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Mank Trailer: David Fincher’s 1930s Netflix Epic Sees Gary Oldman as a Troubled Screenwriter!

Netflix is releasing the official trailer for Mank. It transports Oscar-winner Gary Oldman and an equally starry cast back to 1930s Hollywood.

Why? Well, because director David Fincher is curious about examining the making of the most important movies ever made, Citizen Kane, Orson Welles.

Therefore, the drama surrounding its screenwriter’s (Herman Mankiewicz) lifetime.

Building on the primary trailer, the official Mank trailer goes even deeper into teasing the various troubles swirling around Herman “Just call me Mank” Mankiewicz (Oldman).

Yes, there’s the guarantees of an exciting alliance with blonde bombshell film star Marion Davies (played by Amanda Seyfried).

Still, there’s also the slight issue of Mank’s wife, Sara (Tuppence Middleton). She is reception wondering when her husband will get his act together and Marion’s boyfriend.

However, the obscenely wealthy William Randolph Hearst (Charles Dance) is standing also. Whereas it includes the promise of a career renaissance for Mank, too, when young hotshot director and actor with Welles’ surname comes a-calling’.

Welles wants Mank to write down a script for his other famous and great movie. But the efforts of Mank are getting upset by his penchant for living hard, drinking, and gambling.

Or perhaps the particular problem is whether or not Mank can get his show together.

On the other hand, Fincher directs from a script written by his father, the late Jack Fincher.

Mank is among the foremost eagerly awaited movies of 2020 for a spread of reasons. The chief one is this looks to be a serious awards season contender.


Mank seems like a huge departure from Fincher’s usual style. He is with the director making a movie set far away from any of his previous films.

Moreover, he deals with cinematographer Erik Messerschmitt to make a movie. It seems like it could be made 90 years ago seems like an exciting creative leap for the director.

Mank launches on Netflix on 4th December 2020. Watch the official trailer and Poster for the show, Mank, as below.

Here you can see the latest poster hitting the social media’s platform.

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