Who Is Ashley Cole New Girlfriend? Wiki/Bio Age, Life And More…

Sharon Canu, Ashley Cole’s long-term girlfriend, is a beautiful brunette. They’re planning to be married and have a family soon, and Sharon and Ashley have already announced their engagement. Here, you’ll discover everything you need to know about Sharon Canu, the interesting lady she is.

As a Manchester United defender, Ashley Cole is a legend. On the football field, Cole is universally regarded as a legend. However, his off-the-field notoriety is everything but glowing.

The singer Cheryl Tweedy’s ex-husband, the former Chelsea & Arsenal player, allegedly cheated on him many times. Sharon had a profound impact on Ashley’s development as a man and parent.

Ashley Martin’s Love Life Has Finally Been Solved

Sharon Canu, an Italian model, has been dating Ashley Cole for many years. In 2014, when Ashley is playing for Roma, Sharon and their paths first crossed. Shortly after they first met, Cole and Canu started dating, and she ultimately moved in along with him.

After Ashley Cole’s move to the LA Galaxy, of course, Sharon Canu followed suit. Cole reportedly proposed to Sharon Canu, and the pair are now engaged, according to recent sources.

As a result of his time with Sharon, Ashley Cole said that he had changed for the better. As soon as he began dating Canu, Cole knew he had a duty to treat her with respect. He’s less likely to be seen leaving a nightclub since he’s a new father.

“In the years since then, I’ve become a more family-oriented person. Rather than seeing me in clubs, look for me at a park with my children, where I’ll be more likely to be seen “told Cole in an interview with the Daily Telegraph.

Is Sharon Canu Familiar To You?

Candice Canu is a loving mother in addition to being a model. Sharon is best known in the public spotlight as the ex-girlfriend of Chelsea football icon John Terry. Let’s get started by learning more about Jessica Canu’s personal history!

According To Sharon Canu’s Biography,

The actual date of Sharon Canu’s birth is unknown, however, she was born on March 28. According to our estimates, Sharon is in her 30s.

Following her Zodiac sign, Aries, she has a high level of self and a burning desire to achieve. Being an Aries is known for one’s honesty and capacity to take control in stressful situations. When it comes to accomplishing their goals, this sort of individual is very determined.

As a result of her birth in Rome, Italy, Sharon Reasons. first and foremost is of Italian heritage. After meeting Cole, She decided to leave her old life behind and travel to England with him.

Sharon’s Cousins

When it comes to her personal life, Sharon Canu prefers to keep her identity a secret. Because she has refused to provide any details about her parents, no one knows who they are.

Sharon Canu is the only surviving sibling. Her younger sister, Valentina Canu, resides in Romania.

Those Who Knew And Loved Sharon Canu

Sharon Canu has a strong sense of privacy when it came to her details. Her parents’ identities remain a mystery since she hasn’t provided any details about them.

Sharon’s lone relative is Sharon Canu, her only sibling. Her sister, Valentina Canu, lives in the same home as her.

Sharon Canu’s Schooling

Sharon Canu completed her official studies in Rome, Italy, the city where she now resides. It’s not known whether she went into college after high school.

Sharon Canu’s Professional Career Overview

Throughout her career, Sharon Canu has been in many picture projects. Instead of pursuing her career in modeling, she’s been spending time with her family.

Sharon Canu’s Fortune

Sharon Canu’s present net worth is being studied, so keep a watch out for updates.

Ashley Cole has over $50 million in her bank account. Since retiring from sports, he has built up the bulk of his money.

Social Media Belonging To Sharon Canu.

Sharon Canu isn’t one of those Wiggles that is always posting on Instagram. When it comes to her social media presence, you’re more likely to see pictures of her gorgeous children than anything else. Her social media presence is kept low-key since Sharon is a private person.

Here is Sharon Canu’s Instagram account, @sharoncanu. Sharon’s Instagram account is followed by Stilyan Petrov’s wife, Paulina Petrova.

What Are The Statistics For Sharon Canu?

weighing 55 kg, Sharon Canu has a stature of 170 cm (121 lbs). A stunning brunette, Sharon flaunts brown eyes. Her whole body has been tattooed. Her hand has a pain in the back of it.

Inheritance Of The Canu-Cole Family

The couple, Ashley Cole & Sharon Canu, share parenting duties with their two children. They’re both parents to a youngster.

Sharon Canu was responsible for the birth of Ashley Cole’s son Jaxon in 2016. Grace Cole, the couple’s daughter, was born in 2018 and is the couple’s first child.

Wedding of Chery and Ashley Cole

Ashley Cole And Chery

Ashley Cole’s ex-wife was British singer Cheryl Cole. Cole & Cheryl were a couple from 2004 till 2010. They were often compared to Posh and Becks.

Wrotham Park near Hertfordshire hosted a lavish wedding ceremony for Cole and Cheryl on July 15, 2006, to commemorate their marriage. They allegedly got £millions of dollars from the selling of the bridal rights to OK! magazine after that.

Everything appeared to click into place when Cheryl’s mom Joan moved in along with them.

In The Tropics Of Anarchy

They broke back to January 2008 when reports revealed that Ashley Cole was having relationships with three separate women while married. The relationship between Cole and Cheryl was heading to an end, notwithstanding this man’s denial of the claims.

Following their breakup in January of that year, Cheryl asked for divorce throughout June of that year. According to court filings, Cheryl and Ashley divorced on September 3, 2010.