What Is Recesserna? Meaning of Recesserna And More Know Here.

Recesserna’s name Recesserna was chosen to convey how the business aims to revolutionize how people work and live in tiny spaces. The word recess is a synonym for “nook” or “corner” in Swedish, which is an appropriate match for a business focused on creating small spaces with a big impact.

Namely, Recesserna was selected to represent how the business hopes to revolutionize how people reside and work in small areas. The break is a reference to ‘niche or ‘corner’ in Swedish and is a good suitable for this type of business is the ability to design small spaces that can have an enormous impact.

Recesserna is a partner with new and existing clients within the corporate world, crafting handcrafted products that meet each company’s specifications. Recesserna also creates limited versions of household products that can be purchased directly from their website or at exhibits in which they will be immediately visible to those looking for something special and unique.

Recesserna is a Swedish furniture company focusing on planning, craftsmanship, and maintenance. The Recesserna collection includes seats and tables designed by the company’s founder, Magnus Wickman, who has been working on the plans since 2006.

Magnus studied at Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm and worked for several years in the field of inside engineering. After that, he entered the business world to combine his passion for planning with his passion for the craft.

The Recesserna collection includes several unique designs that can be used indoors and outdoors. Everything is made in Sweden with supportable materials such as American oak or economically-sourced teak wood.

Recesserna offers two main product lines: the Recess Collection and the Recess Line. The Recess Collection comprises tables, seats, shapes, sizes, and styles. The Recess Line incorporates outside furniture such as chairs, tables and tables, which can be used indoors and outdoors.

The primary goal for Magnus Wickman is to plan furniture that is functional, both solid and beautiful. He recognizes that when you buy furniture of high quality, it should remain for quite a while to allow you to enjoy the furniture for a long time without having to replace it again and again. It must also be simple to clean, with the intention that you do not have to spend the entire day cleaning clean after messy children!

Recesserna and the Impacts.

A collaborative project known as Recesserna aims to highlight the circumstances in the Stockholm-area community and create a new one based on these areas. As the area continues to increase in population, more people living in the suburbs commute to downtown Stockholm, where they may use their vehicles during the trip. Our aim is to strive to make these locations more sustainable, and more inclusive.

Why Focus on Suburbs?

Suburbs have long been undervalued, misused, and unfavorably portrayed. They are typically thought of as being gray and unpleasant places, and covers, far too numerous cars, prohibit street life. But not only do they have great potential for class and life as locations to live and pursue work, but they are also imperative for the health of the city.

The city’s proximity to towns can help make Stockholm carbon neutral, more inclusive, and more resistant. Because of his location, in particular, the towns around Stockholm have a great potential for accomplishing those objectives.

There are a lot of green spaces present in these locations, which means the prospect of residents working and living in these cities is enduring. However, the areas have a long way to go if they’re to consider sustainable, inclusive, and entertaining options while continuing to be affordable and livable.

Is it Possible for a More Sustainable Future to be Possible?

The proximity of suburbs can help the city be greener, more welcoming, and more able to withstand a disaster. These neighborhoods have good access to the city center via citywide transport, and they’ve amassed a lot of green space as well. Consequently, these are great places to live and raise a family, but there is more for those looking to make the environment even better.

Inclusive of Growth

The effects of urban decay are becoming noticeable and so are the efforts to overcome it, which will lead to much better urban planning and more sustainable methods of getting around the city. This is a perfect opportunity for the community to develop more areas through the upliftment of neighborhoods, the implementation of new transport options, increased access to nature, and improvements in society.

A Place to Call Home so People can Remain there.

There are several ways to make lawns more sustainable. One is to transform green spaces into more functional grass. Another is to create parks that are easier to maintain and offer places that have more positive benefits to walkers, bicyclers, or skaters. Outlying areas consist of a significant amount of water, which can be well managed for the benefit of local residents.

Excellent Materials

Recesserna relies on three key principles: great design, great materials, and a high degree of control. Magnus believes that the most effective designs result from a collaboration between the designer and the experts who create the products. It allows you to create originality that no one else can accomplish along the same lines.

It also allows you to use top-quality materials, like cowhide or wood, that is likely not to be feasible if they were produced in large quantities. Recesserna uses only standard materials, such as fleece felt, cowhide, or solid wood. Each product is unique in appearance and feels that it can’t be duplicated using made-up materials such as metal or plastic.

The seats are constructed using excellent materials like solid oak, birch pressed wood, or pecan veneer. The tables are made from sturdy woods like birch or oak compressed lumber with a matte finish that is a delight to age over the years. Recesserna is well-known for its outstanding designs with simple lines and forms that allow them to integrate with furniture pieces from your home.

Maintainable Plan

Recesserna’s office furniture is durable, easy to set up, and flexible enough to work in open and closed offices. The chairs have a flexible back that provides the ideal comfort and support and adjustable armrests to accommodate everyone from tall people to individuals who prefer a more comfortable posture.

The workplaces are constructed with bamboo compressed sustainably with a protective finish that doesn’t contain formaldehyde and other hazardous substances.

Work areas in the workplace can be used as fixed or portable workspaces to accommodate your requirements evolve. Recesserna provides work areas that can be converted to standing work areas or joined to retirement drawers, capacity drawers or screens.

How to Buy Quality Furniture

If you’re like most people, you’re in a tight financial situation, and you don’t have much money to invest in furniture. So, how can you get excellent furniture without costing your bank a fortune? Here are five tips that can help you make the most from your money when purchasing furniture:

1. Be realistic about the things you’re able to find the cash to spend. Don’t purchase something just because it’s less expensive. Ensure that the item is truly worth the cash. Make sure you are looking for top-quality manufacturing and materials that will lead to the ultimate.

2. Do not be afraid to test before you buy. Look at the unique fixtures in your home, and then check them in the room where they’ll be utilized. This will allow you to determine whether the fixture is comfortable and fashionable.

3. Think about the types of upholstery and material. There are many kinds of furniture that are made out of metal or timber. Some objects, like chairs, are constructed out of upholstery or cloth. Make sure to choose furniture that is made from top-quality materials that are designed to be closed. Keep in mind that fabric can be substituted if they exhibit signs of wear and tear.

4. Check out prices and deals. There is a good chance that you can find top-quality furniture for less.


If you’re looking for chic furniture that lasts long, then look at Recesserna. Their furniture is not only stunning and unique and unique but they’re made to last. Furthermore, they are affordable, making them the ideal option for those looking to add a little luxury to their home without costing a fortune. Thank you for having a look!