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Brittanya enjoys experimenting with her hairdo more than just putting another tattoo on her complete body. She’s sporting her natural hair color for the time being, but no one knows what hue she’ll be wearing shortly.

Per the photos found on the Internet, Brittanya has experimented with various hair colors, perhaps not being afraid of drastic changes. She has worn dreadlocks, wigs, and hair extensions and even had a portion of her head shaved.

She has also tried red, brown, grey, fuchsia, purple, black, mermaid green, and fiery crimson. In 2013, she colored her son’s hair blond to match his brother’s.

She has not attempted to conceal the fundamental reality that she has undergone physical transformations. In her Instagram account profile, it is said that she is “100 percent Not Natural.”

People continue to inquire as to whether she has had implants, surgery, or injections, and fans defend Brittanya by responding to such comments on her behalf, stating that she has never denied that her beauty was achieved with the assistance of specialists, including cosmetic or plastic surgeons, fitness instructors, and nutritionists.

Brittanya noted that her spouse was a college graduate with two degrees, which she agreed with. However, there is virtually no material to back up her claims; therefore we must just take her statements as gospel.

They have two boys; in addition, Brittanya publishes images of her children, possibly not displaying every other kid or just the one who was the oldest, whom she gave birth to when she was 15 years old. Brittanya looks to be a confident mother in recent images, which show her with her boys, even though she previously considered herself a lousy mother: ‘I accept that I am not the perfect mother since I am not always there.

However, my kid is the only thing that matters to me personally. He is eight years old and so no longer qualifies as a baby. He is well aware of my willingness to murder and die for him.

He understands that he is my whole universe and that his opinion will be the only one I will be concerned about. He is one of my closest friends. ‘I tell him I chat to him every single day and that I love him to death,’ she says during her Reality Tea encounter.

Even though Brittanya has tattoos covering practically every part of her body, she is still preparing for more. Her hunger does not look to be subsiding any time soon: ‘…and I am going to do a bit more in my thighs,… get something in my neck…’

Brittanya got her first tattoo when she was 11 years old, and the guy who did it has gone on to become an incredible tattoo artist, and he has done the bulk of the tattoos on her body. Brittanya had gotten the tattoo when she was 11 years old, and he covered it.

Personal Life And Interpersonal Relationships

In an interview with MMA Sports Magazine, Brittanya said that she dislikes being alone, which she described as “the one thing I loathe.” Men never fully appreciate my way of life, even though I want a relationship. It’s difficult for me to do regularly since I’m always on the go’. She had been heard and had finally met the one person who could relate to her and urge her to continue.

Lucky Moe Razavi has evolved into that one-of-a-kind individual to whom Brittany has dedicated lengthy postings of gratitude for all he has done on her behalf: I was locked up for seven weeks, and He would travel six hours round trip every Saturday to visit me until I was released. When I dismissed all of my employees, he said that he would simply step in and assist me, as well as monitor all of my organisations,’ she adds.

After being arrested and charged with threatening a lady, Brittanya entered a guilty plea and served time in jail. As she said in her meeting with Reality Tea in 2009, her bond was a quarter of a thousand dollars. She also stated that time is essential and that all you need to do is be a person and vanish from circumstances, which Brittanya agrees with.

Consequently, she was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon resulting in bodily injury as a consequence of the charges. Brittanya claims that she spent all of the money she had to pay her counsel and that all she could do now was wait and pray:

To my surprise, I said prayers every night, exactly as I do every night. I pray three times a day, seven days a week.

I’m a big believer in God and other things. I have the impression that I will merely leave it. She could have spent years in jail if she had been convicted, but she was not sentenced to that time. For her, being away from her children for an extended length of time was the most crucial thing in the world.

As things are right now, Brittanya’s father is entirely free, and she seems to adore him no matter what happens to them in their lives. She refers to herself as a “daddy’s girl.” The next day, Brittanya shared a photo of herself and her father with the caption: “I place no one above you.” ‘She refers to him as Hero’: ‘He taught me to be strong, independent, and cheerful,’ she writes on Instagram, where she has more than 100,000 followers.

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In 2016 the figures were posted by Brittanya via her Connect Pal account. According to her essay, she had 4,121 active users (and requested more subscriptions to bring the total number of subscribers to 5500) who paid $70,057 each month. Her Facebook page provided a link to a post in which she claimed to have a net worth of $6 million.

She grew raised in a household of five children, her sister’s youngest of whom. It was love, she said, that was most important to them: “I loved having my siblings around; it was a joy.”

My father instilled in us the importance of constantly looking out for one another, and that is exactly what we did. Brittanya’s family’s love and support resulted in her being a very hard worker and strong kid throughout her youth, as shown by the fact that she received her first automobile at the age of 12 and her very first job at the age of 13.

Education And Training

Even though Brittanya claims to have attended a private school and a college in California, there is no adequate information to disprove or prove her graduation from either institution. Brittanya, on the other hand, believes that it is more important to continue to improve oneself: ‘A proper education will provide you with a life!’

A Case Study In Success

She is also a co-author of a booklet titled “Millionaire Self Chat,” which is intended to be a do-it-yourself guide to assist people in achieving their daily objectives and maintaining their enthusiasm to succeed.

She acknowledges in a 2009 interview with Reality Tea that she took those programs seriously and was unhappy when she was kicked off the show, probably due to her failure to win any of the competitions.

She gained notoriety, and she appeared on the covers of many notable magazines, including Savage Tattoo, Tattoo Magazine, Mixed Martial Arts Sports Magazine, Revel Ink, Sports Magazine, Tattoo Energy, and Tattoo Energy. The year was 2012, and Brittanya was cast in a minor part in the film “Dysfunctional Friends,” which rated 5.30 on IMDb.

Their lives were turned upside down in a single day when her father was shot and sent to jail, leaving his wife and children to care for one another and live independently.


S Lang refers to Section 187 of the California Penal Code as “187 Avenue,” Brittanya is a founder, co-owner, and designer for a clothing line dubbed “187 Avenue.” (Section 187 (commonly referred to simply as 187) of a California Penal Code outlines the offense of murder.) In recent years, provocation prints, outlaw life quotations, guns, and Native American photos on apparel (including clothing for infants and newborns) have been marketed all around the globe.

Instagram Is A Huge Success

InkedMag published an interview with her in 2017, in which she said that Instagram was the key to her success: ‘Reality programs were my stepping stone. I get far more attention on Instagram than I ever received on television… The whole time I’m looking at the Instagram photographs, I’m persuaded, and I’m delighted.

It’s evident why she’s gained so many Instagram followers, despite Brittanya herself believing it has nothing to do with her ‘sexy photographs.’ ‘After it initially began, that has been timing, I’d say…coming on the platform,’ she says. And it is also being blessed with viewers who have shown an interest in tracking me down.

And always following the rules by utilizing fresh new photographs that I believe my target audience would like. As a result, it is a mixture of those three factors, and I am pretty thankful for every one of them.

Brittanya Razavi’s Physical Characteristics

Brittanya is 5ft 2 ins (1.58m) tall, weighing around 123lbs (56 kgs), and has the following vital statistics: 36D-25-35. She has long hair that she colors often and hazel eyes.

Brittanya Razavi is well-known for her work as a glamour model, a television-style model, and a competitor on reality television series. Her Instagram account now has 12,5 million followers, and the number is growing all the time. What is her background, and how did she become so well-liked? We’ve made an effort to learn more about her journey to success.

Because I understand that I will not be able to rely on my appearance indefinitely, I am committed to maintaining a positive cash flow even when I am not earning money from photographs. Now, I’m focused on a few rental properties as well as my new clothing line, 187 Clothing, and I’m on the lookout for opportunities to hustle,’ Brittanya says.

Brittanya was 15 years old at the time, already a mother to her eldest son, and she missed her father. At this point she revealed that she had been prepared for adult life and knew that she would be able to handle it, despite her early age.

Brittanya, on the other hand, didn’t have it so easy. ‘I was homeless for some time over my whole existence. As a result, I’ve experienced and seen everything,’ Brittanya said in another of her Facebook postings.

Brittanya also has an adult site, BrittanyaTV, hosted on the StreamX platform and requires a membership to access. A person can have access to her private pornographic films and images.