Mobile Pixels A Leading Startup In Tech Industry 2022

The introduction of Mobile Pixels has revolutionized tech by providing a second screen for those who use a laptop, tablet, or PC. These devices have made it easier for workers to access a second screen when they need it.

This screen assists in organizing work and increases work efficiency. Jack was working in a shared office and realized that he needed another screen. He made one from a laptop. They created Mobile Pixels DUEX, their first product.

They incorporate the latest technologies to increase production and work efficiency, creating a portable, lightweight display. Mobile Pixels DUEX was their first product. They combined the most innovative technologies into a small, portable display to help you do more in less time.

Mobile Pixel is a team of experts who understand the design and development processes to deliver Mobile Pixels. They care about competence.

Mobile Pixels DUEX Max

The long-awaited DUEX is finally here. Mobile Pixels has launched Mobile Pixels DUEX Max portable monitor. This ultra-portable dual-screen laptop extension allows for multitasking. External monitors are the ideal accessory for productivity and enjoyment on the go.

Smooth Interface and Sleek Design


The DUEX Max, a dual-screen laptop attachment, is compact and improved. It streamlines multitasking. The DUEX Max is a portable external monitor that has become a classic. It’s ideal for entertainment and business on the go.

Mobile Pixels offers a variety of mobile displays that can be used in conjunction with your laptop computer. Mobile monitors from the DUEX and the TRIO series are unique because they attach to the back of the notebook’s screen case. This allows you to use the laptop in different configurations without losing mobility.

Large High-Definition 14.1″ Screen

The DUEX Max is the largest screen we have ever seen at 14.1 inches. You can choose from four different colors to suit your needs. DUEX Max features a larger 14.1-inch full HD display that can be adjusted to fit on either side of your laptop. Its 1080p resolution will make everything crystal clear and the 85% screen-to-body ratio will ensure that you can see every detail clearly.

Hybrid Sign

Turn the power on when you plug it in.

The DUEX Max dual Laptop Screen Monitor Features a DisplayPort-enabled USB-C connector that allows for high-speed video transmission as well as plug-and-play functionality via a single cable.

Safe for the eyes

You can improve your eyesight by reducing your exposure to blue light from the secondary screen. To do this, you need to select the right color temperature, and brightness. You can do your work and still have fun, without having to strain your eyes reading or using a computer in low lighting.

Our gaming monitor’s vibrant display guarantees excitement all day without any headaches.

Compact and long-lasting

DUEX Max is lightweight and offers real mobility with the strongest materials. It weighs just 1.8 pounds. DUEX Max is eco-friendly and low on power consumption so your laptop’s battery life will be longer.

DUEX Max is made of durable materials such as ABS and aluminum. This means that it will not be damaged while you are transporting your laptop around.

Ergonomically Sound Design


DUEX Max supports automatic rotation. You can use it in landscape, portrait, or presentation modes. You can also use eye care mode or kickstand mode to find the most suitable position for any situation.

Friendly interface

Their interface compatibility is unmatched. The DUEX Max can be connected to any computer, smartphone, or laptop with a USB-C or USB-A port. You can also get a Nintendo Switch or some Android phones.

A bonus product from DUEX Plus

has created Deux Plus, a new product that’s simply amazing.

Professionals and those who have to quickly switch between multiple tasks can appreciate the 13.3-inch DUEX Plus laptop monitor.

DUEX Plus is an easy-to-use plug-and-play solution that can be used for any presentation, lecture, game, or other multitasking situation.

The DUEX Plus is a great display for notebooks 13- to 14 inches in size

This product will allow you to achieve maximum ergonomic comfort and adapt to different situations.

As you use it, the adaptability of the movable lid will be apparent.

Magnetic attachment attaches to the back and doubles as a prop stand when the secondary monitor is in portrait mode. It also acts as a protective cover when not in use. It can be used in four orientations: landscape, vertical and content presentation.

Lightweight in Size


The DUEX Plus is 30% lighter than the previous edition and nearly 50% thinner than the last. It’s an elegant way to carry a second monitor with you on the move. Its slim form and sticky function mean you can carry it around in your bag with your smartphone.

Choose the Location that Suits you Best for Both Work and Play

You have more options with our expanded support gadgets. The DUEX Plus allows you to use your Android phone, laptop, or PC as a secondary display. This is useful for work, play, on the move, and as a gaming monitor for Nintendo Switch.

Eye-care Mode Protect Your Eyes and Relax Your Eyes

Eyecare Mode can be activated to protect your eyes against the potentially dangerous blue light from the display. This adjusts the display’s brightness and color temperature for you. This can help you avoid eye strain and discomfort when reading, working in dim environments, or using a computer.

It won’t leave Your Side, Right or Wrong

Do you want to switch between the left and right configurations quickly? This is possible thanks to the DUEX Plus’s adjustable mounting mechanism and a built-in sensor that automatically aligns. You can detect its orientation by flipping it upside down or connecting it to your computer as a secondary display.

Keep Charging While you Play

DUEX Plus features two USB-C connectors that can transmit video and power. You can connect your gadgets to them with one wire and a USB-C connection. You can connect your Samsung DeX or Nintendo Switch to the second USB-C port.


The Mobile Pixels DUEX max retail price is suggested at $349 The price of the Mobile Pixels DUEX Max is higher than comparable portable 1080p monitors that cost around $200. However, this Kickstarter campaign was successful. This configuration is a good choice, as it looks like it was created right out of a notebook.

It is okay to not have an HDMI Connector because the DUEX Max can use one wire for power and data. Mobile Pixels can make sure that your laptop has USB-A 3.0 ports so that you can quickly put the DUEX Max into it. The screen isn’t groundbreaking, but the G-Sensor makes it a nice addition.

It may also be useful in non-mobile desktop settings, where you can use it in portrait mode. The screen may be used by the Nintendo Switch or other mobile devices that have video output capabilities. You’ll need an extra power supply to charge the second port.

The amount of screen space available is critical in deciding whether or no gadget of this type is useful for you. Mobile Pixels allow you to adjust your screen size. It offers 1080p resolution across 12.5″ with the DUEX Light, 13.3″ with the DUEX PLUS, and 14.1″ with the DUEX Max.