Do I Need a Hearing Aid? Tell Tale Signs

More people have hearing issues than you may think: A 2019 study revealed that a little over seven percent of the population over age 45 have hearing aids.

If you have problems with your hearing, you may be wondering, “Do I need a hearing aid?” Here are some signs and symptoms to look for that signal you may have hearing loss.

You Turn Up the Volume

Do you find yourself constantly clicking up the volume on your television, radio, or cell phone? This could be an indicator that you need hearing aids.

The more hearing you lose, the more you will have to turn up the volume to be able to hear at normal levels. If your loved ones complain about your devices being too loud when they sound normal to you, this could be a red flag.

Once you buy your first hearing aid, you should be able to hear the television with no issues. Take a look at these Oticon hearing aid reviews to get started.

Ringing Ears

Tinnitus is a phenomenon that often results in an unpleasant ringing sensation in your ears. This can be caused by constant exposure to loud noises, or simply develop from hearing loss.

Many types of hearing aids can help treat tinnitus. If ringing ears are your main symptom, make sure to talk to your doctor about a hearing aid designed to filter out the annoying sounds.

Asking People to Repeat Themselves

Your loved ones may get frustrated when you ask them to speak up or repeat what they just said. If you notice yourself constantly asking for clarification, it could be a signal that you need hearing loss treatment.

Once you get your hearing aid, you can estimate how much help you need by listening to other people’s voices. If you still have a hard time understanding, your hearing aid needs to be more powerful.

Sensitivity and Pain

Even though hearing loss can cause muffled sounds, it can also cause symptoms like pain and sensitivity. Visit an ear doctor to make sure that you do not have an issue like an ear infection.

Once the doctor suspects hearing loss, they will perform a series of tests. Often, extensive hearing loss can actually make your brain forget how to process certain sounds. You may need to train your ears to learn how to listen to them once you get your hearing aids.

Do I Need a Hearing Aid?

You may still be asking yourself, “Do I need a hearing aid?” Although it is always a good idea to get tested, you should visit a specialist if you experience any of the symptoms in this guide.

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