Who is Jojo Babie? Personal Life, Bio, Career, Net Worth, Education And Hobbies

Jojo Babie’s pseudonym is for Korean-born social media influencer Instagram models and creators of adult-oriented content. Because of her curvaceous body and the way in which she shares, she’s been called by tabloids “the “Jessica Rabbit of Social Networks”.

Early life

Jojo Babie’s full identity real name is Jojo Von South. The details about her parents like their names, and jobs, aren’t publicly publically available. She has a brother but his name and age are not known. In the Instagram post, she posted Jojo posted a picture of her mother, wished her a happy mother’s birthday as well as thanked her for her decision to move to the US after leaving Laos.

Mom was always working whatever job that she could find so she could take care of Jojo and her brother since they were extremely poor. She hasn’t ever spoken of her father, meaning she isn’t sure if he played any influence on her childhood life.

Throughout her school years, Jojo was a lonely child who had no friends and was often the target of bullies. In the course of her young life, Jojo’s family moved to California to aid Jojo in pursuing more opportunities and to support her in her goal of becoming an actress.

The details of Jojo’s education are not available to the public, aside from that she graduated from high school. Whether she attended a college or what she might have done if she had been able to, is not known.

Personal life

Jojo is very private in her private life and doesn’t divulge information openly. Because of her work, it’s not uncommon for her to be the victim of numerous trolls, and gossip websites. It was reported that she was dating a variety of men, but she’s not been able to confirm or deny the claims.

In 2011, on one occasion, Jojo posted a tweet to her personal Twitter account where she expressed how much she misses her boyfriend since they had a long-distance romance at the time. It’s unclear whether the couple is still together, or if they’ve grown in their relationship.

Jojo is extremely active on Twitter and launched her account back in the year. Jojo posts regularly pictures and interact with more than 55,000 loyal fans.

Jojo is also extremely active on Facebook she has amassed over two million followers since she created her Facebook page.


It is believed that the most important aspect of Jojo Babie’s appeal aside from her gorgeous looks, is the mystery she possesses.

Jojo seems like someone who is pretty but has no substance when it comes to intelligence. Many would argue to differ because Jojo is an unselfish-made millionaire. Jojo has created a wall between herself and her followers in order to safeguard herself.

In her free moments, Jojo loves going to the gym, watching television shows, and enjoying the outdoors.

She doesn’t care about what people think of her, so long as she’s happy with herself. Her philosophy of life can be described as “At the end of the day the most important thing in life is happiness.”

Net Worth

Based on reports from the TV Show Star, Jojo Babie has earned anywhere from $16,500 to $28,100 for each Instagram post. Being aware that she’s produced a minimum of 200 sponsored posts thus in the past, and also the revenue she earns through the OnlyFans website, it’s not difficult to calculate the value of her earnings. Jojo Babie’s worth is estimated at around $3 million by 2021.