Vastu tips to fill your home with positive energy

Vastu is a part of astrology. Vastu is not only confined to architectural building but it is a vast concept that can be used in everything on the earth. Vastu has everything and it always makes a person happy and prosperous. Vastu is connected with each and every corner of our life it totally surrounds us to make our life happy. In our daily life we use many things which are signs of vastu and even we would have heard it from our mother or grandmother about that all signs. So here we are going to discuss about that all signs of vastu that are used in our daily life.

Sweep in the good fortune

A broom is something which we use in our daily life it is also said as a vastu sign. It is a very powerful tool of prosperity as it removes dust, garbage and dead things from the house. Even we bring a new broom before house warming and on festival of diwali. It is said to be very auspicious. You should never keep the broom facing downwards, never use it after sunset, never touch it with your legs, these all are bad things according to vastu shashtra and results in bad luck. You should always store brooms in the west or northwest.

Signs of good things

Many things we see in our house like placing auspicious symbols like swastika, kalash, Om and feet of goddess laxmi on the main door. They all are signs of good things. You should even display a picture of Lord Shiva and family as it maintains the harmony in the house.

Beasts of (mis) fortune

Dogs and birds around our house are considered to be best and auspicious according to vastu. But, crows, rats, cats, and red ants in and around the house are not good as per vastu. The chirping of birds in and around the house brings good luck. 

Food for thought

It is said that displaying fruit and flowers is a good vastu. They should be kept in open area. Fruit is considered as the main food for god, and where the food is kept god blesses that place. The fruit of every season should be first offered to god. You should not keep medicines pickles and scissors around the dining area it creates variance in the family.

Writing on the wall

Even we have heard that broken utensils and torn clothes should be thrown out of the house, as they are bad signs of vastu. Knocking door in the early morning is also not considered as good vastu. Even the damaged wallpaper and paint represents problems of family member. You should always maintain your house properly.

Light up your life

At evening you should illuminate your house properly. You should not switch off all the lights as you are not using it, it is considered as a bad vastu sign. Lighting a diya outside the main door or in the southeast corner of your house is a good vaastu sign. You should keep a copper vase full of gangajal in the northeast, as it is considered to be very auspicious according to the vastu shashtra. Offer garlands of natural flowers or chandan to picture of deities as this is also good for the house.

And even you can do something or you should be careful about the things placed in your home or office for the positivity and energy to be there for the good of the life. Here are some points that you can use for your good luck:

  1. First the window should be on east side in such a way that it brings maximum sunlight in the house because it brings prosperity in the house. 
  2. There should be no stairs near the entrance gate as it is not considered to be as a good fortune.
  3. The best direction for the pooja room is the north east direction.
  4. For the entrance gate the best direction is north and east and even you should not put shoe rack at the entrance as it attracts negative energies.
  5. There should be not more than 3 entrance gate as it invites problems.
  6. Kitchen should be in the direction of south east and the platform in the kitchen should be in such way that the person who cooks should face east direction.
  7. You should have paintings of flowing water, scenic sight of sea, and seascape as they bring good luck in the house.
  8. Photos of gods, deities and murtis of any god should face east side. And you should avoid keeping photos of departed soul in the puja room.
  9. You should not have pictures which show any kind of violence as it attracts negative energy is the house.
  10. The north east direction of the house should not be full of darkness or you should not put waste materials over there as it affects the health of females of the house.

So you should be careful while decorating your house and even you should consult with our Astrloger in Ahmedabad about these tips of vastu shashtra.