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After unzipping his trousers and putting his hands in his underpants before a 17-year-old girl, a police officer was dismissed for gross misconduct.

Officer Declan Gabriel, 28, was acquitted of the rape charge against the girl in February.

On Friday, it was discovered that he had “grossly broken the confidence put in him” by the public as a police officer.

The Northamptonshire Police Chief Inspector Simon Edens expressed his “deep remorse” for the girl’s treatment.

In the absence of Mr. Gabriel, there was no mitigation offered.

The evidence was accepted based on his testimony before Northampton Crown Court.

Rape and two other sexual assault charges were dropped on February 28. They couldn’t decide on the fourth accusation of public office misconduct.

After a marital conflict was settled, Mr. Gabriel picked up the girl early on September 21st, 2015, according to evidence presented during the trial.

He asked about the guy’s wife and how often they had sex, according to police solicitor Caroline Sellars.

She went on to say that she saw an “unconscious response of his body” in Mr. Gabriel during that conversation.

Confusion And Enigmatic’

Mr. Gabriel’s supervisor accompanied the officer and the child as they were visiting the grandmother in Milton Keynes.

A friend’s house was the best option after PC Gabriel had been cautioned against it.

According to evidence, he didn’t even knock on the door of the residence. Once his underwear was unzipped, he drove over to the roadside and took a seat.

Sellars labeled his actions as “wholly unacceptable.”

As Mr. Edens put it, when pressed, Mr. Gabriel was already “evasive and inconsistent”.

Declaration Gabriel, 27, has been charged with the rape of an underage girl, as well as the sexual assaults of two other women on September 21, 2013.

Upon arresting a 17-year-old female suspect, a police officer took her to a layby and revealed himself to her.

Declan Gabriel, 28, was found not guilty of PC Rape and two charges of sexual assault in March of this year.

On the morning of September 15, 2015, a 17-year-old girl with her mother got into a fight at home in Northampton.

As soon as her partner had disappeared from view, the driver of a vehicle he was meant to be bringing her in inquired about their relationship with her.

Next, he unbuttoned his trousers and inserted his hands inside, stating that they needed to be repaired. He then drove away.

PC A young man named Gabriel testified during his trial that the teenager had then improperly touched him after the incident occurred.

“A real hero” was how an eight-month-old girl’s mother characterized him just before the tragedy.

That’s why after witnessing her and her crying infant in distress, he ran to assist.

A doctor told him how he had spared the life of a baby by delivering first aid when he got to the hospital.

His Heroics Were Worthy Of Recognition

In a fast-track hearing for PC Gabriel, who saved the lives of 12-month-olds, PC Gabriel failed to appear. At Northampton Crown Court, she was acquitted of sexual assault and rape charges and was photographed shortly afterward.

It was Declan who saved the life of the little child, Rachel’s mother said on Facebook.

I’ll be grateful to you always. That is why you’re a hero to me.”

Even though PC Gabriel was supposed to attend yesterday’s fast-tracked misconduct hearing, he failed to do so.

In The Blink Of An Eye, He Had Been Fired

On the same day, PC Gabriel of the Northampton Police is accused of misconduct inside a public office for failure to report the event or request that yet another officer accompany him in bringing the adolescent to a place of safety.

Another problem: He didn’t note it on any papers he completed about the minor’s domestic disturbances, which is a big problem.

Honesty and dependability are prerequisites for law enforcement officers. ‘Police officers should not compromise or misuse their position,’ Northampton Police Chief Inspector Simon Edens said.

For a police officer, PC Gabriel’s stay on the service was unlikely to behave necessitated or received close monitoring.

Whenever it came to a young girl under his care, he had immense authority and influence.’ ‘

He has misused the trust and power that was put in him.

As far as I’m concerned, PC Gabriel has indeed been guilty of heinous misbehavior that deserves his expulsion from the police.

In contrast, he failed to adequately protect the interests of a defenseless adolescent girl.

Every day, Northamptonshire Police deal with some of the most disadvantaged people in our community.

No one should be treated with suspicion or animosity by officers or other staff who interact with the general population.

As far as I know, no one from the Northamptonshire Police is worried about using them in any way

Personnel on my team are most conscientious and professional in their approach to their work, with a few notable outliers.

Police said that PC Gabriel has betrayed the faith the department, community, and the little girl’s family had in him, according to a statement issued by the department.

To be a police officer, one must have the confidence of the public.

I’m forced to fire him without warning because he has no place in our department or in law enforcement in general.’

This means that he is no longer eligible to work for just any law enforcement agency in the United States.’

Investigations are being conducted with their departments against cops who have been exonerated of raping a kid.

Northamptonshire policeman Declan Gabriel was exonerated of sexual assault and rape by a jury on February 28.

The jury at Northampton Crown Court was dismissed after failing to reach a judgment on the fourth accusation of misconduct in public service.

Prosecutors have decided against pursuing a retrial of the case (CPS).

PC Gabriel had no charges filed against him.

The Northamptonshire Police’s professional standards section will undertake a separate investigation after the conclusion of the criminal case.

An adolescent girl who had been kicked out of her house for two hours the morning of September 21st, 2015 is the topic of this story. PC Gabriel spent two hours with her.

Being True To Your Word

As he drove her to locate a place to spend the night, the 17-year-old said in court that he talked sex with her and grew aroused in the process.

Several “verifiable falsehoods” were stated to be present in the girl’s evidence by his lawyer, Steven Evans.

Immediately after the incident, the police sent all questions to the IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission).

On the advice of the IPCC, a local inquiry should be performed the next day.

According to Deputy Chief Constable Andy Frost of Northamptonshire Police, the police has chosen to forgo a retrial and instead undertake its investigation after meeting with the CPS.