Pastor Chris’s Tips For Cutting Costs

Following are excerpts from an interview with Nigerian Magazine-Life Way in which Pastor Godswill Agomah Paul, the former second-in-command to Pastor T.B Joshua, General Overseer of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, spoke about the church’s mission and vision.

Pastor Godswill discusses how Pastor Joshua virtually deceived the Head Pastor of the Christ Embassy Church, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, into worshipping with him at the Synagogue Church at a time when the Synagogue Church Head Pastor (T.B. Joshua) had been rejected and ostracised by the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria.

In this issue, Pastor Godswill discusses how Pastor Joshua virtually deceived the Head Pastor of the Christ Embassy Church, Pastor Chris Oy (PFN).

According to Pastor Godswill, the PFN had never trusted in the Pastoral talents of T.B Joshua and, as a result, would not welcome him into its old order unless he (Pastor Joshua) demonstrated that he is a true Pastor,

according to Pastor Godswill Consequently, Pastor Godswill said that the Joshua fellowship with Pastor Chris was staged by the Synagogue’s head pastor in order to disseminate information to Nigerians that even Pastor Chris has accepted and verified his Pastoral qualifications.

So, What Exactly Is All Of The Fuss About Joshua And Oyakhilome?

“It is really important since Chris Oyahkhilome corroborated Joshua’s claims. Just before to his arrival at the Synagogue, we were wrangling about how to get the support of other Pentecostal preachers.

Spiritual religions such as the Celestial Church provided the clergy who came to the Synagogue Church at that time. There were no real Pentecostal/Charismatic pastors in attendance.

When T.D Jakes was in Nigeria, he wrote to the PFN, requesting that they explain who Joshua was, or else he would pay him a visit since he had heard a lot about him. The PFN responded that they should explain who Joshua was, or else he would pay him a visit.

PFN responded by stating that Joshua was not a Christian and, as a result, was not a member of the organisation. That infuriated Joshua, and he came to the conclusion that the only way out was to punch a hole in their ranks.”

“At Synagogue, we don’t watch other television channels or read newspapers; we just watch our church’s programming,” Pastor Godswill stated. He invited me to come to his house one evening to see Oyakhilome, who was on television.

He insulted him and put him down, claiming that he was an amateur who sought to perform miracles on others. At the conclusion of the presentation, he requested that one of the disciples contact the number displayed on the screen…

The phone call was successful, and he wanted to speak with Oyakhilome on the line. He complimented him and expressed his admiration for his programme, as well as for the healings and miracles that had occurred. At the conclusion of the talk, Oyakhilome expressed his desire to visit the Synagogue.”

“Immediately, he directed us to put all of the journalists on our payroll and commanded the visitor’s coordination zone to install cameras everywhere, even outside the gate, so that even if Oyakhilome only makes it as far as the gate, the visit will be recorded,” Pastor Godswill said. That is exactly what we did.

The media were informed on the situation. They were also instructed on what they should write and distribute to Nigerians. The day was filled with laughter as Joshua took Oyakhilome on a tour of the Synagogue’s many sections. Following that, Oyakhilome drove Joshua to the old sit.

I was not there at the time of what occurred. By the way, we provided the journalists with a variety of contradictory tales in order to create confusion in the minds of the readers, which we achieved. “Every single article you’ve read about that event was provided to the media by us.”

“The goal,” Pastor Godswill said, “was to make the situation more complicated and confusing.” What was it that we had six distinct versions of the same storey? What methods did the media use to learn about the visit?

We were the ones who arranged everything. What we sought to do was provoke a question in the minds of the people: “If T.B Joshua is not of God, why did Pastor Chris go to that location?” That implies that Oyakhilome is likewise not of God…

Following that first visit, Oyahkhilome returned on a Wednesday to attend a Blood of Jesus Service at the church. Furthermore, Oyahkhilome returned on a Wednesday, having come at numerous times following the initial visit, and he and Joshua used to travel to the old location alone on Wednesdays (Where the shrine was).

Before Pastor Chris was invited to the Blood Service, the connection had already begun to grow. That was the day on which they both prayed for the alleged disabled individual…

In actuality, the guy just had multiple sclerosis, which caused him to collapse at any moment from time to time. In order to avoid incidents that may cause him to lose his balance at any moment, he travelled about in a wheelchair. According to reports, the guy was disabled, and Joshua called Pastor Chris to pray for him.”

As a result, whenever Joshua desired to convey authority to his pupils, he would place his hands on their backs. Exactly what he did to Oyahkhilome was a crime against humanity. As a result, there is no discernible difference between the videos of the power transfer to the disciples and the film of Oyahkhilome. It was done on purpose. ‘By his manner of walking, the guy walked the same way he always walks,’ Pastor Godswill said.

He went on to say that “the distance we documented in the testimony was not more than the distance he would go in his own home.” In order to pray for the lengthy emergency queue, Joshua encouraged Oyahkhilome to enter the ring with the rest of us junior prophets while he (Joshua) remained on the sidelines.

Because of this, Oyahkhilome was immediately placed in the ranks of the younger prophets, while he (Joshua) stood by as the leader and supervisor. This was done deliberately. Pentecostal Pastors started to visit the Synagogue very immediately following Oyahkhilome’s visit.”

The hand and leg motions that took place at the Synagogue during the healing session were also mentioned by him: That is the spiritual component of the situation. The major power flow has absolutely nothing to do with the movement of the hands.

you see on the television broadcast is the pinnacle of hypnotism. After being infused with that ability, if you open your eyes and concentrate your attention on the person who is receiving healing or whatever, you will be able to predict when their soul will depart the body…

What happens at that time is that whatever you imagine in your mind as you concentrate your attention on that individual will be what that person does. If you want the individual to confess to the murder of his mother, you may use this method to get him to do so. And when the spirit returned, they had no recollection of what had happened…

To manipulate the human body, we employed those hand and leg motions in conjunction with a deep penetrating stare. When a person is falling and we notice that he or she is at risk of injuring himself or herself, we may use our minds to pull the person away from the harmful item or away from the falling person. “It’s nothing but hypnotism.”

The fact that I was personally initiated does not preclude me from speaking on behalf of others; yet, I cannot speak for them since I was not there. “However, I have exposed much of what I was privy to,” he continues, adding, “I was initiated in that temple.”

It’s referred to as a mountain. Every one of the younger prophets has his or her own little hut inside the temple complex. We don’t refer to it as a shrine; rather, we refer to it as mountains, just as every other religion dedicates a certain location as its “prayer mountain.”

He said once again that “there is a general spot where other members may camp, but there is also a specific place where only Joshua can go.” He went on to explain that Following Joshua, there was the late Prophet Benson and myself.

We were the only ones who were initiated and granted access to the first level of spiritual functioning, and we were both men. Despite the fact that he informed us he had 10 levels, we only made it as far as the first.”