Who is Sophia Diamond? Personal Life, Bio, Career, Net Worth, Education And Hobbies

Early Life

Instagram model YouTuber, model, and TikTok celebrity Sophia Diamond, was born under the zodiac sign Leo on the 21st of August, 2001 in Russia. Sophia and her mother relocated to Israel when she was just eight months old.

They lived in Israel until September 2012 after which they relocated from Israel to Toronto, Canada. Sophia is now dual Israeli as well as Canadian citizenship and is proficient in English, Russian, and Hebrew. Sophia’s mother divorced her father prior to their departure from Russia and she got married in Israel.

Sophia has always been fascinated by gymnastics and fashion from an early age. Sophia was a student at King City Secondary school in King City, Ontario, Canada, and completed her elementary training in Israel. In 2021, Sophia is an undergraduate student at Toronto University, where she is studying cinematography.

Sophia is very close to her mother who has shared photos of Sophia on Instagram.

She is also friends with her step-father but hasn’t posted any photos or videos of him (perhaps due to his shyness or doesn’t want to be recognized on the internet). It seems that she doesn’t have any relationship with her dad, as they never talk.

Personal life

She started with Kian Salehi in June of 2017 after they met at school while waiting for her mother to come and collect her. Kian Salehi and her partner looked extremely happy in the moment; Sophia was often a fan of Kian Salehi on her social networks, but on September 12, 2018, she erased all pictures of him on her Instagram and removed him from her account.

In an Instagram live stream in December of 2018, she stated that their relationship wasn’t working out, and they decided to end their relationship.

It appears that she’s not currently involved in a relationship. However, after being so transparent about her previous relationships, Sophia had said that she prefers to keep her private life in the privacy of her own home. Therefore, she might not be content and reveal her future relationships anytime soon.

In her very first YouTube video, she talked about the times she was bullied during her youth and how it grew worse during her time in high school due to her popularity online and fame. She also admitted that while it’s hard to remain positive and withstand the harassment, she’s discovered ways to deal with it. She’s even learned to put aside her bullies, and the insults they may throw at her. “Most students make me feel like a burden without motive,’ she wrote”I simply ignore the people who do this to me.’


Her circle of friends includes other TikTok celebrities Hailey Orona and Chase Keith.

Sophia’s favorite type of music genre is RnB She is also an avid admirer of The Weeknd.

Sophia usually shops at Urban Planet, Garage, and H&M she is a lover of shopping, traveling, and having fun.

Her family’s surname is “Dimentbarg,” which translates to “Diamond” in Russian. The family changed their name to the English one when they relocated to Canada.

Her favorite colors are black, red, and white.

Her most loved actresses are Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley as well as actors Chris Pine and Tom Cruise. Her top film of all time has to be “Avengers.”

Her most loved food is Italian and her most fav holiday destination is Rome, Italy.

She also has an Instagram account with the username soap._.diamond.

Net Worth

As of the beginning of 2021, Sophia’s net worth was believed to be $250,000. Sophia earns most of her income through collaborations with brands like Bang Energy Drinks, Fashion Nova, and a host of other brands. She promotes brand offers on Instagram and makes money from YouTube advertisements.

Based upon Sophia’s Instagram followers as well as her engagement