What’s Ganjawise? Flavors, Variety, Revolution, & History

You, like me, love learning about new plants. You’re not the only one. Ganjawise. Follow. Ganjawise is a blog created by an independent family farm. Follow. This blog discusses all kinds of plants and their uses. You can even find a list of 18 varieties of these plants that you should buy and store!

What’s Ganjawise?

Ganjawise is a blog about all things cannabis. Ganja Wise is a blog that features interviews, reviews, and stories about all aspects of cannabis, including the effects on the body and the business of growing it.

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Ganjawise is a family-owned farm. We work hard to keep that independence. We want to provide you with accurate, but still amazing information about cannabis so that you can make your own decision about what is important to you. Contact us if you have any questions. We’ll be happy to help!

Ganjawise Flavors


We are jumping on the bandwagon and offer 14 flavors including classics like Mango or Lemon. We offer a variety of THC-CBD ratios that are equally divided and have multiple levels of THC potency. Ganjawise will always be here because they believe that the good die young.

Ganja Variety

Ganja is often seen as a gateway drug to illicit drugs. However, it can have far more positive effects than its negative side effects when used responsibly. Ganjawise generally sells a wide range of products, including oils, flowers, and vaporizers.

The Ganja Revolution

The Ganja Revolution will be taking place all over the globe soon, but it is already happening locally in many places. Ganjawise gives the community the opportunity to have the right voice.

History and Overwatering

Overwatering can cause lawn and garden damage. Showers may be necessary after heavy rains. It is generally not recommended to give plants more water than they need. This can cause more damage than good.

What are Some of the Most Important Components of a Cannabis Plant’s Structure?


The trichomes are the most important components of the cannabis plant. The trichomes contain small, resinous trichomes that are “coated” in a sticky vernacular which traps essential oils.

Marijuana’s Nutritional Value

Marijuana has one of the best nutritional plants on the planet. It has more calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus than spinach and kale combined. All forms of cannabis, including flowers, leaves, seeds, and plants, contain different amounts of THC and CBD. These are vital for good health.


Ganjawise, a family-owned CBD company, is dedicated to the science and art of hemp farming. We are dedicated to providing high-quality CBD oil products and educating the public about CBD. We believe in helping those in need and providing for them.