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Money Heist: Netflix Releases ‘Berlin Forever’ Clip Leaving Fans Emotional!

Money Heist: Netflix Releases ‘Berlin Forever’ Clip Leaving Fans Emotional!


Berlin is the most favorite character in the “Money Heist,” a Netflix high-ranked series. He is introduced to the fans as the most arrogant character of the series.

The self-centered ways of Berlin are clashing with Tokyo and Nairobi once again. But by the top of the primary robbery, what Berlin did for his gang made him one among the foremost loved characters.

Netflix recently released a video of cash Heist fans from across the world revisiting Berlin’s character graph.

More Spoilers

Berlin, played by Pedro Alonso, is that the Professor’s elder brother. And, therefore, the second-in-command of the robbery at the Royal Mint of Spain.

Despite being a charmer, he’s a sociopath. But it’s slowly revealed that Berlin is additionally terminally sick.

So, when he chooses to sacrifice his life to save lots of his fellow heist members, you can’t help but cry.


In the video titled Berlin Forever – One Story Away, enthusiasts from countries like France, the USA, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Italy, UAE, South Africa, and others. They share how they reacted to Berlin’s last moment’s tragic death.

While some say that you would like a person like Berlin during a team made from bank robbers, however, others say, “Berlin is trying to seek out himself even in his afterlife. The video ends with fans singing “Bella Ciao,” the show’s theme song.

At the top of season two, the gang, with the stolen money, tries to flee the Royal Mint of Spain. They want to complete their journey through the tunnel they created.

After escorting all the members, Berlin realizing that he will have to go back to prevent the cops from stepping into the tunnel. However, The Professor kept pleading with him to escape.

However, Berlin asked Helsinki to magnify the tunnel. He chose to place himself within the firing line during the stand-off with the cops and ultimately gave up his life.

And although Berlin died in the second season of the series. Whereas audience demands provoked the manufacturers to reprise him within the subsequent seasons with flashbacks.

Therefore, Pedro Alonso is currently shooting for the final and fifth season of Money Heist. Moreover, it is expecting to premiere on Netflix in 2021.

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