Why Thera gun is the best massage gun for sustained relaxation

First impression

The massage gun in its quality packaging contains the Theragun, 2 interchangeable Lithium-ion batteries for continuous autonomy (150 minutes respectively), a rigid box, ideal also to take away, six different massage heads in a case. A Dampener for areas close to the bones and the whole body under moderate use.

The Standard Ball -for all types of muscle groups. The Cone to treat targeted muscle pain in the feet and hands. A Thumb for the lower back and trigger points. 

The Wedge for the shoulder blades and ligaments, designed to “scrape” the muscles and eliminate toxins.

 The Supersoft – a new Theragun product for vibration massage. With a very low impact, it is intended for sensitive areas and bones. A charger for the batteries is also included in the scope of delivery.

How it works

The Theragun is very easy to use with the brief instructions attached. Once the battery is charged, you can start without another. You can access the programmed settings.

For even more targeted adjustment, the Theragun Pro can be connected to the smartphone via the app via Bluetooth (works with iOS and Android). 

After registration, you can, if desired, connect the Thera body application to Google fit or Strava. But it also works without. 

The application asks for some information, such as the weekly frequency in sports, the duration of sitting immobility, and the behavior during sleep.

Taking care of your body is good. The Theragun Pro is the solution if you cannot regularly visit a massage room. You can massage your arms and legs yourself without any problem. 

For the back and the neck, it is recommended to bring in a second person who will massage these parts with the Theragun. Relaxing treatment can only do good.

Massage Gun

This gun is of a completely different kind. It doesn’t hurt, kill, or bleed either. Besides, we should not even talk about a gun, so much that its use is beneficial.

It will save you (at least partially) from having to go to the massage studio in case of muscle pain. It will also prevent you from all the other inconveniences after intense muscular effort: with it, no more tensions and cramps!

 This gadget that you can use with confidence is a super flexible Massage Gun with 6 different intensities (from 1200 to 3000 vibrations per minute) and its 6 different tips to reach all kinds of muscles. 

The whole thing, transportable at will, and of course, equipped with a rechargeable battery.


Sport, muscle pain, massage. This is how it should be done. At least until the next workout


If you have ever felt your hard and sensitive muscles after a good workout, you will quickly appreciate this new tool. 

Some already use it on a daily basis at home, but for those who are not yet so lucky, here is what you are missing but which you will have the chance to find in a physiotherapy session with our specialists in the care of the athlete.:



The mechanical vibration of the Hypervolt will allow tissue mobilization as would a heavy massage. Ideal after exercise, to relax you but also in case of pain. Our team uses it daily to optimize muscle relaxation work. It is much easier for us to work on a relaxed area afterward.


We are not talking about healing if the pain comes from muscle damage or tendinopathy, but a very pleasant relief after painful sports sessions. It can be passed all over the body and its grip really allows you to reach areas such as the periphery of the scapula.

 Then it’s up to you to play with the different speeds and adjust the pressure to reach the desired areas, whether superficial or deep. 

The tip is removable and can be changed depending on the area to be treated, whether precise or extended, in order to optimize the action of the gun. You will be able to adapt the grip according to your target.


The mechanical action will promote local circulation and optimize recovery after exercise. At the end of your session, you can take out your pistol. 

The end of the session and the return to calm are favorable to its use. But you will also feel the benefit on sessions away from your training sessions, on the relaxation and the well-being that it provides.


Right after a workout for relaxation.

During a rest, phase to reduce pain or to relax contracted areas. In routine even before having the pain to be on top during the next session.


The name theragun for sale uk has a somewhat martial tone and the first use may be surprising. Because this massage gun has it under the hood. He does not caress, but massages in the true sense of the term. When you’ve already had a professional massage, you know what to expect. This is the Theragun Pro. It works the muscles with a more or less intense impact to relieve tension at the root.