The Importance of Video Content Marketing

Did you know that in 2021 alone, experts valued the global video streaming market at $59.14 billion? By 2030, they expect it to grow to a staggering $321.5 billion industry!

Those figures prove consumers love watching videos; they even pay for streaming services. That’s also why more and more businesses rely on video content marketing. After all, it allows organizations to plug their ads into many streaming platforms.

But why exactly should your firm invest in videos as a marketing strategy?

Below, we’ll explain just how crucial they are in making your brand known, so read on.

Videos Can Be Captivating

Videos capture attention because the human eyes are naturally attracted to movement. At the same time, they can retain a viewer’s focus, provided their content is interesting. This means they should have a captivating story combined with appropriate audio.

Your videos’ resolution is just as vital; they should be in 1080p or 4K. Any lower than that, and they’re likely to annoy rather than engage your viewers.

Your best option is to hire a video editing service for professional-looking content. You can also hire them to complete an entire video production project.

Many People Prefer Watching Over Reading

A 2019 study looked at consumer preference regarding text and video content. It found that 72% of folks prefer watching videos over reading about products or services.

That figure would’ve increased today, considering the growth in digital media consumption. For example, the average internet user spent an estimated 6 hours and 38 minutes on the internet in 2019. That has since increased to 6 hours and 58 minutes, or nearly 7 hours, by 2022.

Many of those internet users spend their online time watching videos. That’s enough reason to add a video strategy to your marketing campaigns.

Videos Are More Accessible

Web accessibility makes web content usable for everyone, including those with limitations. It considers how people with disabilities or impairments access the web. It then makes it possible for these individuals to do so with tools and technologies.

Videos are perfect examples, as they use both or either the sense of sight and hearing.

For example, people with visibility issues can listen to the video’s audio. If they only have a problem seeing small objects, then they can play the video in full screen. You can also encode the clip with enlarged subtitle fonts.

Likewise, people with hearing impairments can watch the video and read the subtitles. Even if they can’t hear the audio, they can still understand the story through the subtitles.

Videos Are More Digestible and Recallable

Many people find it easier to understand a story if it has a graphical and audio representation. This is also why students remember what they learn better if they use visual aids. Thus, adding video marketing ideas to your campaigns can help boost brand recall.

Time to Invest in Video Content Marketing

Video content marketing is undoubtedly a crucial tool as most folks prefer to watch than to read. They also provide more ways in terms of accessibility, letting more people enjoy them. Last but not least, they’re easier to digest than just text, which is why they’re perfect for brand recall.

All that should tell you how crucial videos are to your marketing campaigns. So, hire a video editing company to create your captivating video ads as early as today.

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