Who is Tatiana Strakhova? Russian Student Murders Ex and has Sex with Her Corpse

A Russian student who killed his ex-girlfriend by strangling her to death has confessed to having sex with her corpse after the murder.

It was said that 19-year-old Artyom Iskhakov stabbed Tatiana Strakhova to death while telling her parents her heart still was beating, according to Dailymail.

He brags about repeating the wicked behavior while he eats his sandwiches. Iskhakov is reported to have committed the crime after learning that her 19-year-old ex-girlfriend was seeing another person. “Awful, but I have done what I had to,” the IT student said in a blog post.

Forgiveness was requested from both his parents and hers, and they were sent to the corpses. Tatiana, with a student for one of Kosovo’s most prestigious institutions, had previously dated Iskhakov before cutting things up.

Igor, a St. Petersburg native, was now her new flame, albeit they were still cohabiting. As Iskhakov put it, he was driven to suicide by the need to make sex with her.

On social media, he claimed that he had become tired of listening to hear explanations for why she didn’t want to drink with me – and seeing her flirt with my buddy. He was a student at Bauman University.

In a lengthy and horrific testimony, he detailed her murder and rape of her.

When I hit her in the face, she fell to the ground. After a few more hits, she requested me to go since her lips were bleeding profusely.

That wasn’t the end of the story: “I began strangling her.” He murmured. Even after she looked to have gone out, her pulse was still pumping.

Before she had time to calm off, I decided to fuck her.

“It dawned on me that the pulse was still pumping after I had performed the assignment,” I recall thinking. I tried to choke her, but it didn’t work. A knife was then used to stab her in the neck.

I’m not sure how well I performed since there’s a lot of blood. Her heart was still beating, and she didn’t know why.
Finally, I sliced her in the left ribs twice.

My cheating on her had just gotten out of hand, so I had no choice but to write about it.’

I covered her lips with her stockings at one point to avoid seeing the blood & hearing the strange noises her body was making.’

“Strangulate her neck,” he remarked, referring to the Japanese practice of shibari (bondage).

“I’m going to make sandwiches so I can enjoy this while I still can,” she said. Afterward, he confessed to having sex on her corpse “again” after resting for a few hours.

Her feelings for him were exactly as cold as she was, and he wrote about it in his notebook.

“I am sorry to have stolen your only kid away from you,” he said in a message to Tatiana’s parents.

My feelings for her were strong. What have I done now?’ I realirealized now. The cold is making my hands shake even more.’
Tatiana completed her undergraduate and graduate degrees at Moscow’s prestigious Higher School of Economics, part of the National Research University.

He grabbed her while she lay dying, her last breaths quenched.

Tatiana Strakhova’s grieving parents were alerted to the horrific acts done against their daughter by the sick 19-year-old via social media.

Upon realizing that her heartbeat was still beating, sick Iskhakov confessed to stabbing and having sex with her corpse. He assaulted her sexually once again after he’d finished his meal.

Informing his parents, he said his actions were “terrible,” according to sources, he was 19 years old at the time. Forgiveness was Iskhakov’s last plea before hanging himself in the corridor

These distressing revelations are included in his email to her parents.

She was knocked out cold after being hit in the face and then strangled.

That’s why I made it a goal of mine to fuck her as soon as she calmed down.” Then I realized that even after I had finished, the heartbeat was still pounding.”

In the end, a knife was used to sever her neck.

She was bleeding profusely and making weird noises, so he hid it by stuffing her face with her tights.

He had sex with her decomposing corpse a second time.

Her feelings for him were similarly icy, as he noted in his notebook.

After Tatiana’s parents confronted him, Iskhakov apologized profusely, saying that he had been “ashamed” of his actions.

“The time I spent with her was priceless. At this exact time, I’ve realized… I was able to. Finally, he said, “I’m cold, my hands are trembling much more,” before taking the last steps to terminate his own life. After hitting, strangling, and knifing her, he sent a letter to her relatives and friends saying, ‘I got upset because of thinking about her enough that I murdered her.’

Her 19-year-old guy roommate was accused by both males and females on the Russian internet of ‘provoking’ them by posting her images online.

Men and women in Russia have taken to social media to accuse Tatiana’s roommate, a 19-year-old male student, of ‘provoking’ him with her provocative images.

Many Russian males and females took to the internet to “provoke” Tatiana’s 19-year-old male roommate, who then assaulted him.

A “prostitute” was labeled for her internet remarks, and it was stated she lacked moral integrity.

Face-planting photographs of themselves with #itisntareasontokill were the first reaction from women outraged and extremely disturbed by the divisive rhetoric.

When Liza Pereverzeva posted a picture of herself half-naked with the comment “This is my body,” it quickly went popular online.

‘Nothing justifies this brutality,’ she added, even though it is plain to observe.

I’ve never done a flashmob before, and I doubt I would again. In the caption of a picture of herself topless, Krasnodar resident Julia wrote, “I have never grabbed a news article so much to my heart….”.

People have probably heard how a young man, a college student, murdered and sexually raped a little girl before hanging himself.

‘What did I notice when I accessed the accounts of this deceased girl?

‘a Great Deal Of Posts Expressing Sympathy?

There was a massive flood of in my face: “she is guilty here,” “she provoked him,” “a hooker her tattoos and pink hair,” “she deserved it,” and “she ought to have sex with him,” to name just a few examples.
The sick feeling I was experiencing was excruciating.