How To Become The Ultimate Pro Gamer?

Gaming as a profession has become extremely popular in the past couple of years, with pro gamers popping up and showing their skills all over the world. And we are here for this. Esports is finally being seen as a sport which means that people can compete on a grand scale and make a living in the process. Much like traditional sports, no one becomes a professional overnight, and that’s a great thing; honing your skills will only benefit you in the long run. Here is a guide on how to become the ultimate professional gamer with some useful gaming tips thrown in the mix.

How do you become a Pro Gamer?
First things first, it’s all in the learning. For many, the fact that gaming is not a traditional sport, and you don’t physically move much besides using your hands and screaming (yep, game rage is real) means it’s not much work. This is simply not true. And one thing that separates gaming from traditional sports is learning.

Now before you question why learning is a big factor here, let’s look at why learning is important. With traditional sports, let’s take hockey as an example; you learn how to play it as a child, then go on to practice it to consistently stay on top of your game. With pro gaming, you are constantly required to learn.

The learning never ends. A major part of life is learning new things, we can’t get away from it, and it’s the same for gaming. You can learn how to play a new game and learn how to be a pro gamer.

Train like an athlete would
Physical athletes like Simone Biles and LeBron James trained for years and continue to train while they excel at their sports. And why should pro gaming be any different? After all, esports is a real sport so treat it as such. Pro gaming is an extremely demanding career choice, and it’s not easy.

You will be required to offer up a lot of your time and dedicate it solely to gaming. Every professional gamer trained and continues to train to maintain their win streaks, as well as epic skills.

Get yourself a Coach
Most professional athletes have a coach. Coaches are important as they often unlock the potential you did not know you had. And they also show you any blind spots as well. But over and above this, a coach is usually well versed in a particular sport, having either played it or coached it for years.

It is the expertise you will need to become the ultimate professional gamer. Also, build yourself a solid routine, as this goes hand in hand with having a coach.

Find your Genre
While it is acceptable to play a variety of games, to be truly great, you need to pick one genre you know you are going to excel at. Most professional gamers are specialized in first-person shooter games like CS: GO.

If you pick one genre, it is much easier to hone your skills. However, when it comes to practicing, you can play a range of games to help you unlock other skills.

Build a Solid Reputation
Before you announce yourself as a pro gamer, you first must build a solid reputation in the esports space. Now, this is no easy feat. You need to continuously challenge other gamers and enter tournaments to build your reputation, but not only that, you will build your skills this way too.

Always Attend Tournaments:
One way to check out your competition is to attend esports tournaments. And if you are unable to attend in person, you can almost guarantee you will be able to stream it online.

It is an important part of being a pro gamer to watch other pro gamers as this is where you can pick up on tips and tricks and learn more about your competition in terms of their strategies.

Stream and join a team:

Once you’ve established yourself as a pro gamer, the next step is to join a gaming team; this is when you know you’ve officially become a pro gamer. The many benefits of joining a team include support, sponsorship, and winning; yes, if you join a team, each of you will provide much-needed skills which can only take you to the next level in your career.

And streaming on YouTube or Twitch can open you up to sponsorship, and this is where you can make pro gaming a full-on career. Other notable tips would be to follow pro gamers on social media and watch their streams.