What is probable cut off of UPSC prelims this year and when is the key answer published?

UPSC Prelims Exam

UPSC Prelims exam is one of the most celebrated festivals for aspirants trying their luck for government examinations. The questions asked in UPSC 2020 were comparatively tough than other years and it can be sensed after seeing the cut-off for the general category in the prelims exam was 92. It should also be noticed that the previous year was full of turmoil due to covid 19. This year also we faced a delay in the examination as the exam happened in the month of October which is quite late than that of a regular schedule for the Civil Services  UPSC Prelims answer key 2021.

The cut-off can be expected to be between 97 to 103 for this year’s paper. The important hold is not to waste too much time waiting for the mains preparation and matching your answers from various keys. If you give a check on the cut-off of 2020 prelims – There were many sources – where they claimed the expected cut-off to be between 98 to 102.

Failed prelim

The bottom line for your preparation should be – start preparing for Mains just after your Prelims examination. There are many aspirants who start preparing prelims after a failed prelim. It will never let you ready for the mains examination.

The cut-off varies as per different answer keys available on the internet from various coaching centers in Delhi. You can check one of the most authentic keys on the website of EDEN IAS with the explanations of the answers are authentic and there you can find the source of the syllabus from where the questions are been asked.

You should also do the paper analysis by solving the paper again after the examination. The second watch to the paper can help you heal your grey area of preparation. This can also help you to work on the overlapping areas of prelims and mains examination. Always remember you are going to get 90 days from the prelim’s examination.

There are many things to prepare after the IAS prelims answer key 2021  examination for the mains examination. You can also find good answer writing and ethics classes are available on the same website. There is a course for the revision of the mains section called mission mains – You can also practice answer writing through STEPS Daily Mains Answer Writing Course. Those who are giving this attempt of 2021 as their trial attempt can try for the SUGAM answer writing course for beginners. This is a one-stop solution for GS Paper I, II, III, and IV. We wish you the best in your preparation.

The Books for mains can be downloaded from the website of Eden IAS. There are a few very good and better materials found on the download section of the website. The books are available like ethics, essay, PII, Governance, IR…

All the best for the mains examination.