5+ Most Powerful WordPress Twitter Plugins for Businesses

Brands and businesses are continuously on the lookout for exploring new means and ways for increasing their marketing efforts. Ever since the emergence of social media, social media marketing has become a trend for budding marketers for reaching out to a wider audience, interacting with their potential customers, and gradually increasing their sales and conversions.

The popularity of Twitter is no surprise. Due to massive popularity, it has surpassed many social platforms to become one of the fastest-growing social media platforms worldwide.

With a user base of over 190 million active users, Twitter has offered brands multiple marketing opportunities to take their marketing efforts to a whole new level.

Marketers have begun to embed Twitter feeds into their business websites to increase their marketing efforts.

Considering the massive user base of the platform, there is a high possibility that your brand users are actively using the platform to openly discuss and share their experiences with your brand. Furthermore, displaying such content on the WordPress website can be a great way to increase the visibility of the brand’s products, increase engagement, and open the way for more sales.

With thousands of plugins available on WordPress, it can be quite challenging to shortlist the best fit. This post will guide you through the most responsive WordPress Twitter plugins for your website.

Let’s get started!


  • Most Result-Driven Twitter Plugins for Your WordPress Website

  1. Twitter Feed Plugin by Tagembed

We are starting the list with the best Twitter feed plugin by Tagembed. Tagembed is a comprehensive and responsive social media aggregation platform that lets the users collect, curate, and embed content on their WordPress website.

The users can collect content from more than 15 social media platforms with Twitter as one of the options.

The features of the platform stand out and make it a must-use Twitter plugin for marketers. Users enjoy full control of how to customize their Twitter widget as per their likings.

They can use a wide range of options like fonts, colors, templates, layouts, and various other styling options. Additionally, the users can utilize the content moderation panel to remove any unwanted or inappropriate content from the feeds.

Tagembed also offers an advanced analytics option to its users to keep the performance of the
Twitter feeds in check. They can have a look at the number of likes, clicks, overall engagement,
total impressions, and much more.

Lastly, the users can take assistance from the active back support of the platform if they come
across an issue while using the platform.

2. Feed Them Social

Feed them social is a popular platform when it comes to WordPress plugins. The plugin lets the
users easily integrate content from various social media platforms like Twitter. Apart from the
displayed content, you can also add a follow button to increase the effectiveness of the content.

You can also keep a follower count in check including your profile photo. However, the users get
limited options when it comes to customizing their Twitter feeds. Users have an option to re-size
the width and height of their Twitter widget to suit the look and feel of the website.

3. Jetpack

4. Rotating Tweets

As the name suggests, this plugin is great if you do not wish to showcase multiple Twitter feeds
in one go. Using the plugin, the users can showcase one tweet at a time. You are the controller
of the tweets and decide which tweet is to be shown and hid.

Once you reach the last tweet, it will start all over again from the first tweet. The plugin offers
various customization options. Some of them include the number of tweets to be showcased,
the speed of the rotation, etc.

5. Social Stream Designer

Another responsive social media aggregation plugin is the social stream designer plugin. This
plugin lets its users collect content from over 14+ social media platforms. Users can make the
content visually appealing by choosing from over 40+ layouts offered by the plugin.

The platform offers 4 built-in templates to its user with variations to differentiate between the

While aggregating content from Twitter, the users can showcase the Twitter feed using various
connection types like hashtag feed, like feed, user feed, etc.

6. Custom Twitter Feeds

Custom Twitter feeds are a plugin that allows users to showcase Twitter feeds as per your
WordPress theme style. While aggregating the content, the users have an option to aggregate
Twitter feeds from their as well as someone else’s account.

If the users wish to aggregate their Twitter content using specific hashtags, they have the option
to do as well. The customization options include the ability to adjust the height and width of the
feeds, displaying the content in various display options, and choosing amongst various font

If a user wishes to leverage more advanced features of the platform, they need to upgrade to
the pro version of the plugin.

Key Takeaways

And we are calling it a wrap! We have reached the conclusion of this post and you are now
completely aware of the best Twitter plugins that can be used for taking your marketing efforts
and your brand’s business to a whole new level.

Now that you know it all, why wait any longer? Get ready to embed Twitter feeds seamlessly on
your WordPress website by choosing the tool that deems fit and you will be ready to make your
sales and revenues take off!