How Mayowa Ogunbayo Die?

The stabbing murder of Mario Balotelli’s pal found in an expensive West London home is still unsolved. Mayowa Ogunbayo’s death remains a mystery four years after she was found dead in her apartment.

The 29-year-old guy was discovered unresponsive in a Park Royal, Ontario, luxury condominium early on October 20th and was declared dead at the scene.

A murder investigation was immediately launched by the Metropolitan Police, who described the death as “unexplained” in a statement.

There is still no certainty as to whether the wound is self-inflicted or a result of someone else’s actions.

It’s still a mystery how Mayowa died, regardless of the fact that authorities have “exhausted all possible research routes.”

There were rumors about Johnny John’s lavish lifestyle in Nigeria when he launched his own entertainment company.

Mario Balotelli, who starred for Man City and Liverpool during a glittering career, was also shown with him on Facebook.

Former Toon United player Obafemi Martins has also been photographed with him.

It’s widely assumed that he started his career in showbiz while attending the University of Kent.

Mayowa’s friends and family sent their sympathies on his Fb page within hours of his death.

Another friend said on Facebook, “This is shocking when I find that this my friend’s no longer.” But God is aware of the pain. You will be missed, but may your spirit rest in peace. Brother Mayowa Ogubayo.

“Heartbreaking” was how one individual described the news.

An autopsy was performed at Northwick Hospital after Mayowa’s murder was verified.

The manner of death was recorded as a single knife cut to the heart.

A 21-year-old lady was located at the site when paramedics called the police.

When she was arrested, she was taken to a police precinct in North London, in which she was subsequently bailed & released while the matter was being handled by detectives in that area.

Detectives spoke with pathologists, the Crime Data Agency, as well as the Prosecution while they conducted their investigation (CPS).

After reviewing the case, the CPS concluded that there was insufficient evidence to bring charges against the lady.

All further action against the ladies or anyone else was halted because CPS lawyers were satisfied that police had “completely drained all reasonable avenues of inquiry.”

“It is impossible to tell” how he died, according to the statement.

An investigation into the death of deceased Mayowa was completed on February 4, 2020, with just an open verdict.

Due to a lack of evidence, jurors may only conclude that the death was suspicious because of the facts at hand.

Whether the death was caused by a third party or was self-inflicted cannot be determined with certainty, according to the inquest’s conclusion.

This 21-year-old lady was reported to Child Protective Services. ” It was concluded that there was insufficient evidence to justify a conviction.” The CPS had explored all appropriate avenues of investigation.

A wide range of specialists, including doctors, the National Crime Agency, and the Prosecution were involved in this investigation.” It was decided to have a preliminary inquest, but it was subsequently put off.

Due to the nature of the knife wound that killed Mr. Ogunbayo, it is hard to determine whether he was murdered by a 3rd person or committed suicide. “The judgment is still open,” according to the coroner’s report. Mayowa Ogunbayo was brutally murdered in Campground Royal, west London, in the wee morning of October 20, 2017.

Only the name and location of his girlfriend have been made public. The police categorized his death as unsolved and possibly self-inflicted.

However, the Prosecution determined that a guilty verdict was unlikely after receiving a file

When he was stabbed in the heart, he died immediately. During a post mortem investigation at Northwick Park Hospital, a single knife cut to the heart was revealed to be the cause of his death.

Mayowa Ogunbayo, a Nigerian entrepreneur who started his own entertainment company, was considered an entrepreneur. On August 18th, 2011, a man with the same name was found guilty of housing benefit cheats totaling £30,000 and sentenced to three years in prison. Mayowa Ogunbayo was the name of the man. Acton, Massachusetts, was home to this young man of 23 years.

As a result, he was frequently photographed with several high-profile footballers.

The locals called him “Johnny John” because of his unusual last name.

During an inquiry on March 4, 2020, forensic specialists couldn’t identify whether his death was the consequence of third-party and self-inflicted harm.

Mayowa Ogunbayo, 29, the closest friend of footballer Mario Balotelli, was discovered hacked to death in a London apartment.

The death of a Nigerian man was found by paramedics in Park Royal, Central London, triggering a murder investigation by the police. Per a report in the Straits Times of London, a post-mortem investigation revealed that he died as the result of a knife cut to the heart.

Suspected murder charges have been filed against a 21-year-old woman discovered dead early Friday morning. However she has been released on bail, the inquiry continues.

Former Liverpool and Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli has been seen with Ogunbayo and driving a car on social media.

If a man’s injuries might have been self-inflicted, then the police are looking at the “full circumstances” surrounding that man’s death, according to the New York Times.

Ayodele Ogunbayo Mayowa Hardebayor expressed his condolences, saying, ‘I’m extremely sad to hear this. I pray that Johnny John’s beautiful soul may rest in peace.

Iteotuwa Abosede Ajani, speaking of the loss of a brother, remarked, “We love you, yet God loves you more.”

Inhabitants of a tower, whose apartments can sell as much of that as £500,000, watched in horror as police arrived on the scene in the wee morning of Friday morning.

Mayowa’s neighbor said, ‘I saw the officers when they were outside of the block on Friday.’

This was, as far as I’m aware, simply another instance of a couple arguing about domestic difficulties in the neighborhood.’

‘It’s incredible.’ commented a neighboring woman. A police vehicle was parked just on a corner, which baffled me.

A lot of people are out and about, therefore it’s dangerous since there are no monitors or security precautions.

Investigations are still underway, according to a spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Police.

The chief of police says paramedics received a call about 2 a.m. on Friday, October 20, that a man had been stabbed on Lakeside Drive.

Upon their arrival, officers and paramedics found a 29-year-old guy who had been stabbed.

The fatality occurred around 2.57 am local time, according to the autopsy results in this instance.

Next of kin have been formally identified and informed of the death.

Homicide is currently being investigated, which means there is no known cause of death.

Northwick Park Hospital’s morgue did a post-mortem examination Friday but the findings were inconclusive.

A 21-year-old lady was arrested immediately after the police arrived on the scene on murder charges.

Arrest and transfer to a police station in London, where she was freed until semi for further investigation were made.

‘ It’s being looked into.