4 Designing Rules that You Must Follow

There are some golden rules for everything, every job you need to get done, if you do not follow their proper guidelines and rubrics there are chances you are going to fail the job. However, this is not always the case, sometimes it’s better to rebel a bit and bring in some new ideas and concepts. When it comes to logo designing, there is no denying the fact it is one tough job that keeps the person on his/ her toes all the time therefore it is recommended that the person doing the job must be smart enough and creative enough to get the job done.

When we are at the early stage of creating a brand, it is always difficult for us to choose someone who is going to make me a logo, but here we are trying to solve this problem for you. Get the right time of logo designers from the Ingenious Guru and trust me you would be at ease as they are experts in their field and they know how to get the job done right. On the other hand, if you are someone who likes to take things into his/ her own hands, there are a few rules of logo designing that you must follow. One step in the wrong direction can take you downhill and you will be up for one big downfall.

Following are a few rules you must follow as a creative logo designer.

Design the Groundwork

One of the most important parts of being a designer is that as a designer you get to learn some new and extra things with each new project. Every client is different and has new needs and wants with regard to their designs. Even in the same job, every person does their job differently.

To make it more convenient for the consensus to get to your design idea level, it is important to ask all the right questions from your client. Ask them why are here? What do you want from this project? What is your USP and what makes you different? Who is your target audience? What is one thing that you value the most?

These questions are pretty straightforward however can be quite challenging to answer as they lead to some further questions about the business of the client. What are you and your client’s expectations from the project will help you determine your stance, where you stand in the market.

Use your Sketch Pad

It’s time you bring out your sketch pad from the drawers and start channeling your creativity on it. Using it helps the designer rest their eyes from the glare of the brightly lit pixels that dominate one’s life. However, recording the ideas of different designs result in creating much quicker when there is an absence of digital devices in our brains and hands. Therefore, if you find yourself up late at night and have some crazy ideas in your head, do not think of shutting your mind off and sleep, draw them in your sketchbook.

It further makes it easier for the designers to put all the shapes and designs exactly where they belong. There is always some time to digitalize your marks later. While you are explaining the ideas of the designs to the clients which are prior to the mark digitalizing it is pretty helpful in sharing one or two sketches which makes it easier for them to understand and see the result without being distracted from the colors and typographies.

Go Classic

You can never go wrong with choosing the ever-going combination of black and white. When you leave the color until near the end it helps you shift your attention to the basics of the ideas rather than the things that are easier to change. It is impossible to rescue a poor and lousy idea with an interesting palette, however, there will not be any impact on the colors if the idea is good, it will always be good. Picture a symbol that is famous and well known, now think of it, it is the kind of form that you would have remembered even before the palette.

Keep it simple

Simplicity goes a long way if you want to go extra; there is no stopping to it but it’s better if you stay low-key. There has to be a relevant mark for both the activities and the ideas that your brand represents. If you want to go with the elegant typeface then be sure that it is going to suit the high-end restaurant more than a simple nursery of a child. If your audience is male pensioners then going with the overly complicated design with the color palette of pink and yellow will not help.

Be assured that making the logos that have some similarity with swastika whatever your industry is will not really work. That is something that everybody knows since it is pretty obvious however it is much more than that. The better your idea is behind your design the easier it is to sell to a client.

Follow these simple rules to make designing a piece of cake for you!