Paul Anka Net Worth, Age, Height, and Bio

Paul Albert Anka is a Canadian-American singer, songwriter, and actor. On July 30, 1941, he was born in Ottawa, Ontario. At the age of 14, he recorded his first single, “I Confess.” In 1956, with $100 in pocket given to him by his uncle, he went to New York City, where he auditioned at ABC Records for Don Costa. The song “Diana” brought Anka glory as it reached No. 1 on the Canadian and US music charts.

In the 1960s, he stepped into acting and writing songs for motion pictures, most notably the theme for the smashes movie The Longest Day, in which Anka made a cameo appearance as a US Army Ranger. During his film work, he released one of his greatest hits, “Lonely Boy.” The same year, he wrote and recorded “My Home Town,” which was at No. 8 pop hit, and become one of the first pop singers to perform at the Las Vegas casinos.

Additionally, Anka signed to Buddah Records and released two albums, including one of Tom Jones’s biggest hits, “She’s a Lady.” In 2005, he received the Classic Contribution Award from the BMI Film & TV Awards and got inducted into Canada’s Walk of Fame. He was awarded the Johnny Mercer Award at the 1998 Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Quick Facts About Paul Anka

Full Name:     Paul Albert Anka

Age(in2021):   80 years

Nationality:    American, Canadian, Syrian.

Occupation:   Singer, Songwriter, Actor.

Years Active: 1955-present

Height:            5′ 5″ (1.67 m)

Weight:           70 kg; In pounds: 154 lbs.

Paul Anka Net Worth and Source of Wealth

The estimated net worth of Paul Anka is more than $100 million. He made this money through his career as a legendary singer. He has released several albums and hit singles.  His song “Diana” is one of the best-selling singles ever by a Canadian recording artist. After this big hit, he came up with four songs that made it into the Top 20 in 1958, including “(All of a Sudden) My Heart Sings,” which peaked No. 15, making him one of the famous teen idols of the time.

Then, he  ѕtаrrеd іn ‘Gіrlѕ Тоwn” and hіѕ оthеr mоvіе сrеdіtѕ аrе ‘Маd Dоg Тіmе,’ ‘Сарtаіn Rоn,’ аnd ‘Lооk іn Аnу Wіndоw.’ He hаѕ арреаrеd іn many television ѕеrіеѕ lіkе ‘Тhе Rеd Ѕkеlеtоn Ноur,’ ‘Којаk,’ ‘Маkе Rооm fоr Dаddу,’ ‘Тhе Fаll Guу,’ ‘Сrіmе Ѕtоrу,’ ‘Lаѕ Vеgаѕ,’ ‘Gіlmоrе Gіrlѕ,’ аnd ‘Тhе Ѕеаѕоnѕ оf Yоuth.’ As of July 2021, his monthly salary is calculated to be $477,360.