Shooter Season 4: Where Things Stand and What’s Next

As we approach the end of Season 4 of Shooter, it’s important to take a moment to reflect on where things stand. In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the key events that have taken place and what’s next for the series.  So far, it has been an intense experience that fans of the game are sure to love. But with so much action comes risk, and there is always the potential for something to go wrong. So as shooter season comes to a close, be sure to stay tuned for our upcoming blog posts that will detail all the latest happenings.

Shooter Season 4: Premiere Recap

The fourth season of Shooter premiered on October 12th, bringing with it a number of new developments. While investigating what happened to Adam’s informant, Mick, Jack discovers that he’s been kidnapped by the cartel. In order to rescue Mick and stop the cartel’s plans, Jack must work with his old partner Elle in Mexico City.

While this episode featured many exciting plot developments, there are still several questions that remained unanswered. For example, who is Elle? What is her connection to Mick? And what is Jack’s plan for rescuing Mick? These questions and more will hopefully be answered in upcoming episodes.

Overall, Season 4 of Shooter continues to be an action-packed series that features intriguing plotlines and fascinating characters. With just six episodes left in the season, viewers can anticipation what comes next!

Episode 2 – The Target

Episode 2 – The Target

The first episode of the shooter season ended with a dramatic shootout in a remote cabin. How will the rest of the season play out? Here’s a look at where things stand and what’s next.

Episode 3 – The Plan

Episode 3 – The Plan

With the plan in place, all that’s left is to execute. But first, things won’t go as planned.

Episode 4 – The Prep

Episode 4 – The Prep

It’s been a long road to this point, but the shooter season is finally upon us. With all of the major tournaments taking place over the last few weeks, we can start to get a sense of where things stand and what’s next.

First off, let’s take a look at how the rankings have changed since we last checked in. Astral Authority still holds onto first place, but they’re now followed by compLexity Gaming and Cloud9. Both of those teams were expected to perform better heading into this season, so it’s good to see them live up to expectations.

Other than that, there are some minor changes here and there. Splyce moved up a few spots due to their strong performance at PGL Major Krakow, while NRG Esports falls back a bit as they head into their new roster. Overall, it looks like most teams have performed about how you’d expect them to based on their past performances.

Now that we’ve covered who’s ranked where, it’s time to talk about what’s going on in the world of CS:GO…

Episode 5 – The Shoot

With the first four episodes out of the way, what can we say about Season 2 of Shooter?

Well, things definitely continue to heat up. Episode 5, “The Shoot,” opens with Rebecca and her team infiltrating a compound in Nicaragua. The mission is straightforward – find and kill the target – but complications soon arise. The team quickly realizes that there are more people involved in this mission than just the target, and they find themselves fighting for their lives against a much greater force.

While this episode does not have as many action-packed moments as some of the earlier ones, it is still an exciting watch. The suspense builds steadily until the climactic end, which left us on the edge of our seats. We can’t wait to see what happens next!

Episode 6 – The Aftermath

In the aftermath of Episode 6, things are a little more complicated for the remaining characters. Jesse has been cleared of any wrongdoing and is now back at school, but with some heavy consequences. Anne has been sentenced to community service and must deal with the fact that she likely won’t be able to attend her own funeral. Noah is still in jail, though his sentence has been reduced to time served.

Episode 7 – The Reckoning

The Reckoning

It’s been a long road, but the final episode of the Shooter Season is finally here. This week’s episode saw a number of big changes, most notably with the elimination of two major players in the game. Let’s take a look at what happened and where things stand:


First off, Earl was eliminated from the game after being voted out by his own alliance. It was pretty clear that he didn’t have any intention of sticking around much longer, as he made it clear to everyone that he’d rather go to the end with someone else than work with them. His departure leaves Jess and Devon as the only remaining members of their original alliance.

As for the other big player who left this week – Rich – his departure was much more complicated. After winning immunity on Monday night, Rich decided to break away from his alliance and start working with Kelley and Tony. However, this strategy didn’t last long as Kelley quickly tired of Rich bossing her around and blindsided him during Tribal Council. This gives Tony an even bigger target on his back now that Kelley is likely gunning for him next.

Dominating The Game:

As we predicted earlier in the season, Tony has been absolutely dominating the game since he joined forces with Rich. He’s won every Immunity Challenge so far (even though Earl did win one), making him practically invincible in the game right now. Meanwhile, Jess has been struggling a

Episode 8 – The Verdict

In the eighth episode of Shooter Season, “The Verdict,” the team confronts their final challenge: bringing down B.A.G.

This week’s episode kicks off with a tense standoff between the team and B.A.G., as the mercenaries refuse to surrender and demand a personal trial by fire for their leader, Tony Bagsby (guest star John Leguizamo). With no other options available, the team decides to take on B.A.G. one-on-one in a deadly game of Russian roulette.

While Tony seems to be an unstoppable force, Doug manages to sneak up behind him and deliver a lethal blow – finally putting an end to his twisted empire. With Tony out of the way, the team turns their attention to dismantling BAG’s remaining operations, but they’re not alone – Tony has left a group of hardened mercenaries in his wake to pick up the pieces of his failed empire.

Episode 9 – The Next Chapter

In the wake of their victory over The Machine, the Resistance is looking to the future. But will they be able to rebuild and move on from what has happened? Meanwhile, Agent 47 finds himself in a new and unexpected position as he searches for new victims. And in the finale, 47 must face his deadliest adversary yet.


With the end of Season 4 just around the corner, it’s time to take a look back and see where things stand. In this article, we’ll be discussing what players have been doing in preparation for the upcoming season, as well as outlining some of the key storylines that will be taking place.