Who is Matt Prokop? Personal Life, Bio, Career, Net Worth, Education And Hobbies

Matt Prokop is a former actor who achieved the limelight as Jimmie the Rocket Man in “High School Musical 3: Senior Year”. Additionally, he came into the spotlight as Sarah Hyland’s boyfriend for a long time.

Matt was born to the Zodiac sign of Leo on the 29th of July, 1990 in Victoria, Texas, USA. At the time of his birth, 2021, he was 31 years old and has American citizenship. Matt has Czech descent, and his other family heritage includes English, Scottish, German and Welsh.

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Early Life

Matt was the son of Prokop’s parents Anthony Prokop and Deborah Terry Prokop and has a younger sister named Stephanie. There isn’t much information about his childhood However, confident in his ability as an actor at the age of 16 he emigrated to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.

Personal life

In terms of his relationship history In 2008, he was dating his co-star in “High School Musical” Jemma McKenzie Brown. While filming in 2011 the “Geek Charming”, he discovered a love for Sarah Hyland, and they started dating soon afterward.

Many thought that things were going too quickly in their relationship, they gladly got married and even adopted an adorable Maltipoo that they were able to name Barkley Bixby. On the outside, they appeared as if they seemed to have everything going their way but the reality of their relationship was quite different from what they showed to the public.

Four years after the romance the couple broke up and soon the world became aware of the events that had occurred behind the closed doors.

The breakup between them was not typical; Sarah was so afraid of him that she demanded her mother on stage, Claire played by Julie Bowen to be alongside her when she informed Matt about her plans for going to end things. As he continued to be violent, Matt reportedly threatened to destroy Sarah’s home and even kill her dog, but the actress secured an order restraining Matt to end the cycle that had been forged over three years of violence.

In a conversation, Sarah stated: “A lot of people believe that once you’ve gotten removed from an abusive situation, it’s over but it’s not. It’s not that simple. The psychological trauma and the scars on the soul are there and affect your life throughout your life if you don’t seek assistance.

According to court papers, Matt choked her and while he was at it, he also she was yelled at, including”c*unt. “His hold was so strong on me that I couldn’t breathe or even speak,” she testified. I was terrified and scared of my own life.” She added that he’d been unstoppable after the break-up she continued harassing him by sending threats, vulgar emotional and shocking texts as well as voice messages that included suicide threats of his own. But, Sarah moved on, and then began to date Wells Adams, the radio host.

Following these incidents, Matt dated several other girls whose identities remain a mystery. He frequently posts photos of friends on Instagram and is currently engaged to Kristen Turek.

Net Worth

In mid-2021 his estimated net worth is about $500,000 from his work as a photographer and actor. After his breakup with Sarah, she went under the radar. Nothing more has been revealed about his present earnings. Is he on social media?

Matt is extremely engaged with his Instagram account which has more than 60,000. Another account, which he utilizes to shoot photos, has 500 followers. He frequently tweets via his Twitter account which boasts almost 70,000 followers.