5 reasons to choose Cerner as your EMR software

It is quite crucial for healthcare practitioners to have a comprehensive health recording solution for running their practices efficiently. These EMR products have become the core foundation of every healthcare setup because they let users streamline daily workflows and improve the quality of patient care. But you will have to put in hours of research to be able to pick the system that will suit your unique practice needs. Thus, only the right software solution can make all the difference in your practicing experience. One solution that won’t let you down is – Cerner. We have put together this article to highlight the top 5 aspects of Cerner EMR that you will be able to take advantage of. 

What do you need to know about Cerner?

Launched in 1799, Cerner EMR is a well-developed cloud-based EMR solution that has been in operation for about 42 years. It is considered a pioneer in the realm of healthcare IT solutions and guarantees that medical providers have access to the appropriate information. The platform combines a comprehensive set of features in a single integrated database. It helps physicians access, store, and retrieve patient medical information in both hospital setups and outpatient care settings. 

Cerner EMR offers healthcare IT solutions to let specialties streamline their day-to-day tasks and provide the best patient care possible. It offers health analytics, documentation, charting, and revenue management. These capabilities ensure accurate diagnosis and up-to-date patient health information. The vendor caters to the needs of more than 40 specialties, with simple recording and task automation that enables practitioners to focus more on patient care. Moreover, doctors can see more patients on a given day, improving the bottom line without compromising the quality of care. 

5 reasons why you should consider Cerner EMR for your practice

Using Cerner EMR, your healthcare facility can reduce the burden of administrative tasks by automating medication documentation and diagnoses. In this piece, we will go over the top 5 aspects that make Cerner a top-tier solution. Read through to learn about them!

  • Patient portal to boost patient engagement

Every healthcare facility should have access to proper patient engagement tools, like a patient portal. This feature helps you with the burdensome tasks of scheduling as patients can schedule their own appointments. With Cerner EMR, you get a robust patient portal that automates scheduling and lets patients access their records, request prescription refills, view lab results, and securely communicate with providers. Physicians don’t even have to worry about sending appointment reminders as the software has an automated mechanism for it. We strongly advise you to explore this feature during the Cerner demo to see how it makes things better for your care setting. 

  • Clinical documentation for improved efficiency

Clinical documentation is another most talked-about aspect of Cerner software solution. It is an essential part of any healthcare facility and must be dealt with carefully. The clinical documentation system of Cerner makes data entry as simple as possible. It allows you to take notes by narrating them and then transforms them into a written format. This way you can make things easier for yourself and spare time to focus more on patient care. The amount of time saved by this tool alone makes the platform desirable for many physicians. 

  • Customizable templates to suit your specialty needs

Medical templates that can adapt to your specialty requirements help you save a huge deal of time. If you find yourself spending more than half of your time taking notes from patients, then it is the right time for you to reassess your method. An EMR system comes with a lot of pre-designed templates, which you can choose from and decide if they are in accordance with your special needs. With Cerner EHR, you can get templates that focus exclusively on helping you save time while writing patient notes. This way you can make more time for connecting with patients rather than just taking notes about their symptoms and conditions. 

  • Revenue cycle management for better financial outcomes 

RCM solutions are of pivotal importance when it comes to staying on top of your money. These are even more important if you happen to run an independent healthcare facility. With Cerner’s highly acclaimed RCM feature, you can evaluate your performance financially and see how you can do better in the future. The software promises an improved bottom line and steady growth. This feature is one of the most popular aspects of Cerner EMR. 

  • Mobile solution to access records on the go

Another useful aspect attributed to this software solution is the fact that it can be used remotely. This EHR platform is hosted on remote servers and can be accessed via the Cerner mobile or web app, allowing providers to use the software from anywhere. They can connect with their patients and access their records on the go. Overall, the feature offers a great deal of convenience, which is exactly what you should be after in the first place. You can benefit from this mobile solution to improve outcomes for your practice and your patients. 

Overview of benefits: Cerner reviews

Based on top Cerner reviews, we have noted the following benefits for this Healthcare IT product:

  • The software solution presents updated, real-time information to let the care team make fast and effective decisions. 
  • It allows you to improve patient care and focus on the patient’s overall health. 
  • Cerner allows its users to access information from a number of venues in the health system. 
  • The vendor provides 24/7 customer support and helps its users with installation and implementation. 
  • It facilitates communication between clinical and billing departments by supporting integrations that streamline processes. 

Pricing details

Cerner pricing information is not disclosed publicly. You can request the vendor to get a quote for your healthcare organization. 


If you are having second thoughts about implementing Cerner in your healthcare practice, we would recommend you consider the above-mentioned aspects and weigh them against your unique practice needs. Other than this, make sure to read through a lot of user reviews that are available online. We also suggest that you request a demo version from the software provider.