Why is WordPress so Widely Used?

WordPress is the most popular website on the internet and this figure is expected to grow over the next few years.

In this post, we will explore the reason WordPress is so popular over other websites such as Wix, Drupal, and Webflow.

1It is an open-source

Open source dominates. The primary reason for WordPress’s popularity is the fact that it’s free. Additionally, it is open-source, which means that developers can contribute to the community and suggest improvements. This is the advantage of open-source software. They always have the upper hand.

  1. A large number of themes and plug-ins

If you have an idea or require any kind of functionality (simple or complex) there is an application that can do this. You will also have thousands of themes available to pick from.

Some plugins are Typeform alternatives to one.

There are in every area hundreds of plugins. The same applies to themes.

3. A strong and supportive community behind it

WordPress has a large crowd behind it. The amount of WordPress users could exceed 300 million and that is a massive amount. This is the true potential of WordPress. If you face any problem it is likely that you will find a large number of people working to resolve the issue, which is definitely a benefit of the community that is strong.

4. A fantastic team is working on it

Automattic is the business that runs WordPress and they select their software engineers with care. They have a wonderful and highly skilled staff. The process for hiring is simple and precise. It is important to prepare your CV carefully, explaining your capabilities in full. You should also prepare for a computer programming test to assess your abilities. If you are hired by Automattic it would pay you an excellent salary since Automattic is one of the most prestigious companies in the globe.


We have quickly explained in this article the reasons why WordPress dominates the internet and listed four reasons why that are. WordPress has powerful plugins. Therefore, if you’re searching for SEO, eCommerce caching, media page builders, or WordPress surveys plugin You will find it!