Ivory Oral Does it Really Work? Review 2022

Before you order an ivory oral cleaner, make sure to read the ivory oral Review: Is it Legit

Toothpaste is often exaggerated by the dental industry. While it’s true that some people may need a prescription-strength or specialty toothpaste, most of us will be just fine with what you can find at your local store.

Most people can brush their teeth well enough to avoid cavities.

Fluoride is a component of toothpaste that prevents cavities and strengthens enamel. However, if you don’t brush carefully then you could do more damage than good.

For those who are concerned about sugar and other additives in oral care products, we recommend Tom’s Maine Fluoride-Free Sensitive Toothpaste.

What are Ivory Ultrasonic Toothbrushes?

Ivory Ultrasonic toothbrushes use sonic waves to create micropulsations that remove food particles and plaque from difficult-to-reach areas. These particles are gently removed without the use of bristles. This can cause irritation to the gum tissue and even gum recession.

IvoryOral, an all-in-one ultrasonic cleaner for teeth, uses the most advanced sonic technology available to deep clean your teeth. The toothbrush has a built-in timer that pulses at 30 seconds every 30 seconds to indicate when you need to switch sides. It comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, a USB charger, and two brush heads (one each for children and adults) that can be used to replace or share.

Reviews For Ivory Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner

Users have been raving about the IvoryOral cleaning systems on Amazon.com, as well as other retailers. People love the timer that pulses every 30 seconds to remind them to change sides of their mouths. Some people like that it can be used at home, rather than having to go to the dentist.

How does it work?

IvoryOral uses ultrasonic technology for deep cleaning between teeth and below the gum line, which traditional toothbrushes are unable to reach. The vibrations are used to remove plaque and tartar from the teeth’s surfaces.


  • Deep cleaning of the gums and between the teeth
  • Portable (no power cord required)
  • 2 brush heads to replace or share; one for adults and one for children
  • Two timers (30 seconds for adults, and 15 seconds for children).
  • Charger powered via USB port; AC adapter not required
  • A single rechargeable lithium-ion battery can last up to 10 days (60 minutes of usage); the brush will still work while charging
  • The manufacturer provides a 90-day warranty on the product and 6 months for batteries
  • The product is available at third-party retailers, including Amazon.com


  • Some reviewers believe that plaque and tartar can accumulate more quickly than manual brushing.
  • The bristles on the brush heads seem to be quite soft. This could make it difficult for people with crowns or dental implants to use them.
  • To prevent excessive use, the unit shuts off after three minutes. This can be annoying.
  • For optimal hygiene, brush heads should be replaced at least every three months. Replacement heads are more expensive than manual toothbrushes.
  • Ultrasonic toothbrushes made by other manufacturers are slightly loud than those manufactured at high frequency
  • Users may make a faint rattling noise even after the bristles have broken in
  • The unit does not come with a tongue cleaner that removes bacteria that could contribute to bad breath.
  • The timer function may drain the battery quickly for some people; it turns off after three minutes regardless of how long it takes to clean your teeth.
  • This may limit the effectiveness of crowns and dental implants users with heavily stained teeth.
  • Not usually covered by insurance; can cost more than manual toothbrushes to some people


IvoryOral is a convenient, effective, and cost-effective alternative to going to the dentist every six months. Ultrasonic technology offers an additional benefit over regular toothbrushing. This is especially helpful for those with gum disease and dental implants.

It is portable and rechargeable. There are two brush heads that can be used for sharing or replacement. You can purchase the toothbrush from Amazon.com or other third-party retailers at a lower price than similar brands.


  • Battery life of 6 months (2 minutes/day)
  • 18,000 brush strokes per minute
  • Cleaning surface: 0.75” H x 0.75” W
  • Dimensions: 3.5″ L x 2/3” Wx 1’’ D
  • Includes two ultrasonic brush heads for both adults and children
  • Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: $79.


Is it worth Purchasing Ivory Oral Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner?

If you want to reduce the amount of plaque, tartar, and bacteria on your teeth, Ivory Oral Ultrasonic Toothcleaner is worth it.

Are Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaning Devices Effective?

Answer: It is not possible to show statistically significant differences in the cleaning power of a toothbrush that uses ultrasonic technology and a manual toothbrush.

An ultrasonic power toothbrush is not more effective than manual brushing, according to a 2014 Cochrane review.

Unfortunately, there were not enough studies to assess publication bias. Only mild-to-moderately sensitive and not-sensitive were considered. They cannot yet determine if ultrasounds are more effective for sensationally sensitive teeth. However, we know they are not more efficient on average or for all types (e.g wisdom teeth).

Is it Safe to use a Homemade Dental Scaler?

Yes. You can use a home dental scaler by taking proper precautions, such as wearing gloves.

To prevent bacteria from contaminating the surface, make sure your scissors have been sterilized with alcohol. To release the plaque, hold the blade with the pointed end towards you. Do not scrape your teeth. Cut no deeper than 1mm. Otherwise, it can scrape through your gums or leave shrapnel behind in your mouth. Allow this to go for one minute.