Top 10 Android Game Review Sites 2022

Since 2014, mobile games have become very popular. Many users like the fact that they can play mobile games anywhere from their phone. You can share your progress with friends or work together to catch monsters (Pokemon Go). It’s hard to find the right game. There are many mobile games available for both Android and iOS, with many different types. Based on most mobile game review sites, only a few games are worth your time. It all depends on your preference.

There are many gaming websites that offer mobile game reviews. Some of them are well-known and some less so. Many websites offer guides that will help you complete a particular part of a game or show you how to beat your opponent. These are the top 10 Android game review websites that you should visit.

1) IGN

IGN was founded in 1996 as the Imagine Games Network. It was the most visited video gaming website with more than 24 million visitors per month in June 2005. It features news, reviews, and video gaming. Other topics include comics, console reviews and pc games reviews. IGN has launched different websites in different regions, including Brazil, Russia, Brazil and the UK. IGN is available on both your desktop devices and mobile.

2. Gamespot

Gamespot was founded in 1996, the same year IGN. Gamespot has won many awards, including the Webby Awards and Spike’s TV Video Game Award Show’s “Best Gaming Website”. This site is well-known for its reviews, guides and news, which can be used on all platforms, not just mobile. Other features include podcasts and movie reviews. You can join their forums if you wish. Gamespot is a fantastic site to check out the latest gaming events such as E3.

3. TouchArcade

TouchArcade launched as a mobile gaming website in 2008. They have reviewed nearly all the most popular mobile games in various genres. The website also hosts podcasts about upcoming mobile games, and reviews of mobile devices. Journalists ranked it as one of the top mobile game news websites. You can even use their Discord to exchange information about different mobile games. TouchArcade is the best website for mobile gaming reviews.

4. Pocket Gamer

Pocket Gamer was founded in 2005 and focuses on handheld video games. They began by reviewing mobile phones like the Nokia N-Gage or the Nintendo Gameboy. They now review both Android and IOS mobile games. They feature the top 10 mobile video game and offer tips and tricks to help you get better at certain games. Pocket Gamer has been ranked among the top 100 websites by Guardian for nearly two years. They also offer podcasts, but mainly IOS-game news.

5. N4G

N4G is a new social gaming site that allows gamers to share news and game releases. It includes all platforms, including mobile games. This website was part the Newsboiler network. You can comment, submit guides for different games, and participate in other activities if you are a member. If you contribute enough, you might be able post game reviews or stories. If you are looking for mobile game updates, this is the website to visit.

6. GameZone

GameZone, an America website for video games, was created by Jeff and Kathy Connors. Their goal was to provide gamers with all the information they needed about gaming. They used to only cover console games, but now they also publish mobile game reviews, news and guides. According to GameRankings, the GameZone’s gaming reviews collection is now third in size. They also produced entertainment news, previews and other relevant culture.

7. Metacritic

Metacritic was launched in 2001 and focuses on all types reviews. They also review movies, TV shows, music, and many other things. You can also post your own review or rating for each mobile game on Metacritic. The metascore will determine how each game is rated. Games with a metascore of 75 and more are great to play on mobile. Cool to see is the list of top mobile games every year.

8. GotGame

GotGame was founded in 2002 as a radio broadcasting site for video games. Their news and reviews are centered on console and mobile games. You can also find cosplays, gaming events, and cover community gaming stories. Register as a GotGame Community member for free and you will be able to submit posts for the chance of your post being published on the site. You can also view their videos to see other reviews.

9. Destructoid

Destructoid launched in 2006, and was relaunched by Yanier Gonzalez in 2007. There are many features on the website, such as the Homepage that includes the latest news and reviews and the video section that shows trailers and skits. You can also find community blogs, chat forums, as well as the trading section, where you can buy or sell games from other users. Many awards have been presented to them, including the Games Media Awards and Annual Webby Awards. They have many cool features, which is why they are one of my favourite websites.

10. Gamezebo

Gamezebo was founded in 2006 and focuses on casual gaming. After a 2014 redesign, the website shifted its focus to mobile gaming. This website is similar to Destructoid and offers many features, including previews, guides, gaming interviews, and more. Numerous gaming publishers, including Big Fish Games, RealArcade and MumboJumbo, have made the website a well-known resource. Gamezebo was also nominated for the Annual Webby Awards as Best Video Games-related Website.