Heavy Vs Light Mouse

The contentious issue has divided gamers greater than other issue. In this blog, we’ll try to bring an end to this argument once and all.

In the last decade, we’ve seen an explosion of lightweight gaming mice hit the market, all with ultralight gaming capabilities in FPS games. In addition to the weight, companies also boast of a more powerful DPI gaming mice. It is not surprising that these two aspects are connected. Further details on that will follow.

Despite the tendency of the market to slim gaming mice, there are many gaming mice loved by FPS gamers. We’ve decided to ignore MMO/MOBA players here since precision and accuracy are somewhat less than FPS gamers.

For the answer to, which gaming mouse is the best one for you, heavy or light, you will need to take into consideration a variety of factors.

Heavy vs light Gaming Mouse: Factors to be aware of?

The size of the hands and physical strength to the size and feel of the pad and games that you play, there is numerous factors to take into consideration before you decide on a lightweight or heavy gaming mouse. We’ll attempt to explain these aspects as clearly as we can.

Type Of Games: FPS, MOBA or MMO

You won’t see any MOBA or MMO player complaining about the weight of their mouse. Why? There isn’t any need for precise accuracy for the cursor or be concerned about the headshot in order to show off your skills.

Strategy is important here, or the memory muscle is more important than the precision of the device’s pointing. Additionally, the mice used that are used for MMO games are usually weighty with the additional buttons as well as fingers and the pinky. Whatever how big the mice you can always adjust the sensitivity to speedily move over the entire map.

For FPS gaming, this option of heavy or lightweight mouse becomes crucial. Professional FPS gamers prefer the lighter design because they offer more control over motion.

In games like Valorant, Fortnite, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the speed and accuracy of your mouse’s movements can affect the experience you have while gaming. A heavy mouse could be a hindrance , not an enjoyment.

Level: Beginner vs Advanced

Although professional FPS gamers usually employ lighter tools, beginners tend to be encouraged to work with heavier mice first. As they gain more experience with a heavy mouse and are able to perfect their arm-movement and precision in game and arm-movement, they can climb the ladder and play with lighter and more refined tools.

To understand this concept consider the case of violin bows. All students begin with a heavy bow achieve the correct amount of pressure on the string of the instrument. However, as they became more adept, they were required change to a lighter bow in order to perform more complex music with greater precision.

Physical Strength And Size Of Hands:

Physical strength and strength particularly your arm movements, and how big your hand are the primary factor, if not the only one. Players with small hands prefer an easy mouse due to its mobility and comfort it gives. When playing for long periods, the use of a heavy mouse usually results in pain and fatigue.

For those who have large hands can find a perfect match with a large game mouse (>120g). It provides greater control and accuracy than a light mice (<80g) which can lead to overshots, especially for those who have an athletic physique.

Mouse Pad:

There is friction in between pad of the mouse and the mouse’s feet also play an a significant part. If the pad of your mouse is very hard and hard the mouse will not be able to easily move. While a mouse that is soft can cause you to feel twitchy, when you want a lighter style.

This issue could be resolved by reducing or adding friction or by changing the pad or mouse’s feet. We don’t advise you to replace the mouse if it does not get together with the pad. This would be a total waste of money.


Of the three different mouse grip styles of grips, the claw grip happens to be the more well-known one. Incredibly, for users of the claw grip, weight of the mouse isn’t in the same way. There’s a much lower chance that your mouse will slide out of your palm because your palm is in connection to the bottom of the mouse.

If you use Claw and Fingertip grips the additional burden of the mouse can get out of the way. When you use a heavier mouse there is less contact with the mouse which results in high tension and the possibility of sliding. If the mouse is equipped with grips made of rubber on the sides the issue is fixable.

Mouse DPI         

The sensitivity of the mouse can help balance its weight. The greater you increase the DPI setting or the in-game sensitivity, the more easy it will be to move the mouse quickly and the lesser would be the strain. A heavier mouse would offer more precision and control. However, if you don’t pay attention it could result in fatigue for longer durations of gaming.

However you’ll get more control and precision when playing FPS game play when you select the less DPI settings on a lighter mouse. To ensure accuracy the lower sensitivity is likely to be preferred for FPS games, which means higher mouse lifting.

Mouse With Adjustable Weights: Best of Both Worlds

If the preceding factors don’t help you determine the appropriate amount of weight to use for the next game mouse there’s an alternative. Gaming equipment manufacturers that have Logitech at the forefront have a clever solution to this issue: Gaming mouse with weights that can be adjusted.

Consider the Logitech G502 Hero SE. It weighs 121g, but the weight-adjustable system lets you experiment with it. It comes with five 3.6g (0.13 1 ounce) weights, that you can put in the back, front or right, left or the middle of the mouse to have a custom gaming experience.

When using this type of mouse, you’ll have the freedom to adjust your weight as well as DPI setting to suit your preferences.


It is our hope that these aspects discussed in this article will aid you in settling the issue of weight when you purchase that next gaming device. To sum up, light gaming mice are best suited for FPS gaming on mouse pads that have added friction, and by people who typically have small hands. While the heavier mouse is generally most preferred by those with larger hands and strength, or who are in the training mode.