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‘Raised By Wolves’ Finale & Season 2: Sometimes the Scariest Thing Comes From Within!

It is an astonishingly original epic show. It’s refreshing to watch something so new, well rounded and rich with suspense and drama at every turn.

A dystopian futuristic drama in the vein of Blade Runner, Dune, and other sci-fi magnum opuses, RBW draws you in from the first episode with this foreboding feeling that something unexpected is going to happen.

The vivid and awe-inspiring world-building rendered in large part by an FX department that spares no expense.

Raised By Wolves: Plot

The series centers on two Mother (Amanda Collin) and Father (Abubakar Salim), androids (aka necromancers). They are tasked with raising human children on the barren planet Kepler-22B.

The necromancers raise crops and find themselves from flying creatures of the night (akin to distant skinny relatives of Scott’s Aliens).

They sleep in a world during which humans have fled Earth for their survival, the race divided between atheists and non-secular followers. The Mithraic, who believe the God Sol.

Two atheists, Marcus (Travis Fimmel) and Sue (Niamh Algar), have appropriated the faces (yes, faces) of two Mithraic followers. And they are among their survivors.

Marcus is losing it and believes he’s the Mithraic’s ultimate leader and may hear Sol’s voices. Sue, who tries to help Mother in parturition tonight, gets shot. Then Mother doesn’t give birth to a toddler, instead of to a snake who’ll have an enormous footprint in season 2.

Moreover, the series seems to be mysterious and, at times, searingly haunting. Mother played to perfection by relative newcomer Amanda Collins. It certainly is the most complex and exciting role so far.

Vikings fans will sport wood once they gaze upon the space mulleted Travis Fimmel swaggering into the first episode frame.

It is Fimmel in fine form with a substantial role not too dissimilar from the iconic Ragnar Lothbrok. He is challenging and layered. Moreover, it feels damn good to have him back on the small screen.


HBO Max is dropping the finale for season 1 to their Ridley Scott executive produced series Raised by Wolves within the middle of last night.

It is another sci-fi series up there with HBO’s Westworld, CBS All Access’ Picard, and Amazon’s Tales from the Loop. It does not only echo loudly during the pandemic when it involves human frailty, survival, and interaction. Still, it is as bedazzling to observe in its tech-savvy as we await Dune to hit the large screen.

HBO Max renewed Raised by Wolves for a second season after dropping its first three episodes. Noting it as their top-performing original with an audience jump in week 2 of nearly 50%.

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