Who Is Annasophia Robb? Wiki/Bio, Age, Life, And More!

AnnaSophia Robb is an American actress, singer, and designer who began her career as a child actor in 2004 as the lead of the film ‘Samantha: An American Girl Holiday’. She has now gone on to become a successful adult actress and singer.

She was born on December 8, 1993, in Denver, Colorado, to Janet Robb, an interior designer, and David Robb, an architect. She is the only daughter of Janet and David Robb.

In addition to being given the names of her maternal great-grandmother and grandma (Anna Sophie and Anna Marie), she hails from a mixed lineage with origins in the Scandinavian countries as well as the Irish, Scottish, Swedish, and English.

AnnaSophia’s passion in performance arose as a result of her appearances on the stage of her local church, where she performed in front of crowds as large as 500 people.

When she was eight years old, a broker pushed her to go to Los Angeles, where she attended multiple auditions and earned roles in commercials for Bratz Dolls and McDonald’s, among other companies.

A part in an episode of ‘Drake and Josh’ followed, which was her first major role in the show. Later in 2005, Robb appeared in a string of roles that might prove to be economically successful and provide her a significant increase in her fame, which she presently has at 26 years old.

She featured as Opal in the television series ‘Because of Winn Dixie,’ and as Violet in the Tim Burton adaptation of the classic film ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,’ in which she co-starred with Johnny Depp, among other roles.

Her other notable roles include the title role in ‘Bridge to Terabithia,’ for which she received the Young Artist Award for Best Young Leading Actress in a feature film, as well as roles in ‘Race to Ghost Mountain,’ “The Reaping,” and most recently “Words on Bathroom Walls.” Robb has also appeared in a number of short films, including “The Reaping.”

AnnaSophia also has a part in the forthcoming film, ‘Lansky,’ and has been on various television episodes, including ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ and ‘The Expecting.’ She is also a member of the cast of ‘The Expecting.’ Although she looks to have a hectic schedule, it appears that the skilled actress has time for amorous pursuits as well.

Robb is considered to be one of the most beautiful women now working in Hollywood, despite the fact that she does not feature on any printed lists of the most recent celebrities. As a result, she has dated some of the sexiest gentlemen on the planet.

The first reports of AnnaSophia’s love interests that made it into tabloid media were in 2007, when she was just 13 years old, and she was connected to her co-star on the television series ‘Bridge to Terabithia,’ Josh Hutcherson. However, there was never any official confirmation that they were in a relationship, and since it occurred 13 years ago, certain information about their connection have been lost to time.

During an interview for the Armchair Expert Podcast, Josh spoke up about his relationships with all of the females who were in the films in which he appeared as a child actor.

Despite the fact that this list contains Kristin Stewart, who co-starred with Josh in ‘Zathura,’ and Jennifer Lawrence, who co-starred with Josh in ‘Hunger Games,’ AnnaSophia would be the most notable name to include.

Josh and Kristin Stewart had a “innocent” connection while filming “Bridge to Terabithia,” but Kristin Stewart was the co-star who utterly stole Josh’s show with her extravagant wardrobe.

Despite the fact that Josh never revealed any information about his connection with Robb, it is clear that there is something romantic going on in their off-screen chemistry as well.

Although it’s unknown exactly when Josh and AnnaSophia terminated their relationship, it’s reasonable to infer it happened the same year. At the same time that Robb was working on the film “Race to Witch Mountain,” he met and married Canadian actress Alexander Ludwig.

Following the completion of the film, which served as AnnaSophia’s very first action film credit, they decided to end their relationship.

There is very little information available regarding Alexander and AnnaSophia’s relationship, including why they ended up together, but the fact that they ended up together in 2011 is well-known.

While he was dating AnnaSophia, the two of them appeared together on several occasions, and the only thing that will remain of the nice and innocent relationship they enjoyed will be the many gorgeous images that will be captured.

Obviously, in his current role as Bjorn Lothbrok, Alexander continues to warm the hearts of ‘Vikings’ fangirls, and his list of love adventures continues to get larger.

Robb revealed to the public her second love affair, which took place in August 2013, with celebrity Chris Wood. Both met on the set of’The Carrie Diaries,’ a spin-off series based on the historical life of the ‘Sex and the City’ character Carrie Bradshaw, who was previously played by Sarah Jessica Parker in the original series.

While Carrie may not have been the luckiest woman in the world when it came to love, AnnaSophia, who plays alongside a younger version of their New York author, had the opposite experience.

Chris, who is also a well-known face from the television series ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ in which he portrays the role Malachai Parker for the sixth time, emerges in opposition to Robb as a prospective love interest of Bradshaw.

Despite the fact that their onstage love, which featured many poignant passages, seemed to rub off on the actors, their real-life romance did not endure very long.

Despite the fact that the majority of the specifics of their romance were kept under wraps, it is known that Robb and Wood ended their relationship sometime in the early part of the next year. Nothing was spoken about their relationship in the open, and no reason has been offered for their split as of this writing.

While the pair seemed to be in good spirits both on and off the screen, admirers of the relationship can only guess about the juicy details Bradshaw may choose to reveal.

Despite the fact that she is one of the newest superstars to make a name for herself in Hollywood, AnnaSophia has already had her fair share of romances. The first of them, including the whole cast of ‘Teen Wolf,’ actor Colton Haynes, made its way to the attention of gossip writers shortly after her break-up with Wood.

While AnnaSophia dressed formally for an evening at Colton’s firm, gossip writers were quick to post rumours about a potential link to the company that was located in the same building as the company.

The two were never discovered together again, and tales of their disappearance spread swiftly when the account was published in books and images of their night together became viral on the internet. If anything happened between Haynes and Robb, it’s a well guarded secret that only they would be privy to the details of.

Later in 2014, the ‘Soul Surfer’ actress attended a handful of formal dinners where she met and socialised with Emile Hirsch, who played the lead role in the film ‘Into the Wild.’ Natural consequences followed, with reports of a purported relationship between them surfacing in the media.

Despite looking to be a pair, none of you verified the link. One of the pieces of evidence provided was that, in addition to a number of official traditions, AnnaSophia had also printed multiple selfies into a programme called ‘WhoSay.’

At the time, Emile fathered a kid with an anonymous lady in Florida, although in accordance with close friend of Hirsch, he doesn’t have an interest in connection the mother of his child, but will be active in raising his son, Valor.

Not long later, the aforementioned speculations died out, as Robb disclosed to the public her genuine partner.

Back in March 2014, AnnaSophia started dating fitness expert and health blogger, Adam Cobb. Their relationship remained secret over the two years that they dated, with only images of this group to verify a connection.

Therefore, and true to pattern, particulars of their romance remain obscure, and since neither of the two talked publicly throughout their relationship, the quality of their love is difficult to determine.

The set parted for unexplained reasons in May 2016, after dating for nearly two years.

Although all the newest news claim that AnnaSophia is alone, it appears to not be factual. In a recent interview with Forbes, Robb confessed she travelled cross-country with a fresh new mysterious guy in her whole life.

Though she donated his individualism, AnnaSophia claimed that once quarantine limitations are lifted, they would undertake more touring.

Naturally her followers are excited to identify and match the new person in her life, although they may need to wait till the star from ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ exposes the information on the globe. Given the existing limits courtesy of the Covid-19 virus in late 2020, that might be sometime though.