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Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2: Trailer Showing You More Disappearances & More Murders!


The latest season is one of the best crime documentaries of unsolved cases. It is intriguing and the most compelling that you have ever seen.

Watching this series, all you will hope is that somehow the case is solved. And there is some closure to the people who are close to the victims.

Back in July, Netflix unveiled the primary six episodes in their reboot of “Unsolved Mysteries.” Now, they’re giving us an additional layer of fear this Halloween season by unveiling the initial trailer. And, therefore, the release date for the remaining six episodes.

Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2: Trailer

The trailer for what’s being dubbed “Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2” emphasizes what makes the series so compelling: atmosphere. Glimpses of the episodes are showing in this trailer. But it’s unclear if everything you’re seeing involves the particular people.

And if you’re getting this first glimpse at outright re-enactments of things. If you’re a lover of the first series, hosted by Robert Stack, you recognize the re-enacted scenes were a part of the charm and were absent within the half of the reboot.

In the review of Volume 1, there was a discussion around the lack of variety within the episodes.

Supported the six titles that crop up within the trailer, it’s just like the series will continue exploring disappearances and murders. Moreover, you will find it with only a cursory glance at supernatural elements.

Though an episode on tsunami spirits seems like it’d be the right spooky episode to dive into with Halloween around the corner.

Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2: Release Date

With the pandemic much-affecting television output, the hope is that “Unsolved Mysteries” will get a correct Season 2 and that you might see a more diverse mixture of stories.

“Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2” will stream on Netflix from 19th October 2020.


Hopefully, there will be a follow up in future seasons if there are any new leads on these cases. It’s a whole binge-worthy series. You can watch it within a couple of hours. You may not have watched the original, but the reboot was astonishing and surprising.

The human mind is capable of compiling the worst possible things one could ever imagine. Fans are excited for the next batch of 6 episodes to show up soon.

One of the main reasons the viewers applauded Netflix is that they brought back Unsolved Mysteries. And fans loved this show because it caught many criminals, and I mean a lot of hard fugitives.

This show and America’s Most Wanted are the best True Crime-fighting show. You will love this show and America’s Most Wanted. If Fox can’t reboot it, you should reboot AMW Netflix.

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