Who is Linda Durbesson? Personal Life, Bio, Career, Net Worth, Education And Hobbies

Born under the zodiac sign Sagittarius on December 20, 1979, at Carpentras, France, now with American citizenship, Linda Durbesson is a 41-year-old Caucasian businesswoman personal trainer, fitness instructor, and model. She is also an Instagram star and YouTuber.

She earns her fame from her appearance on the headlines of fitness and health magazines from various countries and, equally important, due to her popularity on Instagram as well as various other platforms social media platforms, where her body and lifestyle are acknowledged by fitness enthusiasts of all kinds. She’s been scoring success in her model career since 2014.

Early Life

Linda was raised in the same place she was born. She was an only child by parents whose names, as well as their professions, are not known to this day. She was a voracious participant in sports from a young age in life, and by at the age of 5, she found herself involved in a myriad of disciplines and sports.

Durbesson’s initial venture into ballet was successful, following when she began tennis, mountain biking, modern jazz dancing, and Ninjutsu.

Her interests grew even more in her teens, and she was a pro at track and field, karate basketball, kite-surfing, and handball. She also was a top performer in all sports while at an unidentified high school in France.

Between her enrollment in the school and her graduation from the university in 1997, Linda managed to keep a balance between her academic and physical activities, never giving up one to the next.

Her most popular sport was tennis at the time which saw her serve aces up to 85mph (135km/h) at numerous tournaments while placing in the top positions in mountain cycling races.

Linda returned to her quest for adrenaline throughout the years following high school. She eventually earned a master’s degree in personal fitness from an unidentified university in the US in 2014.

The Fitness-Minded Businesswoman

The Instagram fitness guru transformed everything she loved into a lucrative business, sharing her diet, exercises, as well as other advice, and habits to thousands of followers. Linda has an app titled “Linda Durbesson Fit”, which lets its users choose from her varied diet plans.

There are also a variety of exercises that target every body part and a daily calendar that tracks one’s efforts in a linear manner. Users can also join a community space, in which they can chat about any fitness-related topic with their fellow users as Linda herself is available to answer questions.

There are other kinds of products on her website including calendars, clothing items posters, phone cases, and even reusable heat packs. Durbesson’s website is her primary source of income since she utilizes the Instagram profile to market her brand and does not earn money from getting sponsored by any other businesses.

Personal Life

Despite Linda’s best efforts to remain private about her relationships, There are unconfirmed rumors suggesting that she is actually married to a Caucasian man who is believed to be Mike Houser.

There’s no information as to the date and location they first met, how long they were together, or the date and where the wedding was held. In addition to this and gossip, there’s not much to discuss about the fitness instructor’s romantic life. The reports suggest that she lives with her husband in a luxury residence located in Miami, Florida.

What is Linda Durbesson’s net worth?

Linda’s net worth was estimated to be more than $1 million by the mid-2021 timeframe. Her financial success is due to a visionary and responsible entrepreneur including the creation of the brand she owns.

The Instagram celebrity is much more engaged than she has ever been before, posting photos often and keeping her followers active to earn an ever higher income.

Social Media Presence

Using social media outreach to boost her earnings, Linda takes exceptional care of her activities on the most the most popular social media platforms. Her Facebook page is awash with more than five million followers, Twitter has more than 25,000 and her Instagram is just over 1 million. Her presence is also on YouTube with over 60,000 users.