Who is Nichole Kessinger? Career, Net Worth, Bio, And Personal/Early Life And Hobbies

Nicole Kessinger came into the scene of attention due to her role for being the lover of Chris Watts’, the murderer who killed the life of his wife who was pregnant and two daughters. Her birth year was 1988 in Colorado in the USA. Nicole has American nationality. Considering that the precise time of birth is unclear at the time of 2021 she could be around 31 or 32 years aged.

Early life and Career

There isn’t much information about her childhood and her family background. His name was Dwayne Kessinger. Nichole was reportedly a student at Colorado State University, from where she graduated in 2013 with a bachelor’s diploma in the area of geology.

In addition, she earned an associate degree in Geosciences. Nichol started her professional career as a bookkeeper, gradually becoming a geology engineer.

Concerning her employment, she was associated with Halliburton which is one of the biggest oil field service companies, and the environmental construction and consulting business Tasman Geosciences.

In the following years, Nichole began working for Anadarko Petroleum, which is now part of Occidental Petroleum, a company which is involved in exploration of hydrocarbons.

How did she get to know Chris Watts?

While working for The Anadarko Company, Nichole met Chris Watts in June 2018. The time was when Chris was employed as an operator with the firm. According to reports, he didn’t wear the wedding ring he received and claimed that he was currently in the divorce process.

Then, a month later Nichole began a romantic romance with Chris Watts, deeply convinced that their divorce would soon be finalized. In August 2018, however, Chris’ pregnant wife and two daughters went missing.

Is she a part of the probe?

At the start of the investigation, Chris denied guilt and expressed his concern over the disappearance of his children. After the story about Shannon and the disappearance of her children was in the news, Nichole realized that Chris was lying in front of her regarding his claimed divorce.

Nichole quickly contacted him to explain the situation; she later informed the Washington Post that Chris showed minimal or no concern over the disappearances and said Chris “seemed off” and emotionally not bothered. This led Nichole to make contact with the police and the FBI.

She explained:” It got to the point where he would tell me numerous lies, that I decided to tell him that I would not want to speak with him as long as his relatives were discovered. With an unborn woman and two missing children I was determined to do everything I could.”

Nichol Kessinger

In the wake of an investigation, Nichole revealed that she was unaware of the fact that Chris was still engaged to Shannon who was expecting a baby.

She also claimed that Chris told her that they had separated and asked her to help him in finding a new home in which they could begin their new life together with his daughters. She said the man did not display any characteristics of the serial killer. She said he was “soft-spoken” and “a good listener”.

Was she involved in the murders?

In the two-hour meeting with investigators, the fact she erased some messages she had sent him was revealed which casts doubt on Nichole’s innocence.

She added: “I was just kinda shocked by his behavior. I don’t know what was going on. You’ve just deceived me, and I don’t want to be able to see this message on my phone in the future. Therefore, I deleted it. I deleted his belongings because he was lying to me.

It was his hurt that caused me to erase it.” Although there was no specific evidence linking them to the disappearances of her children, many believed that her actions in the interview to be an unwritten confession of guilt.

In the interview, she appeared arrogant and self-centered, without any compassion and humility that made many believe that she was responsible.

In addition, her story has some flaws. Nichol found wedding gowns on the internet even though they were dating for two months. She stated in an interview:” I was not prepared for anything serious. I want my space, you’re going to need space”.

Nichol said that she would always encourage her to do things together with his spouse and to spend time more with his children.

Many considered this to be an untrue attempt to portray her as a decent person, rather than an uncaring lover. Despite numerous evidences her involvement in the affair could not be proven, and the majority instances of such “theories” remain purely speculative.

However, the truth that she was not indicted says a lot about her character. While some were quick to accuse her, others said that throughout this entire ordeal she received in the media from a variety of sources and was accused of being an “home-wrecker”.

Nichol insists that she was unaware of their marital status or Shannon’s pregnancy. This was the reason why she chose to speak with the police and share details.

Chris Watt’s Arrested

Within a few hours following the hearing, Chris Watt was arrested and was charged with the murders of his wife and two kids. After failing the lie detector test, Chris Watt confessed to the murders and later revealed the location of the bodies. Chris laid the bodies of his wife who was pregnant in a shallow grave at Cervi Well Site.

Cervi Well Site, while the remains of his daughters were put in the oil wells that were filled with crude oil. He initially claimed that Shannon was killed by Shannon in a fight after discovering Shannon was the one who killed Bella and Celeste. Shannon murdered Bella as well as Celeste.

But, the theory didn’t hold for very long, and just a few months later Chris changed his mind. In his second attempt to retell the incident, Chris said that he killed Shannon after revealing the fact that he had plans to split.

The temperatures were high and he took to the streets in a rage. Her daughter was witness to the murder of their mother and that’s why that he chose to murder both daughters. In one of the interrogations with the police, Nichole stated that Chris claimed that Shannon, as well as Shannon, was financially struggling which could be taken as a motive. Another theory suggests that he was looking to begin an entirely new life with his girlfriend but not with Shannon.

In an interview with a newspaper, Nichol said that she was certain that there was no doubt that he was guilty. She stated:” He’s a liar. He was a liar about everything. If he could conceal something that huge then what else was he lying on?”

Chris reached a plea bargain with the authorities and admitted guilt in court. He was later sentenced to five life sentences with no chance of parole.

What is her net worth?

The information on her net worth isn’t public. After her romance with Chris was exposed and she was dismissed from her job. She further stated that she is worried that she’ll never lead an ordinary life and will never be able to find work because of the scandal.

Where is Nichol currently?

Since her interview in the year 2018, she hasn’t been heard of or seen. In her numerous conversations with police officers, she raised concerns about her image, considering that the majority of media outlets referred to her as the “killer’s mistress”. In addition, she was dragged through murky waters because of an affair with a married man.

she claimed:” I would not be surprised if it’s going to be hard to go out in public sometimes for a couple of years.” Nichol has withdrawn from public life and was reportedly thrown into the witness protection program, with a new name and identity following the trial.