Mark Goddard-Watts is a Member of What Company?

Both Toolstation and Screwfix, UK’s most popular contemporary DIY businesses, seem to be engaged in an endless struggle for dominance.

According to my knowledge, neither Toolstation nor Screwfix are owned by a large firm. Take a deeper look to see what we can find out.

Although both Screwfix & Toolstation were owned by bigger organizations, they are owned by separate entities.

The bigger of the two enterprises, Screwfix, is owned by Kingfisher PLC, which also owns B&Q.

However, Travis Perkins PLC is the owner of Toolstation. Other construction supply firms controlled by Travis Perkins include Wickes.

Like many huge organizations, the trademarks that recognize are often associated with one other.

Toolstation & Screwfix have such a long history of cooperation, and it’s not simply because they’re owned by major firms. Both companies may trace their lineage back to the same progenitor.

Screwfix’s founding member, Jon Goddard-Watts (Mark’s father), started Toolstation in February 2003.

As a result of the money he received from Kingfisher PLC, Mark Goddard-Watts founded Toolstation in 1999.
To be quite clear,

Despite Toolstation and Screwfix being held by separate businesses, the same family founded all three.

It Has Been Sold To B&Q: Screwfix

Both Wickes, as well as Toolstaion, are controlled by Travis Perkins, the founder of both firms. Despite their shared roots and ancestors, the two organizations today are two completely different entities. The founders of the two firms no longer have a common ancestor.

Former Screwfix managing partner and owner of Yeovil Town FC Jon Goddard-Watts was remembered by many after his death on Sunday at the age of 90.

His contributions to Screwfix’s rapid expansion throughout more than one decade made him an integral part of the company’s success, which now employs more than 1,200 people worldwide.

With his work as a director for Yeovil Town Football Club, he helped the team achieve its first-ever promotion to a Football League in 2003 and was dubbed an “Honored Citizen of Yeovil”.

When Mr. Goddard-Watts stepped down as chairman of Huish Park’s board in 2005, he was forced to pay off a $1 million debt.

A statement from Yeovil Town FC reads: “The death of Jon Mcguire has left Yeovil County Football Club in mourning.
“With Mr. Goddard-Watts’ guidance as a director and eventually as owner, Huish Park was able to make it to the Football in 2003.

To Jon’s family, we send our deepest condolences. We also want to express our gratitude for everything he did for our team.
A multi-billionaire whose family founded Screwfix is embroiled in a bitter divorce battle with his ex-wife.

Even though James Goddard-Watts and Julia divorced after thirteen years of being married six years ago, there have been allegations that Mr. Mcguire did not share all of his wealth with Julia.

When they divorced in 2010, Mr. Goddard-Watts agreed to give his ex-wife a £3.25 million property and a lump amount of £4 million.

She & her three boys are now claiming that he deceived them out of cash by lying about how much income he had.

According to the Sunday Times, a judge described Mr. Goddard-Watts as “evasive and deceptive” throughout the trial.It wasn’t long after their nuptials that Mr. Goddard-Watts got his start in motorsport, and his first race was in Spa-

Francorchamps in Belgium. During this period, he and his new wife enjoyed a lavish lifestyle.

The High Court of Justice in London’s Family Division is now hearing testimony in secret.

The most recent judge to be asked to weigh in on the case is Mr. Justice Moylan. The trial is expected to last many days, and he is re-examining competing claims.

In 1981, Jon and Jennifer Goddard-Watts purchased a small business that sold screws, and James Goddard-Watts joined a new business.

After that, they added two more businesses to the Woodscrew Supply Company.

In 1993, the two firms under the Screwfix name united to establish Screwfix Direct.

Screwfix was sold to B&Q owners Kingfisher in 1999, while Toolstation was sold to Travis Perkins 12 years later for a combined £60 million profit.

After purchasing a 30% stake in the firm in 2008 for £18 million, Travis Perkins chose to buy the remaining 70% for an extra £24 million.

For the last eight years of Mark Goddard-Watts’ hardware supply firm, Travis Perkins, Wickes founder Travis Perkins, had paid him £24 million.

Travis Perkins has expanded its network of builders’ shops from 12 to 103 after buying 30 percent of Of it for £18 million in 2008.

It was reported yesterday that the corporation has paid an extra £24 million for the remaining 70% of Toolstation owned by Mr. Goddard-Watts plus his family trust.

If Toolstation performs well and expands, the firm will get an extra payment until December 2013.

According to Austin Perkins CEO Geoff Cooper, customers may place orders and pick up goods in several methods, including online, via desktop or smartphone phone, by phone with our contact center, or in person for one of many trade counters.

Following the purchase of the remaining shares in Toolstation, he said, “We will continue to utilize Toolstation as part of our offering to the trade or DIY customers.”

The Bridgwater, Northumberland hardware company had underlying earnings of £5 million in the year ending December 31st.

Toolstation is indeed a catalog firm with a fast-growing online business that mostly serves tradesmen. Since selling Screwfix to Kingfisher four years earlier, Mr. Goddard-Watts founded Toolstation. He will always have a place in his heart for Toolstation.

A company like Screwfix Direct shows that even in the twenty-first century, success doesn’t need a sophisticated business model.

Founded in Yeovil, Somerset, in the 1990s, this firm has seen its yearly sales more than quadruple only by mail-ordering screws to contractors and DIYers.

A private owner runs this little-known company in the West Country. It’s projected that sales would climb to 48 pounds in the next year from the current 28 million pounds this past January.

Buckingham Palace & London’s Tate Gallery are both said to be users of the company’s catalog, as is Eton College, a prestigious boarding school.