How Apartment Video Intercom Systems Are Transforming Tenant Experience | UnikCCTV

In the 1890s, telephone-based intercoms became popular after Kellogg created the first intercommunicating telephone system in 1894. The device connected two phones in different rooms, allowing the user to speak directly to the recipient without having to communicate with an operator. Hence apartment intercom systems for apartment entry systems were first used in the late 1950s.

With manufacturers embracing new technology, modern apartment video intercom systems are far improved than the primitive systems of the late nineteenth century. Tenants may now remotely open doors or converse with visitors via a one-way video link before giving them entrance.

The emergence of the “experience economy” is pressuring property managers to develop data-driven tactics that give real-time personal convenience. Tenants will feel appreciated and safe as a result of the implementation of modern technologies. You may need to strike a balance as a property manager between providing a high-quality renter experience and meeting your commercial objectives.

Apartment video intercom systems are changing the tenant experience in residential buildings in a variety of ways:

Delivery Solutions for Food and Packages

As a result of individuals staying indoors owing to the epidemic, brick-and-mortar commerce has declined as consumers prefer to purchase things online. As more tenants turn to e-commerce sites to place purchases, package theft is becoming an increasing issue for most apartment managers. According to a Value Penguin poll, 54% of Americans had numerous parcels stolen in the previous year. A single shipment has caused some respondents to lose up to $4,800.

Tenants may handle deliveries directly from their smart devices using apartment video intercom systems with remote door unlocking. Tenants can create a one-time passcode that allows them to enter the courier’s office without using their keys, allowing for a safe drop-off.

Management of Visitors

Theft and vandalism are other major issues for tenants and property managers. Traditional visitor management solutions that rely on front-desk personnel and paper sign-ins are rapidly becoming obsolete. To better secure their tenants and properties, property managers may need to develop innovative techniques to limit illegal access.

Apartment video intercom systems allow guests to accept calls from anywhere and speak with the visitor at the front door, providing for more effective front door access control. They may visually check the guest before granting admission through remote door unlock thanks to the one-way video intercom.

Entry without a Key

Due to the epidemic, property managers are scrambling to develop more health-conscious and touchless limited entry solutions. When tenants enter doors in multi-tenant apartment complexes, they need to feel secure. It’s feasible thanks to cloud-based systems and keyless access technologies.

Contactless access through key cards and passkey codes fed from their smart devices is possible with apartment video intercom systems. Temporary pins for single or many usages can be easily issued using cloud-based technologies. Tenants may use built-in card readers to swipe in and out of the building without touching anything.

Install a Video Intercom System

Smart multi-tenant buildings are an idea that has been around for quite some time. The contemporary tenant demands improved access control that ensures ease and safety. Reach out to UnikCCTV now to learn more about how apartment or residential video intercom systems may improve tenant satisfaction in your properties.