What is made-to-order?

If an item is custom-made this signifies that the company has created it to the specifications of a buyer. The term is used to describe an item that the seller has designed to meet a set of specifications. A few people make use of to abbreviate MTO.

It is possible to write the word using hyphens or not, i.e., made-to-order and customized to order. But, if you’re making an editorial piece, you need to remain congruous. If you begin with hyphens, make sure you use them throughout your writing.

Fast food establishments offer custom-made meals

In fast-food restaurants like Burger King or McDonald’s, meals are cooked to order.

When I purchase food in a fast food establishment the food is typically made-to-order. For McDonald’s For instance I can choose the standard or large portion including fries, or without and without onions and so on. McDonald’s staff will not prepare food until after they’ve received client’s instructions.

“1. If something is made-to order it will be made in accordance with the specific requirements of the customer. 2. Built to meet the needs or needs of a particular person. 3. Custom-designed to meet the specifications of the customer or to measurements or measurements; custom-made. 4. The perfect fit or suitable for conformability.”


If the car you purchased was built-to-order which means you picked the exterior and interior colors along with the size of your engine, the type of wheels, and so on. Businesses that use a just-in-time system let customers build their own car.’

Also, we use the term built-to-order. But, built-to-order is much more frequent when speaking about machinery.

For high-configured items like computer servers and motorbikes, as well as vehicles, and bicycles, we could make use of the term “build-to-order. A defense firm can deliver custom-built fighter aircraft. This means that the client typically a government was able to meet specific specifications.


If they are able to afford it many people will shell out more for a custom wedding dress.

We employ the terms made-to measure or tailor-made, with the same meaning as made-to order. We only refer to’made-to-measure’ when we are discussing custom-made clothing.

Custom-made contrasts are available pre-made as well as on-the-peg.

I would like a custom-made jacket to be perfect for me. But, if I decide to go with a jacket that is ready to wear I’ll need to try on several before I can find one that’s right for me.

Tailor-made clothes are considerably more expensive than ready-to-wear alternatives.