re keeping their relationship out of the spotlight and it’s not clear if they are planning to have kids.

There are many who believe that Darshelle is bisexual, but it isn’t confirmed.

In May 2021, she’s been married to Mike Gaboury and doesn’t have any children.


Darshelle’s passion is cosplay. She has a number of pictures showing her in costumes can be seen uploaded to her Instagram account.

She has dressed to portray characters of the show “Stranger Things”, the film franchise “Friday the 13th”, and also the gaming game “Super Mario”.

She’s a big fan of tattoos, and she has an enormous one to her leg.

Darshelle is known to spend a significant portion of her time working out because it is crucial for her work on the internet to be healthy. Darshelle has offered her fans some tips on exercising and diet.

She’s a fan of showing off her figure, and this is the reason summer is her most favorite time of year, tanning on the beach, and sipping cocktails near the water.

Darshelle is a traveler and has been to a number of US states.

She enjoys watching movies during her free time – her most adored model has to be Angelina Jolie, while a couple of her most cherished films are “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, and “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – The Cradle of Life” and “Girl Interrupted”.

Net Worth

As of May 20, 2021 her net worth was valued at $1 million.