How to Use Social Media Platforms to Boost Your Business?

Did you post on multiple social media platforms and still get no engagement? Just posting is not enough but should be done with different strategies.

Everyone knows social media are here to stay and are the future. Social media is used by about 4.2 billion people, which doubled over five years ago, so imagine the future.

A single user spends around 2 hours 25 minutes on average on a single day.

Hence, before posting anything on social media, digging into the latest trends and strategies, researching competitors, and learning how to engage with customers.

Some of the Tips to Boost Your Business Using Social Media are:

1.   Starting with a plan

It is pretty easy to start your business on a social media platform. There is no cost required to create a Facebook page, post on Instagram, tweet on Twitter, etc.

But before starting, always keep in mind that a good business always requires a good strategy and a good mindset.

Yes, the social media tools are free, but it requires plenty of time and effort to master those tools, which can then help you to boost your business.

Without a clear goal and vision, there is no success. What that means is no return on your investment, in other words, a failed business.

So, some of the social media strategies are:

●     Set Social Media Goals and Objectives:

You should create goals that follow a SMART framework, i.e., specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely.

As a business owner, you should base goals on the metrics that affect your business. You should try to gain customers that may turn into potential buyers, which increases your conversion rate rather than just increasing likes.

●     Research Your Competitions

When it comes to business, you should always do your research on your rivals. What they are using, what they are doing to engage with customers, how they are increasing their followers, etc.

However, this does not mean you should duplicate their methods exactly; instead, build your strategies on their gains and losses.

●     Get Inspired

Already looked up your competitions? Also, try looking at other businesses and seeing their success stories, which might inspire you.

You should also check some of the blogs and articles from top businesses that might help you boost your business and take some examples. Also, pay full attention to your favorite brands.

●     Create Social Media Calendar

With a social media calendar, you will be able to post the right content at the right time most of the time. Furthermore, posting the appropriate content at the appropriate moment results in increased sales.

Try using the 80-20 rule, which means using your content 80% to inform, educate customers about your business and how you can help them, and 20% to advertise and promote your business.

2.   The Right Social Platform for Your Business

Please don’t make assumptions about where your customers might spend most of their time; instead, research.

Without research, you might focus and spend most of the time on social media platforms which might bring you fewer customers, and skip the social media platforms that might bring you many customers.

But choosing the right social media platform does not mean focusing on a single social media platform only. I mean to give more time to that social media platform and spend less time on other social media platforms.

3.   Knowing Your Audience

The best part of using social media is that you can micro-target a specific group of audiences. But to do that, you should know who your audiences are.

To know your audience, compile data and reports on current customers. And then take a deep look at them with social media analytics. With this, you will be able to know who is buying and interacting with your business online.

Once you’ve determined who your target consumer is, create strategies that will help you engage with them more, interact with them, and which may help increase your sales.

4.   Expand Your Audience

So now you have a clear image of who your audience is. Now what? It would be beneficial if you sought to make plans that can help you attract more people.

This plan can be a Facebook sponsored post, Instagram sponsored posts or, any other strategy. Also, you can give people a trial offer to customers for your product; this will attract most people as it is free.

As a result, you’ll be in a position to increase your audiences and also will be able to increase your conversion rate.

5.   Building Relationships with Customers

Another benefit of using social media is that you can directly interact with your customers. It is not troublesome to go to every customer’s doorstep and engage with them, but just a single call or a single text will do the work.

More than 44% of active users use social media to research or gather more information about the business they like.

On the other hand, when people try to engage with your business from your organic advertisements, try engaging back with them as soon as possible as the customers do not like to deal with businesses that respond to them late.

So when you interact with them and build a strong relationship with them, they might share your product or increase likes on your content which might help you on top of social media since the social media algorithm works that way.

It would help if you gave your time to all the customers, whether new or old ones. Try creating a good relationship with the current ones, getting back your lost customers, engaging more with new customers, etc.

So how to build relationships with your customers?

●     Facebook Group

Facebook groups are a great way to create brand loyalty. All the people interested in your business can join your Facebook group, where you should be able to create contents that might get every single people in that group interested.

The contents can be images, videos, podcasts or others, that can engage many people. These effective contents will let people talk about your business to one another, which increases your brand name all over the place.

●     Connecting with celebrities or influencers

Celebrities or social media influencers have many followers. By getting them involved, you can get many people interested in your business right away.

Yes, you might also have to pay them as it promotes your brand, but it will be a good deal. With them getting them involved, you may find many potential buyers interested in your business.

But you should be able to interact with people related to your business, i.e., it would be great if you interacted with a model if you have a clothing company. Moreover, if you pay a gamer to increase your clothing business, you might not get back what you want in return.

●     Mentioning Your Followers in Posts and Stories

Mentioning your followers in your posts and stories is a healthy step. When a customer buys from you, they may share your product on their story or feed. So when they do that, mention them on your business feed or story.

It will motivate more people to do the same thing; as a result, your business name will reach new people. Also, it may get people to buy more from you if they like your product and your engagement with them.

6.   Focus on Quality over Quantity


Always focus on quality over quantity. The numbers of content on your business page can be less in number but should be of quality.

If your business page is full of content but is not up to a point, the customers might lose interest in your business which can be a downfall of your business.

Be honest about what you sell, post great content, use effective advertising strategies. Try to give more time to one or two social media platforms first and create great content.

7.   Mix Up Your Content Formats

If your social media content is of the same format, the content quality will drop, which means the audience will not enjoy your content. So always try to mix up the content formats, so they will enjoy and get engaged with your content.

If you post a GIF, try to post JPG next time; likewise, if you post an image, try to post a video next time.

Try to take advantage of different types of formats. What this does is you will learn which formats work best for your business.

To sum up

Social media is the future, and you should look for plans to use social media platforms that might boost your business. The business may be of any size, small or big; all the businesses will use social media. So using social media is stepping up your game.

Every person now has a smartphone on their hands, so if you are not engaged with social media, you are losing a lot of traffic, which costs you heavily.

The points above are some of the successful and effective tips that you can use to boost your business with the help of social media platforms.