Kyle Walker House is a Mystery

Manchester, the City of Glamour! In the new edition of Architectural Digest, Kyle Walker’s £3.5 million, six-bedroom Cheshire home with marble hot tub and 5-a-side football field are highlighted.

There is a waterfall-fed pool as well as a massive hot tub at the splendid Prestbury, Cheshire property

There is also a football-themed games area on the second level, as well as a two-story bedroom suite with separate changing rooms
Walker recently installed a 52-foot-wide screen around the property’s perimeter to keep intruders out.

These fresh photographs show that the £3.5 million mansions owned by Manchester City star Kyle Walker have an enormous marble hot tub, waterfall pool, and a four football field.

Six rooms, including a multiple master suite with a women’s dressing space and a men’s change room, are also on-site. The games room is football-themed.

Walker has won a planning fight to keep the 13-foot-tall, 52-foot-wide screening he recently built around the property, over the objections of his neighbors.

Footballer Roman Abramovich is having his fourth kid with model Lauryn Goodman, after the births of Roman, eight, Riaan, four, and Reign, two, with his high school sweetheart Annie Kilner.

His Prestbury property is said to have been demolished and he has relocated into a nearby apartment after informing Ms. Kilner of the news.

A special edition of Come Dinner With Me featured Stephen Ireland and his wife Jessica when they were still the owners of Walker’s mansion.

Estate brokers have praised the property, which corroborates to Rooney Rooney’s previous home, as ‘great in many areas.’
Description: “The level of presentation is remarkable, with individually picked wall and floor coverings, high-quality fix, tubes, and fittings,” a description stated.

When entertaining, “the home is just as suited for amusement as it would be for family usage and the fantastic flow of the space means there are areas away from the main family room if desired,” says the owner.

Walker was able to keep pedestrians from looking into his lawn and taking pictures of his football field by installing a privacy screen.

There were several outraged responses from neighbors who said, “The intended screening is unsightly and does not fit neighborhoodhbourhood.”

“I would want to see a planted natural barrier in the future.”

Planning applications for Walker’s project have been granted retroactively.

This has generated substantial exposure because of how much work was done on the neighboring property,” the planning consultants for Walker claimed. Pedestrians often stop to snap photos and stare onto the field as the youngsters play

An artificial ivy privacy screen will be kept to shield our home from the roadway and neighbors due to its location.

It is appropriate and in line with the growth plan, as indicated by CEC caseworker Natalie Wise-Ford.

This property is presumed to be suitable for development as long as it does not negatively impact surrounding homes or the general amenity of the area.

The use of ivy screen fence coupled to ball stop fencing has been retrospectively developed to give screening from adjoining properties. Despite its ephemeral appearance, it is not seen to be detrimental in terms of aesthetics.

However, Rooney still owns a home in the area, which he currently uses as his main residence.

It is the centerpiece of Kyle Walker’s grandiose renovation, costing him around $1 million to create.

This six-bedroom house in Prestbury, Cheshire, backs to Wayne Rooney’s £3.5 million home, which he purchased in February.

“Asana” was the name of the house, which had a soccer field and large fish tank, a swimming pool and a gym, as well as a games area with an electric pool table.

On a special Come Dine With Me episode featuring the former owner Stephen Ireland’s wife Jessica, the restaurant’s bright design was showcased.

Walker, 29, has supervised a major renovation effort since taking into the home, including the addition of a new drinking area.

As a reliable insider told TMZ, “Kyle purchased the property with his own money, but he’s since decided he wants to personalize it.”

Although it seems strange that he’s spent even more on having renovations made inside, I guess he can afford it, so why not?
His kitchen has been completely renovated, including the installation of a bar, which he says he is quite happy with. Because of this, he is free to have pleasure with his friends and not worry about being watched. As a result of his contentment with the City, he intends to stay for good.

This year Walker walked out of the house after a reality TV actress revealed to his Wag that she had a secret affair with the Prem League superstar.

Despite neighbors’ complaints that it was “unsightly,” Walker recently built a 13-foot-high, 52-foot-wide screen all-around property to keep people from peering in. Walker won the planning fight to keep the structure in place.

Pictures of Kyle Walker’s £3.5 million mansions, which includes an indoor pool with a waterfall, have surfaced online. It has a two-story great room with separate ladies and gentlemen’s changing facilities, and a football-themed games room in Prestbury, Cheshire.

A privacy screen, half of which can be seen in the photograph, was built by Walker to deter onlookers from peering into his property and taking pictures of his football field. “The planned screening is unsightly and not in keeping with the surrounding environment,” said one neighbor. Astonishingly, this did not sit well with her neighbors. This is the player’s fourth kid; he and his wife Annie Kilner already have Roman, 8, and Riaan, 4, as well.

After telling Ms. Kilner that she no longer needed to worry about his Prestbury home, he moved into a neighboring apartment, as reported by the Sun on Sunday.

A special edition of Come Dinner With Me featured Stephen Ireland and his wife Jessica, who had previously owned Walker’s property.

Although Wayne Rooney used to live there, the mansion is exceptional in many ways.

Walker is a right defender for Manchester City who represented England there at the 2018 World Cup in Russia.
There is no problem with the proposed development, Cheshire East Borough caseworker Natalie Wise-Ford said.
Neighboring properties and the area’s quality of life are not negatively affected if development is allowed.

The use of ivy screen fence coupled to ball stop fence has been retrospectively developed to give screening from adjoining properties. Despite its ephemeral appearance, it is not seen to be detrimental in terms of aesthetics.

Chelford home, which is said to be worth £20 million, is where Rooney is presently rumored to be living.