Who Is Kia Proctor? Wiki/Bio, Age, Life, And More!

Kia Proctor is best known in the United States as a top model and stripper who rose to prominence as a result of her connection with Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.

Kia used to work as a stripper under the name Hazel and was well-known in places like the Washington Stadium Club before she became a model. Kia was also a party host in Atlanta in addition to her modelling career.

It was thanks to these two occurrences that Kia Proctor became renowned.

Before meeting Cam Newton, she was a stripper. After meeting him, she decided to pursue a career as a model.

Her marriage to Cam, with whom she has a child, has catapulted her into the public eye.

There are some interesting tidbits regarding Kia Proctor

In 1988, she was born on the 16th of October. A Libra, she was born in Virginia-Maryland, and her place of birth is also in Virginia-Maryland.

Cam Newton’s romance with Kia Proctor catapulted her into the public eye.

When she began dating Cam Newton, Kia quit her job as a dancer and went into modelling.

On December 24, 2015, Kia Proctor and Cam Newton welcomed their first child, a son named Chosen Sebastian, into the world.

According to her net worth, Kia earned at least $85,000 as a dancer at the Washington DC Stadium Club and has built a net worth of more than $1 million.

Kia Proctor, Who Are You And What Do You Do?

Shakia ‘Kia’ Proctor was born on October 16, 1988, under the zodiac sign Libra, in Virginia, United States of America. It is not known where she was born. She is likely best known as the ex-girlfriend of Cam Newton and the mother of their four young children, but she is also a former dancer who is 33 years old.

What kind of financial situation does she find herself in right now? Kia Proctor has a net worth of $1 million dollars.

As of the beginning of 2021, Kia Proctor‘s net worth, which includes her earnings as a model and as a stripper, is close to one million dollars, according to Forbes. Cam Newton, her ex-boyfriend and the father of her children, on the other hand, has a net worth of more than $75,000,000, according to some estimates.

Ethnicity and Religion; Nationality; Ethnicity, Religion, and Education; Ethnicity, Religion, and Education

To the best of our knowledge, Kia Proctor was born and raised by her parents, Jerome and Anne Marie Proctor, somewhere in the state of Virginia. The vocations of her parents, as well as the number of her siblings, are also unknown at this time. 

Besides being a citizen of the United States, she is also a member of the African American ethnic group and a passionate believer of Jesus Christ. She has never given a detailed account of her educational background in any way.

Developing A Career In The Service Industry

During her time as a stripper and dancer at the Washington, DC Stadium Club, where she went by the stage name “Hazel,” Kia Proctor gained notoriety.

Kia abandoned her profession as a stripper after she met and fell in love with Cam Newton, who was working at the time. She then travelled to Atlanta, Georgia, where she began working as a party host for a variety of events. Her work as a model has also been sought after by a number of other agencies.

Friend Of Mine, Cam Newton, Is A Football Player

After meeting the handsome American football star Cam Newton in 2013, Kia Proctor and Cam Newton immediately fell in love with each other. Since then, they’ve been living together. 

Cam and Kia are the parents of two children, one of them is Chosen Sebastian Newton, who was born on Christmas Eve last year and the other who is named Chosen Sebastian Newton.

It was on February 3, 2017, that the couple welcomed their first child, a daughter named Sovereign-Dior Cambella Newton. After that, the pair split until reconciling in July 2018, when they welcomed their third child, a son named Camidas Swain Newton. 

Cashmere Saint Newton, the couple’s fourth kid and third son, was born to them in December of this year. He is the couple’s fourth child and third son. In December, Kia and Cam ended their relationship after he had an affair with Instagram model La Reina Shaw and fathered a child with her. He seems to have been unfaithful.

Kia Proctor is a dark brown-eyed girl with long blonde-colored hair who looks like a mermaid. In terms of height and weight, she is 5’6″ (1.68m) tall and 121 pounds (55 kgs). Her breast measurements are 34-24-35, her bra size is 34B, and she wears shoe size 6.

What is the name of her ex-boyfriend, and when did she stop her relationship with him? Cam Newton’s Wikipedia entry and bio are condensed.

His parents, Cecil Newton, Sr. (who played for the Dallas Cowboys and the Buffalo Bills) and Jackie Newton (who also played for the Buffalo Bills), were the primary caretakers for their son. 

Former Jacksonville Jaguars centre Cecil Newton and his elder brother, who played in the National Football League, were also football players. Caylin Newton’s younger brother, Caylin Newton, played quarterback for the Howard University Bisons football team. 

Cam used to participate in a variety of other sports, including baseball and basketball, but he decided to give up those interests in his twenties in order to devote his time exclusively to the game of football.

Opportunities For High School Graduates In The Workforce

While rushing for 638 yards and nine touchdowns during his junior year, he was a brilliant passer, racking up over 2,500 yards and 23 touchdowns. Cam Newton was the No. 2 dual-threat quarterback in the country and the 14th overall quarterback in the country during his senior year. 

Because of his abilities and determination, he was granted financial aid by a number of universities in the southern United States. He made the decision to attend both Ole Miss and Virginia Tech. He made the decision to further his education by enrolling at the University of Florida.

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The squad won the NJCAA National Football Championship that year as a result of his 2,833-yard passing effort, which included 22 touchdowns and one sack. At the time, Rivals.com ranked him as the nation’s top high school or junior college quarterback prospect, according to the website.

His next stop was Auburn, where he was a transfer student, where he played for the Tigers in 2010. After his first game with the Tigers, he was named SEC Offensive Player of the Week by the conference’s coaches.