1-800-345-7669: Sony Chat Customer Service

In this blog, we’ll discuss Sony Chat Customer Service. If you’re looking for a 1-800-345-7669 phone number, here are all the contact details for Sony customer support live.

Sony may very well be America’s most important and useful electronic equipment and consumer electronics production company; call their different customer service numbers to find their telephone number.

Between computers, televisions, cameras, mobile phones, and home audio equipment, as well as their PlayStation, Sony manages to divide a considerable area of land into areas in which American customers like to engage.

Sony prioritizes supplying complete customer support services by means of 24/7 content publishing enterprise input, making it possible for your website viewers to start their search by selecting the type of technology. The company has a tool for searching.

Webpage guides from Sony provide customers with the structure and information they need to purchase, fix, and install Sony products. They can contact technical experts about Sony product upkeep and other related concerns.

Nested inside any insurance agency, there are agents capable to handle that company’s specific claims; additionally, there is a Sony Support Network and YouTube consideration adding that exact same type of service.

Instead of running a regular search, you can insert a search term in the search bar for a particular product model you’re looking for.


End with the Contact Us section after that it offers information relative to Chat Support, Email Service, and Phone 800 345 7669 Service. These are categorically explained into two classes and can be accordingly classified among the multiple products and services Sony provides.

Sony Phone Numbers

This is an example of how you might create your character-operated question. You probably have one that can assist in conversing with Sony, but there is probably a specific answer that will deliver the fastest outcomes.

  • To reach Sony live help, dial 1-800-345-7669
  • To obtain mobile service, dial 1-855-806-8462.
  • To reach Sony’s Product Operational Support, dial 800-883-6817.
  • Call Sony’s Professional Services at 877-398-7669.
  • Sony Mailing Address
  • American Sony Corporation
  • Madison Avenue, 25
  • 10022-3211 New York, New York

Sony eSupport

The help page for Sony organizes its sections into clear categorized headings. By clicking on the Contact Us button, you will come across a number of alternative options for contacting Sony regarding your other goods, in addition to how you can submit your inquiries, such as mailing, phoning, or interacting with an agent via instant chat.

How to Call Sony Customer Chat Service at 1-800-345-7669?

  • To reach a live agent on the phone, follow these steps:
  • To begin with, call 1-800-345-7669
  • You must now press 5
  • Then remain in place for a brief moment.
  • Following that, a real representative will respond to your replies.
  • The customer service agent on Sony Chat has voice commands by which you can interact with your product.
  • You must press 1 to get help logging into your Sony Playstation Network account or to change your PS password.
  • Press 2 to inquire about charges on your Sony Playstation Network account.
  • Press 3 to access support for troubleshooting your PS4 controllers.
  • You must press 4 to call regarding your Sony Playstation VR.
  • Press 5 for all further questions.
  • Representatives Hours for sony chat customer service
  • From Monday to Friday, Sony consumer support is available for customers from 6 am to 6 pm.

Sony Social Links

As a technological innovation of its own and one of the earliest available, Sony readily made its presence known on many social networking platforms, allowing it to market many of the most popular products on its own dedicated pages.


The Sony Corporation has a number of Facebook pages comprising a vast array of particular services and products, as well as individual manufacturer pages ideal for particular Sony Corp. products. Identifying these accounts from these pages in Facebook might also aid users.

  • You may follow them on Facebook.
  • Check out the Twitter page.
  • The videos are available on the YouTube page.
  • Visit the Instagram page as well.
  • Pages from LinkedIn and Pinterest are also accessible.

Sony Email Support

You can send them an email at PlayStationSponsorships@sony.com by this method. It is also rather slow to get a response. To contact them by phone, dial the number 1 800 345 7669 or to inquire about Sony Customer Service Deals on social media or live chat, you can make use of the Sony Support chat or social media.