Sharenote Features Pricing an Reviews

Sharenote – An Overview

Share note is a cloud-based mental health practice management tool that assists behavioral health organizations and businesses in streamlining operations such as electronic billing, appointment scheduling, and practice administration, among other things. Through an online interface, patients can sign papers, connect with therapists, and obtain treatment plans.

ShareNote works with businesses of all sizes and can suit both the single practitioner and the large corporate organization. To protect data integrity and meet agency auditing standards, Sharenote’s functionalities include industry note and treatment plan templates, RCM, telehealth, scheduling, automated system notifications, and field flagging alerts on mandatory paperwork submissions.

Popular Features of Sharenote Software

Share note is well-known among behavioral healthcare practices as it provides several powerful features to help you enhance your practice efficiency. Here are the top features.


One of the essential things that any EHR software can have nowadays is integrating with other critical software. This means that, when the EHR is in place, other software that supports billing capabilities or practice management components should readily interact with the primary EHR. Share note software excels at this since they provide all medical practice-related software solutions, allowing them to integrate seamlessly. Many Sharenote reviews praise this function for its usefulness and simplicity in managing all parts of your medical business.

Automatic Appointment Reminders

Scheduling appointments, issuing appointment reminders, and eliminating no-shows are all part of any medical practice’s daily operations. With Sharenote software, you can quickly arrange appointments while the software ensures that the necessary exam room and equipment are available at that time. Aside from that, Sharenote software allows you to digitize your appointment reminders, automatically reducing the frequency of no-shows. Many Sharenote reviews claim that just this function is worth the Sharenote pricing.

Self Service Portal

Share note also provides patients with access to a self-service patient portal, which is a handy tool. Having a patient portal in your medical software is a lifesaver because it relieves you of many managerial chores such as arranging appointments and sending appointment reminders. Patients who access a patient portal via Sharenote software can virtually arrange their meetings and receive automatic reminder SMS about upcoming appointments. Overall, the Sharenote portal is a handy tool that you can evaluate thoroughly during the Sharenote demo.

Efficient Customer Care

Another critical aspect that many people overlook is ensuring that the provider provides exceptional customer service. With Sharenote, you also get excellent customer and technical support to guarantee that your experience with the software is always positive. If it isn’t, you can get solutions to your problems straight soon. Unfortunately, customer assistance from EHR manufacturers is frequently poor; thus, this is a massive bonus for this product and makes the Sharenote pricing worthwhile.

Cloud-based Interface

Nowadays, everything is about convenience and ease of access, and Sharenote software provides both of these benefits. After all, it is cloud-based, which means you can use it from anywhere globally because it is hosted remotely on servers. Moreover, you can access the software from any device, including mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers. Overall, Sharenote reviews frequently emphasize how simple it is to use this web-based software.

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

The RCM feature in this program is a terrific approach to increase your revenue while also protecting any payments you may have to make or receive. The RCM function of the software gives patients additional flexibility as well, as they may aggregate all of their payments and pay through an installment or payment plan that the software generates for them. Overall, this function alone may be worth the Sharenote pricing!

Claims Management

Many physicians express that having their claims submitted and then refused is one of the most challenging aspects of their work. However, with Sharenote, you can put this issue to rest because the software features a fantastic claim cleansing tool that you should watch out for when taking the Sharenote demo. In addition, the functionality is pre-built with the required code on your forms, thereby relieving you of the strain of having to file your claims meticulously. Because of these simple features in Sharenote that make claim submission easier, you can drastically minimize the number of claims denied.

Share note Pricing

Several factors determine the cost of medical software. The most important aspect is the type of features it offers. First, you must decide if such elements are appropriate for your medical practice. This is simple to achieve once you’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all your software demands.

Unfortunately, Sharenote pricing is not available publicly, and you would have to contact the vendor to get a quote for your practice.

Share note Reviews

In terms of Sharenote reviews, most of them are favorable. Users of the software generally speak about how economical it is and how many useful features it offers within that price range. In addition, Sharenote software has an average positive rating of 3.5/5.

We researched Sharenote reviews from multiple websites, and here are the benefits and drawbacks you should be aware of.


  • The software is cloud-based; hence you can access your data while on the go.
  • The company offers ongoing training for new staff and refreshers.
  • The software requires little to no training to navigate.


  • The video session feature needs an update.
  • The calendar occasionally indicates that something went wrong.

Our Two Bits About Sharenote

After hearing so much about Sharenote software, you undoubtedly think you should buy it for your clinic. First, however, we recommend that you give it some more thought. The first step is to read through the many Sharenote reviews available online to determine the general opinion of the software among those who use it.

Another approach you should undertake before purchasing the software is to request a Sharenote demo to determine if it will meet your needs. Getting a demonstration of the program will show you how it appears in operation, allowing you to choose whether or not it will be suitable for your needs and your medical practice.