Who is Krissy Findlay? Career, Net Worth, Bio, And Personal Life

As a groupie, Krissy Findlay had romances with Eric Clapton, John Lennon, and Jimmy Page before marrying Ronnie Wood and changing her name to Krissy Wood. It’s not every day that a rock star can boast like this.

While growing up under the rigorous tutelage of her strict Roman Catholic parents, Krissy Findlay’s path to groupie stardom appeared preordained when she claimed to have met rock legend Eric Clapton on her mother’s sofa in Ealing, England, in 1948.

Name Krissy Wood
Nick Name Krissy Findlay
Age 57 years
Birth Date March 17, 1948
Nationality British
Profession Model
Death June 11, 2005
Place of Death London, United Kingdom
Net Worth 1$-3$ Million Dollars
Weight NA
Height NA
Hair Colour NA
Eyes Colour NA


While attending Gregg Grammar School in Ealing, west London, she found her love for live music and dancing. At the tender age of 16, she met Ronnie Wood. During this period, Ronnie was the Small Faces’ guitar player. In 1971, the pair married.

Ronnie Wood’s memoirs reveal that he first met Krissy Findlay during an Eric Clapton performance. Eric reminded me of the fact that Krissy had become my girlfriend every time we saw one other. As much as I cared for and felt Krissy be one of a kind, I can’t pretend she was. “Woody, you stole my bird.”

Krissy Findlay, despite her little size, was a stunning blonde. Her success as a model in the 1970s is clear in hindsight.

As far as I know, Keith Richards may not have been asked to join the Rolling Stones in 1974 if Krissy Wood hadn’t taken him home after a night out at a London pub. Ronnie was now a member of one of the most successful bands at the time, and their lives became more and more rock ‘n’ roll with each passing year.

To celebrate his newfound affluence and his growing social profile, Ronnie invested in a sumptuous estate in the Virginia city of Richmond. Ronnie and Krissy Wood, two of their rock ‘n’ roll pals, had relationships with them as well.

The Love Polygon

Ronnie tells his story in his autobiography. On a trip to Portugal, Krissy and George had a short fling while they were together. You must remember that I took Krissy from Eric, married Pattie when they split, and we had a beautiful relationship. During our visits to Sam Clapp’s Paradise Island home, he was always welcoming to our family and friends.

He goes on and on. My life has been connected with Eric’s for years because Eric and I have always had this type of sparring thing about the females we’ve known. It’s like a jigsaw piece.

She flew off to a villa in Portugal with George Harrison despite her husband’s steadfast backing. His wife, Pattie Boyd, gave him her approval since he was traveling to Barbados with Harrison’s wife.

In His Autobiography, Ronnie Describes The Sequence Of Events.

Back in 1973, my relationship with Krissy was at an all-time low. An emotional rockstar wife exchange had taken place between us in our relationship. “Prior to meeting Jo, I had a passionate and deep relationship with George Harrison’s wife, Pattie Boyd.”

In Friar Park, A Wife Swap.

At Andrew’s Friar Park house in Henley, I talked with him the first and informed him that because it was time to go to bed, We would be moving into Pattie’s room. You can find me there tonight “When I pointed to the room where my girlfriend Krissy so I was staying, he calmly said, “That’s the one.”

After a little while, we were all gathered in our own rooms, ready to go.

“‘Is this going to happen?’ I wondered. I inquired about it since I was fascinated by it. As we approached the courthouse, George said, “I’ll see you all in court.”

I showed there, much to Pattie’s surprise. That she had been mistreated, was at risk of wasting away, and that my emotions for her had been released was all I could muster.

The next morning, I was woken up by George, who told me that he had called his legal team. Actually, it wasn’t he who did it. We traveled to the Bahamas while Krissy and George were in Portugal.”

While visiting Friar Park, my guy George would always welcome me at the gate singing with his ukulele, “I don’t know what to call him, but I assume he is one of them.”‘ he recalled. “Ringo and I would giggle adoringly all the time.”

Pattie’s recollection of it is as follows. At some point throughout all this, we received a phone call from Ronnie Wood. While on tour, he made the suggestion that he could spend a few days with us. To have someone else to go out with, someone who is happy and carefree, who doesn’t need to be looked after, was a huge relief.

The fact that his wife was with George didn’t bother him at all; he merely found it intriguing that they had gone to see Salvador Dali. It’s impossible not to fall in love with Ronnie.

Krissy Wood and George Harrison were said to be infatuated with each other when they returned to England. At Harrison’s house in Oxfordshire, they met with their spouses. Even after all these years, it’s not clear how the couples’ holiday romances were revealed.

While in Los Angeles Krissy Wood had an affair with John Lennon, who at the time was married to Yoko Ono. The relationship didn’t last long, since Lennon was said to have mistaken her for Harrison’s wife and referred to her as “Pattie.”

Rekindling her romance with Ronnie Wood, Krissy traveled to New York. Her friendship with Jimmy Page, the main guitarist of Led Zeppelin, began in New York City. Three of them boarded a flight for England. Ronnie and Krissy Wood would often visit Page’s house in Sussex, England, while they lived there.

After a night of heavy drinking, Krissy woke up next to Page, thinking it was her husband. Page’s ex-girlfriend, Charlotte Martin, found them having sex in the middle of the night. After Page left Charlotte the next day, Page and Krissy lived together for a year.

Reunited With The Pack

A year after living with Jimmy Page, the Woods reconnected. On October 30, 1976, their son Jesse Wood was born. Shortly after the birth of Jesse, Krissy Wood introduced Ronnie to his future wife, Jo Howard.

Ronnie Made A Promise To Krissy Wood And Her Son Jesse That He Would Be There For Them No Matter Where They Went.

He ultimately stopped paying all of the debts he had accrued over the course of several years. An inadvertent dosage of Valium prescribed to Krissy Findlay as a therapy for her melancholy led to her death on June 11th, 2005. She looked to be searching for a job at a grocery store at the time of this writing.